Defense of White Out

Klug: Next time somebody writes a post in my name, do me a favor and don’t.

Aero:I am back.

Shab: I am in the process of fixing the acp forums. They will be back to normal by tomorrow night.

Here is the Rpf’s post about Thermal and Tundra:

RPF, one of our lone allies during the most recent war over Mammoth, is being invaded by multiple armies, the biggest of which the Ice Warriors. While we will not be having full out war with the IW and their allies (subject to change), we WILL help RPF defend some of their servers from the IW and other armies as a thank you for their recent help during perioids of war and to help them from falling apart. Right now, here are the apparent sides:


Defense Of White Out

Friday, July 23

12:00 PST (Pacific), 1 MST, 2 CST, 3 EST, 8 UK


Yeah, both ACP and RPF are aware that White Out is owned by ACP, but DCP and their allies don’t know that, so why not?

Comment if you can make these battles! And remember,



Mass Recruiting on Mammoth [This Saturday]

Hey ACP!

I made this post a week ago on Thursday 15th before going on vacations, and scheduled it to be posted today. To not have to deal with slow internet connections to make a post to schedule an event, I scheduled this one to be posted today on the 21st. Right now I should be on my vacations, but you may have seen me on chat If I got to login!

Mammoth Mass Recruiting

Server: Mammoth

When: Saturday, July 24th
Where: Mammoth, Town
What: Mass RecruitingTimes:

10:00 AM PST
11:00 AM MST
12:00 PM CST
1:00 PM EST
7:00 PM UK



  • There’s no need to get in earlier, It’s a recruiting just for ACP
  • Listen to whoever is on Command on ACP Chat . The better orders are followed, the better we recruit!
  • Leave the caps for another day, there’s no need to use them unless you are leading a battle
  • Use ACP Command if you wish to have CP & ACP Chat on the same window and be able to follow orders.
  • Have Fun!

Comment if you can make it!

See you soon,