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Oagal: Actually we had the Miniclip Forums site for about 2 months, the Penguin Forums site for another 2 months, and THEN this site. 😉

Shab: Congrats Acp. You all helped to reach 3,000,000 Hits =D. Like Ias said we also finished the 1,000 comment contest. We are the first army ever to do this (We are also the only army to keep the same *wordpress* site since its creation =D).

Ias: OMG that was a cool 20 minuites, we got 1,000 comments, we got 3 million hits, and we found out Mar5 is from Brazil. Speak Portugese and don’t mention Holland around him. That is all. 😀

Oagal edit: We are less than 500 views away from 3 million hits! 😀

As part of 5,548 hits day, we will be having a comment contest! Here are the prizes:

  • 100th comment: Modship for a day Jojolex1 wins!
  • 250th comment: Modship for a week Cool95424 wins!
  • 500th comment: Ownership for a day Freddy Wins!!
  • 1000th comment: Ownership for three days Freddy Wins Again!!

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3,000,000 Hits Mega-Party this Sunday!

Ken: Im gonna be gone until like 8 EST today 😦 I have to celebrate a relatives birthday

It’s been a while since we had a party, So right now I look at the hit counter at the left, and see the ACP site close to those wonderful 3,000,000 Visits! ACP is the first ever Army to achieve this goal, and of course, this deserves a huge celebration!

Not only we will party, but a few prizes will be given away (Read Below) and we will try to break out some more records! It all happens this Sunday, So Click on “Read More” to find out about everything!

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ACPTR Graduates

Cg told me that twingy told him if snowballpink dont show up and post the graduates,tell to an owner to post the graduates.

Copied from acptr site:
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ACP The TakeDown Filming

❗ Edit: It is now at 1 PM EST.

Hey guys! Here is the info.


Time: 12:00 PM EST (comment more times if you know any)

Chat: Xat.com/ACPTVz