NEW Army Leader Poll!

Klug- I’m going to take the time to inform you of some of the more debatable words and whether or not they are allowed on chat.

The “d” word- I believe this word is allowed on chat, although there are some moderators and owners that will kick for it. Use it at your own risk.

The “a” word- You’ll probably get kicked 95% of the time if you use this word alot.

The “f” word- Lol, you must have come to the wrong chat. See you in an hour, buddy.

All other swear words are NOT tolerated, and you can expect to be banned and guested upon using them.

Speaking of being banned, I would like to remind all mods/owners that you shouldn’t ban people for an unnecessary amount of time. I have seen people being banned for 6 hours for doing something that should’ve only been a one hour ban. If they only use the “f” word, then give them a one hour ban. I don’t like seeing people banned for more than what they should’ve been given. If you feel that you’ve been unfairly banned, then you can click the “unfair ban” button on the “You have been Banned” popup.

Also, please avoid unbanning people randomly. If they are banned, it is most likely for a reason. Only unban someone if you feel they have been unfairly banned or if they have proved they should not be banned.

In other news, there has been reports of a new Broadway show: Dancing Donuts

Aero: I am very very very sorry.I didnt do the join page cause my computer broke.I ll be back friday.

Dryvit: Very well put McH. Some come to chat just to be inappropriate. A former leadeadverage age to join back then was 1r even changed the rules so his friends could discuss topics previously against the rules. This has to stop. These rules have been in place since Boomers first time to lead, that is no excuse at all Noka. And where is the study on the average age to join? I would like to read it and see the data…could you tell us where you got the info?

Mchappy: Our Chat is getting more inappropiate by the second! This really needs to stop – You are not cool for coming on a little kids game and acting like a pervert. Your not cool in anyway… You will all blame me for letting ACP have no fun, but really I’m trying to help ACP. It might be after Midnight for you but for some 8 year old kid in a distant country it could be Noon and they want to come on Chat with their Parents watching and their Parents grounds them. A Rules to test if it is a cuss/inappropiate topic is this: ‘Would you say it to a Teacher/Parent’? I for one see many inappropiate things by Mods and Members which Owners never enforce. Than when I Ban I look like the bad guy. It’s really disgusting and gross, your not getting any cooler and in my eyes you are getting less matrue and I will not respect you as much. CP is meant for fun and time to hang with friends;If you want to go and seem cool, than go find some other friends or go to Nacho Chat ( 😆 ). I mostly see Mods whom are breaking our rules. Even if your Reitred you must follow our Rules still. I don’t want to here lame excuses ethier. “The A-Word is in the BIBLE”, yes it is, but it is also considered a swear and I want no part of a little kid asking what that word means to their Parent. Stop this or I will become WAY more stricter, I think I’m already layed back as it it 😯 Also, a few other words mostly Advisors are being inappropiate. Or it’s the people who say: “I alwasy enforce rules and I’m good and perfect, I do nothing wrong”. Well I do watch you and I can tell when you are lying, easily. Please take note of this, I’m really tired of being called names for enforcing the Rules around here.

Ken: My parents are both at work so i wont be on the computer until Friday. 😦

Senate Meeting: Friday July 23, 2010. 2pm eastern, 11am pacific, 7pm gmt.

Well, the Ice Warriors / V3N0MZ hacked the old poll, so now we will be voting via-comments. So copy this form . . .



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March on!

From coming late to not seeing to doing a very good job!

Man we had a good turn out with about 30-35 ACP on not a big number but i was very happy. I came late i had trouble seeing because i got home from swimming under water with my eyes open. When i came on i was commanding ACP doing not so good but Mchappy came and we rocked. We bombed some noob’s . I am VERY HAPPY IN ACP. Everyone was on WITHOUT a owner or anyone else in command you guy’s proved to me you can go on and take care of your self with out anyone telling you to get on this can pay off good for the  furture! Pictures were taken threwout the event thank’s to some ACP you will be given full credit


Defense Of Mammoth *UPDATE* (Called Off)

Note- The invasion will be canceled by NACP. After talking to one of their leaders, Casiusbrutus, I was informed that the invasion was made by a person that has no authority to post invasions and will be called off.

But, for those of you that hoped that this would turn out to be a big war, don’t worry. Something big is coming!

Okay guys, basically, some alliance or army called NACP (National Alliance Of Club Penguin) wants to invade and try to conquer Mammoth, our beloved server. Personally, I’d like to congratulate them on even daring to attempt this when so few armies have done before. Now, this army is very interesting, as they seem to be made up of various leaders and soldiers of various armies. Their like a collaboration of all the medium and small armies. This could be potentially dangerous for us, as it appears that if they are at full strength, it is possible they could match us in size.

Defense Of Mammoth:

Who: ACP vs. NACP

When: Wednesday, July 21st

Times: 9:00 AM Club Penguin Time, 12:00 (noon) EST, 11 AM CST, 10 AM MST, 9 AM PST

Comment if you can make it!