ACPTR August 2010 Graduates

Mchappy: All of these Graduates have been given their rightful Promotion :mrgreen: !

Ken: Congratulations to the ACPTR graduates of August 2010!


I’m Twingy. You’ve probably heard of me. If you haven’t, then you have now. Anyways, when Snowballpink retired as leader of the acptr I became the leader. Now, I know a few of you may not have heard of the acptr, so I’ll give a quick description. Obviously, on the left hand sidebar there’s a banner and a button, both linking to our site, and a feed lower down showing a bit more stuff. The ACPTR is a brigade, an organisation, which turns recruits into soldiers.

Through classes and training sessions, we teach the cadets who’ve signed up all about club penguin warfare, through experience (ie having events instead of talking about events). Classes teach you about Club Penguin – our army basics class teaches you about the basics of CP armies (ono), history talks about history, and geography teaches you about war servers and battle locations, geography, basically, so you get my drift.

So, without further ado, here are the graduates.

Blue Team:

  • ACP Soldier 7 – A+ – Achieves Rank of Captain
  • Brownieman 7 – B – Achieves Rank of 1st Lieutenant.
  • Zwind – A+ – AchievesRank of Captain

Green Team:

  • Doodygirl1 – A+ – Achieves Rank of Captain
  • Specter14 – B – AchievesRank of 1st Lieutenant.

Red Team:

  • Shark119 – B – Achieves Rank of 1st Leiutenant.

So, basically, that’s just about it. A+ Graduates obviously get promoted to captain and B Graduates get promoted to 1st Leiutenant. Can an ACP owner do that please? Thanks.

Remember, it’s new recruits which keep the ACP going. And how we get new recruits? You. It’s you, the ACP soldier, who provides the whole of the ACP with what it needs. If you didn’t, then the ACP would go into a spiralling  depression along with everything everyone’s worked endlessly hard for. So, be nice to your recruits, and don’t make them get away, because recruits are the future, and you know it.


P.S. And as it’s a new month tommorow, don’t forget to join the acptr HERE!

Just a reminder.

I just want to remind everyone that NOT EVERYONE is going to be ranked up. Please do not get mad if you do NOT get a promo.

I an going to say this now. Do not ask me or someone else to be moved up if your very inactive. You know if you deserve one or not so don’t lie about it. If you do not get a promo just work harder or try to be as active as possible. DO NOT be like I QUIT BECAUSE I DID NOT GET A PROMO. It is not ranks that make you a good soldier IF you quit it is your choice.

That is all

Alpha Recruiting TODAY!

Ken: Alpha did great! Alpha Ranks will be updated today!

Hey ACP,

Tomorrow Alpha Division will be having an Recruiting session scheduled by Capncook! Remember to follow orders to the people leading Alpha, when someone such as Capn or I orders you to get on club penguin, log on and follow the orders we give you. Highest Alpha rank on chat leads! Here are the times tomorrow!


Date: August 31st, 2010


4:00 Pacific (PM)

5:00 Mountain (PM)

6:00 Central (PM)

7:00 Eastern (PM)

SERVER: Grizzly

ROOM: Town

Comment if you can make it !

A succesful defense of Sleet

And for the last battle this weekend against Ice Warriors, we have succesfully defended our server Sleet after 1 hour of battling for it at Klondike!

ACP’s size for all the battle was an Average 30, which is excellent against the average 7 soldiers IW had during all the battle. We did so many tactics like Yes, No, GoodBye, Clover, Stealth, E + L, N, O, P, H, T and lines while IW only did Joke Bombs and Puffle Bombs.

The first 40 minutes happened at the Town, then IW moved to the forts and ACP followed them but they retreated back to the Iceberg where they tried to claim it before ACP could get there to defend, once we got to the Iceberg they left to the Beach and were claiming it aswell before we could get there, of course running out of a room just allows the defending army to reclaim it, so ACP has won the battle of Sleet!

Comment if you made it and if you have any pictures!


Fjord Frenzy!

UPDATE: The Nachos have kindly made a map of the server for each army on where they will start out in the Fjord Frenzy.

As you can see, we will be starting in the Snow Forts, Soccer Pitch, and Plaza, although these rooms are subject to change as the battle goes on.


Mchappy: Sorry for my inactiveness for the past 4 Days! My Reasons are good and I hope you undertsand. If you must know they are: Friends wanted to hang out; Getting ready for School; Cleaned the whole house; Family Disaster; I do have a life. Thank you :3

Motor: Sorry for the edit, but its came to my attention on IW chat that iceyfeet is now spreading a rumour that i have made fun of americans which is not true. If you are really that idiotic to believe such an obvious lie which iceyfeet has only tried to create to try to make him not look as bad for his remarks he made earlier, then go ahead and believe it. It is not true. I have many american friends in ACP and out of ACP and i go to america a lot. Dont believe the rumour and if iceyfeet does continue to spread it, just ask him for the proof and he will go quiet.

ACP has been so busy with battles and wars lately, and I have the perfect battle to give us some relaxation! The Nachos are hosting their 2nd Fjord Frenzy! Basically, this is just a huge free for all battle on Fjord. There will be no results, no arguing over who won, just straight up fighting and then going home.  Just for fun, right? All armies are invited if they would like to attend.

Fjord Frenzy

Where: Fjord

Rooms: Anywhere you want to battle

When: Sunday, September 5


11:00 A.M PST

12:00 P.M MST

1:00 P.M CST

2:00 P.M EST

7:00 P.M UK

This should be a fun battle, seeing as it will be one of the few times there are several armies on a server an they all aren’t against us I’ll be looking forward to a fun battle with every army that shows up, as well as ACP!


Why IW lost the battle for Christmas.

Hello ACP

Im here to explain for several reason why IW lost the battle for Christmas.

– They were smaller then the ACP and only joke bombed and puffle bombed.

– They claimed 5 rooms which were not major rooms (Coffee shop ,Book room , Stadium , Dojo and Iceberg)

– 2 out of the 5 rooms that they claimed to of had were reclaimed by ACP (Dojo and iceberg)

– For the rooms they did claim, the only sent 5 people around to claim them

-The rest of the army only ran from ACP everytime we entered shouting they claimed a room even though they were in it for a few seconds.

And to top it all of, Icey was infact racist. Racism is bullying or abuse towards people of a certain race or nationality.

By the way, if You are british and IW, this is what you leader thinks.

Sorry for my launguage but he did curse me out several times and was bieng very annoying.


A Great Saturday

Happy Saturday!

This is my first Saturday since school started, and Acp helped me start it the right way. We had 3 huge battles today including 2 defenses and 1 re-invasion. I am happy to say we successfully won all 3 battles today! Ice Warriors might say we didn’t win the battle on Klondike for Christmas though. In this post I will show you what happened at all 3 battles today. What a busy morning for everyone who was on this morning.

Battle of Christmas

The first battle was at 12 Eastern time this morning. It was in the afternoon for the soldiers in Europe. Instead of fighting on the server Christmas we had to fight on Klondike. Pictures Below.

Most of the battle the Ice Warriors were running around “trying to claim rooms” before Acp could get there. We would usually find them in a heart beat and take back the room and the Ice Warriors ran to the next one. Really the Ice Warriors know better that this isn’t how you invade a server. The battle lasted over 30 minutes but Icey told me it was only a 30 minute batle anyways.

** Also we were suppose to defend Sleet at the same time with Christmas. The good thing is Sleet wasn’t even touched so we also have Sleet still.


Re-Invasion of Grizzly

The invasion of Grizzly was a success! Grizzly is still under DRACP control once again. The Grizzly invasion was about 30 minutes after the battle of Christmas was over. We had no resistance from any army on Grizzly. Acp was quickly on Grizzly claimed 5 major rooms, scouted the whole server and was quickly out. For proof of our 5 rooms here you go:

Grizzly is ours!


Battle of Frozen

The battle of Frozen was right after the re-invasion of Grizzly. Like I said, today there were barely any breaks. We went from one server to another just to defend or invade. The battle of Frozen however was pretty simple. Only about 5-6 Ice Warriors were at the snowforts the whole time. The rest of the Ice Warriors were no where to be found. This was the last piece of the puzzle for today and it was real easy. Pictures Below.



:arrow:Great work today to everyone who came. Get ready for the next battle tomorrow and the battles in the future. This war is not over yet. Also if you have pictures of the battle please put them in a comment! (Some photos in post are by Freddy257)

Comment if you made it

Over & Out


Make a Header Contest!

Motor: The size is 904 x 160

I realised that we have been using the same header for a long time from now, so why not change it? Or even better, why not have a contest to change it? Everyone can participate and send in an entry! Fill out the following on a comment:

Link to Your Entry:

Only one winner will be chosen, and the one with the best entry will have the entry made the New ACP Header plus a Rank up on Chat for a day! Example, if you were Member you will be Mod, and if you were mod you will be Owner for 24 hours!

Good Luck to everyone!


Number One Army, In School or Vacations

Klug- I know you guys have heard this more times than you can count, but, during this school year, you should really place school, sports, and friends before ACP.  Club Penguin Armies are meant to be something to do in your spare time, and not something meant to take the place of school or your activities in the real world.  We don’t need or want you giving up your activities in real life so you can be on ACP chat 4+ hours a day.

Most of us have already started School or will start any of the next 4 upcoming Mondays, this means of course less time to be on the Computer for the daily times of school and homework, but Why shouldn’t we continue all the great things we have done over the Summer?

If CP armies were based only on Vacations, we would probably have died a week after our creating in 2006, but we didn’t. Why? A simple answer, dedication. And I know, that in this army we all are, even if we had School from 7 PM in the morning to 7 PM we should still find that little ammount of time to dedicate to the Army of Club Penguin.

Within the next 7, 8, 9 or 10 months of school we will still continue to be an Army full of dedicated Soldiers that can do the best, with the least. We fought 4 Top Ten armies with the help of just 2 and won. We lost a single Practice Battle on May and turned down to 3rd biggest army and had 85 soldiers at the next battle. Why stop now?

Everybody will always learn something new everyday, and I keep learning everyday that no matter what day or time of the year we are in, this Army will always find the way to the top, working from General to Corporal, Alpha and Echo, ACPTR or Senators.

If you are in school and a battle is at the same time of your School or homework time, then It will be OK if you can’t attend, but there is always some free time to spend. I can say I have the best soldiers I could ask for and It is a pleasure to learn with everyone here everyday and at school aswell, so you will always hear of ACP as the Number One Army, in School time or in a 3 years vacations.


Defense of Sub Zero, Christmas, Frozen & Sleet

A Great Saturday:


Version of Post:

Friday: 12 Noon EST – Sub Zero
Saturday: 12 Noon EST – Christmas / 2 EST – Frozen
Sunday: 12 Noon EST – Sleet

From now on I will try to use a “Short Version” of the Post when there are many scheduled events on it. This is to be able to add a “Read More” plus a cool way to remember what to attend and where. The reason the timing is “EST” is because over the past 2 polls made by Motor on January and by me on May, 70% of ACP lives on Eastern Standart Time and 90% is in USA so It is much easier to convert to CST and MST, and for those on UK you can just click “Read More” to find out about your time zones.

Ice Warriors want their servers back after declaring a whole war against ACP for barely no reason, so it is now time to defend the servers we have claimed from them. I know this will be hard as there will be many defenses which can be stressful, but it will be worth for the biggest Army in Club Penguin. That’s ACP.
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