Keep up the Spirit

Despite the fact I’m not as regular active due to my vacations. That does not mean ACP will go down in any way. We can stand as the biggest Army in the best times, and in the worst times. Head Generals and Commander Generals will always be here to show the CP warfare community what ACP is capable of even if their leader can’t be online.

Today we will be defending our server White Out. If it’s ACP land, It stays ACP land. You will get all the information about this on the sticky post above!

This Saturday I’ve scheduled a Mass Recruiting at the best place to hold one. Mammoth. There we will have the fun of recruiting for the ammount of 45 minutes, getting the whole town green and welcoming some new people that will eventually leave a comment and join ACP!

So remember, Defend Freedom – Preserve Justice and… Have Fun!


Thermal/Tundra a victory

Bob: I’m very sorry that I did not make it. Thermal I thought I issued everyone off. And Tundra I saw pics that it was a great victory. I thank Diaa who helped when I left and then I thank everyone from then on that helped. Tomorrow we have the Defense of White Out so dont get too comfortable. Here is Rpf’s post on Thermal:

WE had another big victory today along with help from rpf and some small army! We as acp got up to around 40 people on at once we could have had maybe 50 but they were locked out of the dojo on Thermal. After a bunch of charging the iw had to fall back, and ACP came in and finished up the rest. Now Tundra we had around 45 ACP came no iw came and we fought iv. They put up a fight and gave us a bit of a battle which is good because it make’s it worth it! All the ACP they came get credit for coming to the battle! some other people to thank are jack, Little guy, buckley beans and many more that came you earned it!

Pictures will be added soon.