ACP vs Crystal Warriors

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Recently a very small army called the Crystal Warriors invaded Mammoth. They left us a warning two days in advance and everything. You can read about that HERE. But before giving up our greatest server, I did some research. Besides finding that they are miniscule, I also learned that every one of the servers they claim to own is already owned by another army ( or several armies ), thus making their nation illegitimate. Therefore, we did not lose Mammoth.

But let’s have a little fun. :mrgreen: I’m challenging the Crystal Warriors to a 1 on 1 battle on their only official server, Wool Socks.

If the Crystal Warriors win:

  • We will acknowledge your invasion of Mammoth ( even though we will just invade it back a few days later)
  • The ACP will allow you to own Snow Globe, which is an ACP server that you have mistakenly listed as one of your own

If the ACP wins:

  • We keep Mammoth
  • We keep Snow Globe
  • We get Wool Socks

Here is the battle info:

  • SERVER: Wool Socks
  • ROOMS: Town & Snow Forts
  • DAY: Tuesday, July 27
  • TIME:
    3:00pm Eastern
    2:00pm Central
    1:00pm Mountain
    12:00pm Pacific
    8:00pm UK
  • RULES:
    No allies
    The battle ends after 30 minutes
    If you retreat from the Town or Snow Forts, you forfeit
    Both armies must agree to the conditions above

So ACP, let’s win some servers back! Crystal Warriors, this is your time to shine. Don’t choke.

Until later,
March on!

Mass Recruiting Review

We did very good today in our Mass Recruiting. We did Clovers here and there, same with a couple of bombs and it was over all a very good and I’m proud of what we accomplished. We got a highest of 53 on CP and the lowest of 20ish! Everything was going fine until Chat started to get a little out of hand, but you all still listened very well. (Note: Sorry Motor I doubted your thoughts and I should of went with them instead of fighting against it.) I’m glad we got a good turn-out by our Soldiers, I knew we could of gotten more :mrgreen: I could not take Pictures because of all the chaos going on than. I’m sorry I failed to do that! Please leave a Comment here with any Pictures of the Recruiting you got!!! I’m sure our work will become useful and we will get many Join Comments soon 😀 I think we should have a Tatic Session soon – I have been learning 😉

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Winter Land, Town!


ACP go to the Winter land, Town now!

If the Town is full, recruit in the Snow Forts!

Until later,
March on!


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