Invasions of Sub Zero and Sleet

 Hey ACP

Team Gold is invading our servers Sleet and Sub Zero next weekend. We need to do our best not to lose these servers!

What: Defense of Sub Zero [GO TO KLONDIKE FOR BATTLE.]

When: Saturday, September 18th

  • 2:00 PM EST
  • 1:00 PM CST
  • 12:00 Noon MST
  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 7:00 PM U.K 


Server: Walrus

What: Defense of Sleet

When: Sunday, September 12th

  • 6pm EST
  • 5pm CST
  • 4pm MST
  • 3pm PST
  • 11pm GMT

Where: Walrus (Sleet will obviously be full for non-members during the event, but we will be fighting for Sleet.)

Comment if you can make it!

Peace out


Edits were moved down here so the information about events is more convenient.

Slider568: I just had to.

Mchappy: No more useless Edits. Soldiers cannot see the important information.

Ken: I don’t think Division sites count, btw 12th edit.

Little: Do division sites count? Because Echo had a huge post that was 3/4 edits a few days ago. I think there were 17 on it?

Ken: Is this a record for the most number of edits? All owners have edited except Klug. Right now there is a total of  10 edits.

Motor – I wanted to an edit as i felt left out as everyone else has done an edit.

Klug- As Dryvit stated below, there is no need (or want) to be on Club Penguin fighting on the 9th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks on both World Trade Center buildings in New York City, the Pentagon, and one building that we will never know, as that plane was taken down in a field by heroic passengers who decided to fight back. Upon realizing that TG had their invasion planned to be today, Motor and I quickly rushed over to TG chat and persuaded them to change the date of the invasion.  NOTE: THE INVASION HAS BEEN CHANGED TO NEXT SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. Today, ACP, nor any army (as far as I know) will be doing any fighting. You guys don’t need to be on chat today, either. Spend today with your friends or family. You can go on chat if you want, but no matter what, no matter what nation you are from, no matter what religion you are, remember 9/11/01.

Ken: Since today is 9/11 the Alpha event is canceled.


Noka- today is my b day!

Dryvit: Tomorrow is 9/11. Tomorrow is a day to remember what was lost, not just by the USA, but by many many nations as the towers were filled from people from all over the world. This is not a day to fight on Club Penguin. What kind of Army would schedule an invasion on such a day? Flags should be flown, time spent with family and remembering what price we pay for freedom. We must not forget, we cannot forget, we will not forget. Many years from now, our children will ask us about 9/11. We must carry the message forward. The loss was nearly unbearable, but we came together as one world nation that day. Let us not waste the moment on club penguin. Let’s spend it with family and friends, and show that we remember and are remorseful for those that died that day, and thankful for those who would die defending this country, this world for us. Let us not forget what it means to be free and why. Lets send a clear message that NO wars will be fought this day on club penguin. What a slap in the face to those who really truly fought to save this world from the tyranny of terrorism. NO CP WAR ON  9/11!!!!

Mchappy: I am so, so, so sorry for being Inactive. I realize people think I should be Demoted, blah, blah blah. We’ll I have one of the best reasons! A Family Issue. Not just “A”, it is a huge Family Issuse. I would rather not talk about it; Yet ACP is my Family as well so I will tell. We having been going through bad things with money, meaning we have been spending a lot. Yeah, it’s sad but we can fight through it. No Questions please. Thank you for caring.

Little: It’s up now.

Noka- Chat is down or was down if it works for you now

ACP Bob: I am sorry I haven’t been on that much the last few days. I play tennis so I have to work around that. Other then that I am a-ok. Read posts below.

Purple slime: Where am I!?? Oh yeah, the most editted post on the ACP site. Haha. Make this FOURTEEN edits! OOoh, Im so baaad….

Super Edwin: Purple, stop destroying history 😥

121 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. i most likely will make it


  4. I can make it I told little *wary*

  5. Okay, we’ll see about that -.-

  6. uh thx for letting me burro sub heeh ya u werent using it and no one else wants it so ya thx

  7. I’ll be there!!!
    ~Adamsapple4 :3

  8. Will do. I would like to be put on Echo division.

  9. ill be able to attend ma’am

  10. I Will be there

    ||Austin aka Firemanhg||

  11. Hey guys.sorry i haven’t been on for a long time.i’ve been using a browser called google chrome,so i wasn’t able to check up on the site.Really sorry for being inactive..

  12. Be there

  13. i will be there for one of the battles.

  14. I will be there

  15. what is pst and once you tell me im sure i can make it

    PST stands for Penguin Standard Time.

  16. I dunno, 2nd will be a maybe, as for the first.

  17. Ill be there if you rank me!

  18. I won’t be there damm t.g for bad gmt times

  19. I can make it on Sunday, probably not Saturday.

  20. I can most likely make it!

  21. I can make it!

    Lt. General~Happyman444

  22. Ever growing news site soon will be big

  23. Also Has a review of these battle on it

  24. ACP, RPF shares these servers with you, so we will try to be there.

  25. I dont think I will be able to make it because its late for GMT. Sorry!

  26. I may be there, not sure.

  27. i’ll be there

  28. im so sorry mch 😦 hopefully you’ll be fine… and have a computer XD jk thats the least you would want once again so sorry 😦

    Thank you for caring 🙂

  29. Crappppp Mchappy… Good bloody luck.

  30. Sure i’ll be there!

    -General Aquapenguin8

  31. I might be there, My sister who is 27 is coming to town and she has a baby.


  33. For sure the first one not quite sure about the second.

  34. i will be there my army will not be able to attend unless i post it i will try to get them to come

    -leader of dark knights:Nikola1212

  35. I can make it to the one on Sunday. Sorry I have not Been to many battles latly

  36. be there, hope we get promos lol

  37. idk! i want a promo 2

  38. i will be at both

  39. I can make it

  40. ill be there if u remod me on chat o.o

    Will do.

  41. @Dryvit edit that’s something you should tell team gold because they’re the ones who wanted to invade us on 9/11 |:

  42. I Will Come to both depending on my schedule… And I Agree With Dry

  43. uh.. BUT NOT TODAY!

  44. Nice Post Dry

  45. Dry we are children *xd*

  46. Unfortunately, I cant make the Sunday 12th one, as it’s too late and I have school the following day. Sorry.

  47. Dry what does that mean?

  48. i can ony come to sub zero

  49. I can make it… Guys and leaders sorry to be un-active I was on holidays. Also Happy B-Day nokaaaaaa@!

  50. Happy bday noka…I’m glad you made it so there was no fighting, I was just going to leave while you all fought, but now I don’ have to get yelled at for no fighting… this is a sad day for peoples. Oh, and sorry McHappy. I’m sure that you will be fine, the bank does a program called cash for keys IF you guys get foreclosed.

  51. Sorry the comment above, from NotTelling, was me. didn’t notice the name until just now.

  52. may the souls of the 9/11 bombings rest in peace.

  53. I will be there. BTW im bobbyzachk.

  54. I will be there. My friends will be there to help too.
    -Blue Cutie1

  55. Cant go tommorow, yeah to the 18th

  56. i will be their on both. 9/11…Brave, and Courage people….we will always remember

  57. I can come tomorrow, Idk about 18th…

  58. ill be there

  59. I cant make them soz!

  60. I will be there! Lets go win this battle!!!!!

  61. Hey Mchappy, who will we being fighting? Respond if u can

    Ice Warriors – Blue; Team Gold – Yellow.

  62. I can probably make it. 😀

  63. I CAN MAKE IT!

  64. i can make it

  65. ill be there and we will not lose when im there

  66. I can!

  67. I might be there

  68. hiii

  69. IW is invading too..

    Yeah, we know.

  70. rofl …. since its 9/11 we have canceled…


  72. its going to be full for member not nonmembers because i was able to get on sleet easily beacuse i was a nonmember and all the members had a hard time going on

  73. i can make it

  74. i can make it

  75. im going today 🙂

  76. im there — im tta from above post

  77. hi am chewyice i just joined first battle for my acp era is defense of subzero

  78. acp its me chewyice i just joined i love acp my first real battle of my acp era is defense of sub zero

  79. i just join i will be at defense of subzero

  80. i mean joined

  81. sorry about the four comments i thought ionly sent2

  82. i cant belive we won the battle of sleet! 🙂
    even though iw said they won

  83. A WINRAR IS US 😀


  85. Awesome, after my buddies 1000 subscribers party, ill come 😀

  86. I can come 😀

  87. Um this is random but in the Alpha division you spelled my name wrong it was spelled Conankun02 it is actually Conankun01

    P.S.I can make it to the battle

    It’s been fixed.

  88. Heres a mesage from rpf…. WHAT! WE CAN DO IT ON OUR OWN! Ill make it though 🙂

  89. i am comein

  90. coming

  91. cant make it im in england its 10pm my bedtime is 9
    o-clock plz make some battles easyer for britain its really anoying

  92. i cant go im in scotland its my bedtime plz make battles that are erlier in the day

  93. I Should be at the defense of sub zero this sat. day.

    ||Austin aka Firemanhg||

  94. i will try to be there

  95. i will try to be there

  96. Queens of hearts isnt a big army yet but we’ll be happy to help if you want =)

  97. Oh i might not be able to go i half to go somewhere saturday but..if i can ill be there =)

  98. Sorry, I won’t be able to make it due to it being 4am where I live, sorry 😦

  99. I can probably make it.

  100. This will be my first battle i have to and must make it on time my mom says yes but she could change her mind i hope we win!

  101. please help me i don’t have the uniform please give me the golden helmet and cp shirt thank you

  102. I can make it I think my dad says I can go on it.I cant be on chat though,my xat wont work

  103. I can make it 🙂

  104. im coming! lets do it ACP!

  105. i will be there

  106. hey guys i most likley wont be there but ill tryto come

  107. im there right now

  108. this is sergant Redsnapper39 reporting my first log.
    i will do one of these after each war. I got home from a field trip at 12:30 and ate before checking to see my rank. I AM SO GLAD I DID THIS because i would have NEVER found out that we moved the war to klondike. most of the action was against ice warriors in the town. i guess team gold gave up. congratulations on my first victory

  109. poop

  110. Lol so many edits xD

  111. I can make it…I just need a time machine (wary) XD

  112. Okay, Kitty. I’m setting up the gravitational accelerator… Get into the TARDIS, quick! We have no time to lose! We need to stop the Club Penguin Army war on 9/11/10… I’ll just impersonate Mchappy, tell them there’s a family issue I guess, or use my psychic paper, that always works.

    ~The Doctor

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