Review of Breeze

Plan and simple;We owned! We started out coming on with 25 people easily. Our max was probably 30 or a little more! They stood there and watched as we wid Tatics and went from room to room. Overall it was really easy :mrgreen: Bad part…

We are getting some low numbers latly. Just beach Matre is gone doesn’t mean to don’t work as hard as we do when he is here. Let’s keep working hard and when Matre comes back we can show how well we can truly be. Good work, you listened to me very well. BACP admitted defeat (Tydog admitted it.) I will now supply some pictures:


Hiring a Geography Teacher for ACPTR

Hey ACP! Your ACP Training Regiment Leader here, Snowballpink

So far, the month of July 2010 is doing great! But that isn’t what I’m here posting about. Twingy, one of ACPTR’s Co-Leaders, was scrolling down through the “Special Staff” and found a comment by someone with the name of Smartuain. His idea was to start a Club Penguin Geography Class.

This is an overview of the class.

Name: Club Penguin Geography

Teacher: -To Be Decided-

What To Do: Geography class is split into three essential areas.

  • ACP Nation: Students are expected to learn all major servers of the ACP nation and also minor ones. Also, they must learn about battles on certain servers.
  • Battle Rooms: What rooms are best for battles? Obviously, you’ll talk about the Dojo and its changes, and also about the Snow Forts and stealth bombs from the stadium // icerink. Also talk about the possibility of using the VR room.
  • Famous Battle Servers: Outback, Mammoth, Breeze, the lot. Talk about famous battles as well.

Possible Homework Assignments: Draw a simple ACP nation map, read the ACP Saga, talk about the use of a certain room for warfare and it’s qualities, talk about a certain room not used for warfare which has bad qualities. (such as lots of places to click on which will take you elsewhere, ie dojo or lounge)

Are you interested in becoming the Geography Teacher of the ACPTR? If so, comment with the following information.

NOTE: Requirement for Geography Teacher position: Rank of Colonel or Higher!

Club Penguin Username:

ACP Rank:

Why do you want to be the Geography Teacher?

How do you intend on ful-filling you duties as the Geography Teacher?

Will you treat the students with respect, not get upset with them and yell and scream at them?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how active and dedicated will you be?

Do you promise to be active to the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment, check the website regulary and attend as many schedualed events as possible?

That’s all!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you consider signing up for the job!

~Snowballpink and the ACP Training Regiment Staff