ACP vs. CW Review

Motors edit: Alot of people are saying i shouldnt of let them have wool socks but i want to explain why i did. They are a small army and invaded mammoth to try and get more people in their army and more publicty. Most small armies who declare war on ACp do ti for attention. They seem to be a struggling army so i gave them the benfit of the doubt and let them keep Wool socks. However, if they do bother us again, I highly doubt we will be this kind.

10 Words.


😆 We did very well! We got at least 100+ Soldiers on, and we had good Tatics. I’m proud of what we had accomplished today. CW got about 4-5 on CP. Thank you for the Battle, CW. Here are some Pictures:

(Note: Not in any specific order!)

That is all I got! In these Pictures CW isn’t really found, so I think we won without much resistance. Now usually we would keep Wool Socks since this was an Invasion but Motor has decided to give them Wool Socks back, and we get Mammoth and Snow Globe back. Thank you for all the Soldiers that were there. COMMENT IF YOU MADE IT AND/OR HAVE ANY PICTURES!

Good work :mrgreen: !!!

1 Post Please, With Everything In It!


Oagal edit #2: Since no one has made a post about this . . . click below for results of the Alpha Division vs. RFW practice battle!

Alpha Division vs. RFW results

Motor’s Edit: It was great to lead. We had loads of people and everyone listened. It is very similar to how we were at the start of 2010 and boomer was leading us.

Oagal edit: Holy crap, the ACP had a record turnout of 160+ troops at the battle today. That is the largest fighting force EVER to attend a single battle. Welcome to the Third ACP Golden Age! 😀


Ken: Battle is over!

ACP to Wool Socks, now!

Meet us in the Town, Snow Forts, or Plaza!

Howdy Soldiers,

As I checked the site this morning and saw we had 4 big sticky posts, how about get rid of them and make 1 big one. Here we go~

Yep, Stamps are here! Summer is finally beginning it looks like on Club Penguin and in Acp. I apologize if many things felt boring this whole summer. Now with stamps here I here by give you the ACP StampOff!

Since Acp gets more then 30 soldiers on a server at a battle, lets get anyone who doesn’t have a stamp like the hard-helmet iceberg stamp. Now a few we will not be able to do like the “30 penguin igloo party” stamp. It will be hard going to everyone’s igloo so we will not be doing that one. Oh chat, I will tell you the stamp and we as an army will go perform it and get the stamp. I know that most of you say it’s a waste of time because you already have “all of the stamps.” Well quit your lying and tag along just to do something if your bored.

When: Today!

Where: Snow Fort, Ice Berg (Bring your hard helmet!)

Why: ACP Stamp-Off!


  • 5:00 P.M. Eastern
  • 4:00 P.M. Central
  • 3:00 P.M. Mountain
  • 2:00 P.M. Pacific
  • 10:00 P.M. Uk (Sorry 😦 )

We will start this by getting 30+ penguins at the Ice Berg with a hard-helmet. Warning! I have heard rumors that the construction jacket does not work! True or False? (Say it in a comment what you think!)



❗ Senate Meeting ❗

I have posted this as requested by Littleguy. She is not on the site so she was not able to post.

When: Thursday July 29, 2010


Times: 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST, 7pm GMT

There are a lot of bills that need to be voted on at this meeting so all senators should attend and every senator should make a list of bills that they have and comment that list below. This includes the bills that have been posted on the acp forums senator section (




Alpha Practice Battle

~ Hello Alpha

I’m planning a PB withRFW ! This is really important so do your best to make it !

What: PB with RFW


  • 3:00 pm Eastern
  • 2:00 pm Central
  • 1:00 pm Mountain
  • 12:00 pm Pacific
  • 8:00 pm Uk

Date: Wednesday July 28

Where: Northern Lights, Snowforts

Comment if you can make it

~ Thats all

~! Diaa !~ :mrgreen:



Army of Club Penguin vs Crystal Warriors

Oagalthorp posted this awhile ago that ACP will battle the Crystal Warriors with a few servers at stake. This is a 1 on 1 battle against the Crystal Warriors on Wool Socks.

If the Crystal Warriors win:

  • We will acknowledge your invasion of Mammoth ( even though we will just invade it back a few days later)
  • The ACP will allow you to own Snow Globe, which is an ACP server that you have mistakenly listed as one of your own

If the ACP wins:

  • We keep Mammoth
  • We keep Snow Globe
  • We get Wool Socks

Here is the battle info:

  • SERVER: Wool Socks
  • ROOMS: Town & Snow Forts
  • DAY: Tuesday, July 27
  • TIME:
    3:00pm Eastern
    2:00pm Central
    1:00pm Mountain
    12:00pm Pacific
    8:00pm UK
  • RULES:
    No allies
    The battle ends after 30 minutes
    If you retreat from the Town or Snow Forts, you forfeit
    Both armies must agree to the conditions above



The Marines of CP are Invaiding Mammoth! Even though it is a Small Army and they are most likely new or “n00bs”, we will still fight them. Mammoth is our home and who ever and when ever we will be there to fight them off and save our home. Mammoth is like a baby to us;We can not just let her slip away in our hands.

  • Thursday, July 29th
  • Mammoth – Start at Plaza
  • Times: 12 PST ↔ 1 MST ↔ 2 CST ↔ 3 EST ↔ 8 GMT
  • What? Defence of Mammoth
  • Why? MCP Invaiding Mammoth

I’m sorry it’s late for GMT!!! They Scheduled it, not me… [COMMENT IF YOU CAN MAKE IT]

icycookie, on July 24, 2010 at 10:07 am Said: Edit Comment

I am from the marines of cp so we r invading mammoth so better be ready the battle is at 3:00pm est. 2:00pm cst 1:00 pm mst 12:00pm pst at mammoth at July 29



Emblems Are Here!

Idea from Motor20, he brought emblems to the Acp chat! Emblems are used just like the armies of countries today such as the US army. Now you can have your very own emblem as your avatar on the Acp chat.

Go to this post for more information~



The Legends Cup!

Oagalthorp has brought the cp army world another tournament! The last one was the March Madness tournament which was ended in failure because war broke out. The last big tournament was won by us (ACP) at the Decades End Tournament.

I am not going to copy and paste everything about this since it’s too big. The Post below will tell you everything about the Legends Cup.

Well thats all of the news for Acp. This is six posts in one and hopefully took care of the too many sticky post problem.

Over & Out


UnScheduled Event – Wool Socks

Today Motor and Noka got everyone on Wool Socks for some basic Training and Recruiting! I manged to get some Pictures (Finally! 😀 ) I will just give the Pictures in order and than talk some. Here we go…

Look Up ACP Chat! Bomb.

E+F Bomb.

E+6 Bomb.

Look Up ACP Of CP! Bomb.

I would say we did very good. We averaged about 40, so that was a good start to Today. This was to work on our Tatics for Today’s Battle against Crystal Warriors! To see the information for the ACP vs. CW Post, click HERE . Good work this Morning, Soldiers!(or afternoon for the UK) It was early but we managed fine as you can see. Now; Let’s cream CW 😉

I’m still trying how to get my Pictures perfect. As you can see they are not… I am trying to find the best way to Post them on WordPress. I’m really sorry for the bad quality and all!!!

Alpha Practice Battle!

Make sure to check out the post about emblems HERE

~ Hello Alpha

I’m planning a PB withRFW ! This is really important so do your best to make it !

What: PB with RFW

When: 3:00pm Eastern
2:00pm Central
1:00pm Mountain
12:00pm Pacific
8:00pm UK

Date: Wednesday July 28

Where: Northern Lights,Snowforts

Comment if you can make it

~ Thats all

~! Diaa !~ :mrgreen: