It Was Supposed To Be Recruiting…

Hey ACP,

I was gone for most of the afternoon so when I got back I organized a small unscheduled recruiting. Most of the our big recruiting servers like Mammoth, Brumby, Breeze were full for non-members so we had to log on to Snow Fort which had 3 bars and a fair amount of people in the Town. With the help of Noka we got everyone to the Town and recruited for a little while and since there was not much people on the server I decided to turn this into a Tactics session. Here the pics. One of the pics were provided by Austin.

We started wth a simple line.

We moved on to ! bombs

We Clover Bombed The Clock Tower

We Practiced Clovering Over and Over

I ended it by letting Rap give an order

We had a little fun at the end by fooling around and letting Rap lead 😆

Comment if you made it!

~Kenneth1000 ACP Commander-General