Keep up the Spirit

Despite the fact I’m not as regular active due to my vacations. That does not mean ACP will go down in any way. We can stand as the biggest Army in the best times, and in the worst times. Head Generals and Commander Generals will always be here to show the CP warfare community what ACP is capable of even if their leader can’t be online.

Today we will be defending our server White Out. If it’s ACP land, It stays ACP land. You will get all the information about this on the sticky post above!

This Saturday I’ve scheduled a Mass Recruiting at the best place to hold one. Mammoth. There we will have the fun of recruiting for the ammount of 45 minutes, getting the whole town green and welcoming some new people that will eventually leave a comment and join ACP!

So remember, Defend Freedom – Preserve Justice and… Have Fun!


10 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. Okkkkkkkkkkk.

  3. 4th and i was at thernal and turnda

  4. Glad to know you could Post and keep up to date with us! ACP is still heading strong (not like 60 people, but we can get around 40), and our Leaders are working more and more. I know I am trying to become a better Leader by working on my Tatics with other Armies. ACP Forever 8)

  5. talking about vacations im going to the beach till july 31st

  6. melvin u can nerver beat the acp

  7. 10th!

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