July Promotion Day

Ken: Today’s new soldiers from the join page has been added to this post. I did the rest of your join page for you Mchappy 😀

Matre #2: ❗ Leaders, If you do Join Page add the new soldiers to this post till Promo day is over

Matre: I gotta say you were faster than me! Thanks for doing Promo Day Bob 😀

Howdy Soldiers,

Well this is my first time doing promotions and yes I needed a lot of help from the other leaders. I made a mistake that I think no one has done before at their first time doing promotions. I accidently yesterday public posted a list of people I was going to promote! The list wasn’t finished and good thing Shab was there to private post it in a hurry. [Ias: I did that too. Nono was not impressed.]

Promotion day is a hard day for leaders I can say now. I did my best and I can say the rest of the leaders did their best. The high ranks was the hardest thing to do so I will say right now, a lot of high ranks did not get promoted. Master Generals and Lt. Generals make it seem like you get stuck there until someone retires.

:arrow:If you did not get promoted and you think you deserved a promotion. Please comment and give your reason why you should be promoted. Example:

Club Penguin Name:

Acp Rank:

Why you should be promoted:


:arrow:Corporals and Sergeants! Since there are so many of you, if you did not get a promotion then all you have to do is comment to get your promotion. If you already got promoted to Sergeant then you do not have to comment. Example:

Club Penguin Name:

Acp Rank: {Corporal or Sergeants only!}

And thats it!


Now since many of you will need a new emblem for chat since you got a promotion. Go to the emlbems page here: https://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/ranks-5/emblems/


Now for the promotions of July 2010. Here is the key to the promotions:

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ACP vs. MCP Turns Into Tatic Session!

If you read the Title it was a very confusing Event;We did though manage to get a good 30 People on CP still 😀 I will start by talking.

ACP logs onto Mammoth 30 Minutes early getting a total of 15 Soldiers. We than figure out that MCP cancelled it, so we want to try and work on our Tatics. Mammoth was really Full at that time so we moved to Snow Globe! We than followed up with awesome Tatics and an epic learning experience. Great job on listening, it went very well. Thank you MCP for the oppurtunity to fight (Even though we ended up not fighting.) I will supply some Pictures now. ||Note they are not in any order but are mixed up together||

Look Up ACP Chat! Bomb.

Sorry for all mistakes and such! Still trying to find the best way of adding these Pictures. Also sorry for my ‘Bandwith’ going out 😳 I am no longer using PhotoBucket and I’m now going to use TinyPic. Thank you for all that could make it!!! Also right after the Event we had 2 Chats for like a second o.o


Recruiting Session

Cancelled Due To 3 Million Hits Party

Hi acp. Aero here. On sunday is going to be a recruiting session. We should stay active and recruit new soldiers. I want you all there.

Here is the info:


Sunday august 1


3:00pm Eastern
2:00pm Central
1:00pm Mountain
12:00pm Pacific
8:00pm UK

Where: Ice breaker  Town

Why: Recruiting session

Comment if you can make it!!!


Senate Meeting Results

Had a great turn out for the Senate meeting and a ton of bills were presented. Very few passed. the following bills have passed and shall become valid laws.

1. No abusing the translator on chat. This shall be a violation of chat rules and kicked, then guested, then banned it needed. IF needed for non english members or visitors, it shall be used in accordance with prevailing chat rules. Using it for cursing or  violation topics will be a kick/guest/ban depending on the violating  offense.

2. Un-mod week. If the leader of ACP restarts unmod week, Shaboomboom (Shab) shall have no part at ALL in unmod week. Unmod week shall be performed by the ACP leader or any of the 2, 3 or 4ic’s that the leader selects, and a minimum vote count will be used for unmodding. All votes will be made public.

Bob: Matre will  approve both of these first before they can go into effect……

3. ACP shall have a new chat, the name to be determined and will be linked from all points on the site. This chat shall have a Gmail account and the new leader is given the email and may change the email password while they are leader, then pass it on to the new leader.  lasgae has several suggestions for a new chat name, and a poll will be put up to select it. It was determined by all Senators, leaders in attendance and former leaders to be the best idea for ACP moving forward.

4. Caps on chat. Caps has been a kick only violation. The caps rule will be changed to persistent caps will be a guest/ban. For example, singing a song in caps, or chat fights on caps etc…after a warning, you will be kicked, if that does not stop, Guest  or ban or both.

This was all the bills passed this meeting. Thanks to the all the senators and leaders for coming and participating.

Registration for the new Senate Term will begin August 7th. All Senators must register for the election and be re-elected.  Littleguy being the exception as the senate Grand Senator.

Dryvit~Senate VP and Grand Poobah