ACP events on Legends Cup

CPA Central has created a new Tournament in which 40 Armies will be participating. That includes ACP aswell. In order to make this post shorter you can get the rest of the information on Oagal’s post Here

This post will be mainly used to have our next event while on this Legends Cup stickied in one and only one post and keep organizement on the site. Here’s our Bracket, named Alpha

(Click to enlarge)

Next Event:

– To be Scheduled –

I’ll be updating this post in the next following days, aswell as the bracket each time there is a battle.

This will be the tournament of the summer, and as far as I acknowledge, there is only ONE army capable of winning. And that Army is the one I have the pleasure to lead everyday. But I’ll need help from my soldiers to attend the battles and show CPA Central who should take the cup home, The Army of Club Penguin!

Senate Meeting

Make sure to check out the post about emblems HERE

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Legends Cup!

Mchappy: Ohile aka Ollie, will be gone from the 15th to the 29th! This is so he does not get demoted.

Video of the week:

Ken: I love the picture well done!

Motor: Aero, I love that picture. Especially as im the only penguin with nothing on =D

Aero:Also austin made that pic with all acp leader’s penguins.I really like it:

What is the Legends Cup? Quite simply, the largest most epic tournament every to greet Club Penguin. Every single army will participate in this massive, 12-day-long event—currently 40 armies total should attend. This is a chance for major armies to prove their dominance and for minor armies to show the world what they can do. Here is the bracket:

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ACP The Takedown Filming.

Hey guys! Sorry we havent filmed in awhile! So here is the info.

Date: Tommorow

Time: 1 PM EST (if anyone can add more times please do so or comment them.)



Noka- In super basic saying there should not be someone that joined a week ago that has  4 stars.

Ken: Just to clear it up only wear the emblem if your current rank not your past rank(s).

Hello ACP! If you have read the title, then you can tell this post is about Emblems. Emblems are icons for different ranks in ACP. They are not the same as the US army before someone tells me it again.

Basically, Whatever rank you, you have a certain emblem and if you get a promotion, you earn the right to get the new emblem. However, You are not allowed to have an emblem as you chat picture if you are not that rank. The idea of emblems is to make ranks a bit more important and it is something to show off your hard work for ACP.

To set your emblem as your chat picture:

1) Find your emblem in the list below and copy the link to the image (make sure to highlight all of the blue writing before copying)

2) Go onto and at the top of the User’s List, click your name.

3) On the pop up, By the word ‘Picture’ Paste the link of the picture into that box.

4) Click ‘OK’ and your emblem is set as your chat picture.

WARNING: Having a higher emblem then your rank can result in you being kicked/banned.

Emblems are optional to be put in your name. You do not HAVE to have them.




Staff Sergeant

Warrent Officer

2nd Lieutenant

1st Lieutenant



Lt. Colonel –


Brigader General

Major General

Lt. general

Master General

Division General

*Note – To the leaders, You must get the link to your emblems via PC with Motor*



Current Leader

Retired Main Leader

Creator of Army

Enjoy – Comment what you think about them!


I’m sorry…

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say i am sorry for being away for the last couple of days. 😦

I was really busy all weekend and Friday so I didn’t have any access to the  computer that much and because of that I am sorry I couldn’t do the join page on Sunday because i got home really late last night after spending time with family, so i guess i will just have to do Sundays join page today. This week I promise to be active and my usual self again (going on chat, battles etc.) I just hope all you guys understand 😦

P.s Just an early heads up I will be on vacation in somewhere in August.