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This comic was late, but I hope that you like it.

I forgot. D:

-Divotoo, Creator Of Roflol

13 Responses

  1. 😆 Very funny!

  2. LEADERS I AM FROM THE MARINES OF CLUB PENGUIN LOOK AT OUR SITE GOOGLE IT bECAUSE we r invading your capital mammot so check our site for info

  3. That was actually really good. Especially UMA and RPF

  4. The ACP troop should have been like *does clover*

  5. … Have you seen how your rogues act? o_o


  7. swat is trying to kill acp help im on mammoth

  8. add me let me join sammmy please ill do anything!

  9. Sorry Divo, but I just on’t get any of these comics O_O

  10. Same, Twing

  11. lol

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