White Out Success

Howdy Soldiers,

Acp had a great and easy battle today on White Out. It was scheduled on the Acp site as an Ice Warrior invasion and did see a few throughout the server. A few DCP were also on White Out against us but Acp was huge today. With Matre gone, I thought the Acp would be decreasing in size at the battle mostly because we dont have our main leader. Everyone who showed up at teh battle proved me wrong. We were great and I would like to thank all of you who came to the battle.

Here are the pictures of the battle. We were defending the server so we did not have to go around claiming rooms, but we still went around many rooms.

An amazing upside- down T with the clover bomb is what I call this picture. I didn’t find out who this orange army was yet. They were attacking us so we had our weapons free aswell.

We made a circle around the Snowforts next and for the picutre, why not an ACP chant?

Here is where a few Doritos and Ice Warriors showed up but not for long.

We just got bigger and bigger. . . .

We did also go to the Beach between the Dock and Ski Village pictures, I just didn’t get a picture of it.

Now that I look at this picture, I realized that I fail at doing a fart bomb. Im the only one with a clover on the far left 😐

The only Ice Warrior left in the Dojo gave up so the battle was over and what isn’t better then having a “tip the iceberg” party. We didn’t tip it (of course) but my flash player told me to abort the script so I had to get off.

➡ Mission Accomplished.

Well done Acp. White Out is still under DRACP control and safe under USRPF control too. This isn’t the official final battle yet, but other then that good work. Also get ready for a surprise too for not only Acp but every single army in cp. 😀

Comment if you made it

Over & Out