Retirement of LittleGuy04

I have many reasons for retiring. Among them are my age (I am nearly 14, too old to be in CP armies by my standards… i really do not know what the rest of ACP counts as too old for Club Penguin and ACP, but 13 or 14 is my standard), my free time (I have limited computer time in school year. I’m only allowed one hour per day….. And one and a half on weekends, but that is still not very much at all…..), skating (7-9 hours per week, if not more), and I would like a social life, which I realized that I am majorly lacking in this past week…. Also, I am in the eighth grade, which means that i receive a lot of homework every day, so that sort of fits in with the time category…. I need about four hours on the computer per day, but I don’t even have that much free time, not to mention that i am not even allowed on the computer for that long….

My ultimate goal was, like nearly everyone else, to become ACP leader. I was so much closer to getting this than a lot of people, but unfortunately, I’ll never make that.

History of me:

I joined Club Penguin on October twenty- seventh, of the year 2006. (Wow, has it really been that long? It seems like last month.) I was just a normal penguin for a long time, and then in April of 2009 i discovered the Nachos. I followed them for a ways, never joining, and leaned about ACP.  I officially joined ACP on May 9th (1000 words!) of 2009, and its been the best year and a half of my life.

Boomer- you were my first leader for less than a month after I joined, and I was a n00b. Btw, thanks for putting up with all of us acp n00bs. 😆 Thanks for all the great times on chat.

Saint- ZOMG SAINTEH, I miss you so much. 😥 You prolly will never read this, unless Noka tells you about my retirement and you come and read it, which is unlikely. You were my first friend in ACP, and my best. I was so happy when you came back to lead again, and just thanks in general for coming on that one day to see us. Thanks for being my best friend.

Dry- You were one of my favorite leaders, and you do a great job as senate grand poo-bah. Btw, thanks for making me grand senator in June, and for not acting bored while I was ranting on about my personal problems sometimes. 😆 Great person, just don’t argue with Shab too much….

Meat- I honestly didn’t think you were that bad of a leader….. Of course, I was still a n00b then. But whatever, you were still a good battle leader on CP. But then you hacked us…. And then you were nice to us….. Whatever, I’m rambling on and on. Bye. Whatever. I hate u, i like u, i dont care which one it is.

Shab- You were an excellent leader. One of the nicest people on chat.

Ias- Remember when, over winter break, we were betting about u being leader of acp in april? Yeah, I so won that bet……That will be $5 please. Thanks for being one of my friends.

Matre- Aaaah, Mah Tree, so are you a tree or not? Great person, leader, and friend. You put up with all of us experienced n00bs, and i’m sorry for being one of them. 😆 Sorry I confused you and Motor so often in my n00b days… and the not-n00b days… 😆

Oagal- Lol, thanks for helping me try to figure out the puzzles for 10,000 hits day. You were a nice person to see on chat every once in a while that you were on.

Fox- Another of my best friends in acp, every time you came on chat I would definately laugh in real life. And lol, u had the most epic quotes. Keep writing those stories, they’re the best. And bye bye.

Cat- Idk what to say about you, but I know that u deserve to be on here!

Batin- Always a great person on chat! Lol i had to put you in here even tho theres very little chance you’ll see this….

Motor- You were a great person. Sorry I confused you and Matre in my n00b days. 😆 And too bad you got fired…. bye

Bfan- Nice, funny friend, will most likely never see this.

Person- All I can say: ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT (rolling on the floor laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and i drop my taco)  Your way to stop the oil spill in the gulf of mexico way back then was the best. XD

Div- smartest kid i know. ever. smarter than me, im sure….

Paint- one of my best friends in Acp. Woot woot for girls of acp! Sorry you got tangled up in the Peg mess…. Bye, email me sometime.

PaintTheSkyGrey- It was nice to meet and see you on chat sometimes. Keep it up as Head ProGraham Cracker!:)

Buckley- Keep on fishing! (lol idk it’s a random quote from my old math teacher)

Peguin- One of my favorite people to see on chat. Sorry that was such a painful breakup….

Stev- ily. all im saying. ily.

Seth- Great person, one of the most friendly leaders ever to n00bs.

Bob- Hi epic leader dude. You relate to the n00blets so well.

Mchappy- You are an amazing leader, you are the definition of role model ACP leader.

Lillie- One of my friends in ACP. Good luck as leader sometime in the future.

Houndy- Figure skating is, actually, harder than basketball. Ask almost anyone. Seriously, do it.

Tori- Sorry about your real life situation… hope it works out.

Klug- I miss you, dude. Amazing friend.

Everyone thats not listed above: Didn’t ya see the invisible ink written all over that mentions you? Look for it, its not very far from my heart. I love you all so much, but NOT in that way….

Anyways, I’ll be around on chat a lot…. Don’t worry about that.

I’d like to stay a mod on chat for sure, and if possible, can i stay owner for a few weeks or so? pwease? pwetty pwease?

Song: Thanks for the memories

Well, for the last time,



Freddy- skaters pwn. hockey sucks. u push around a disk with a stick. how medieval is that?

Another edit to freddy- FINE ITS A ROCK. pushing around a ROCK with a stick

52 Responses

  1. Bye Little , thanks for all the times ….. Good thing you’ll still be around though 😀

  2. It was a good time knowing you Little! I wish you could of been the second ever ACP FEMALE leader…

  3. 😦 bye! but i knew you to include me in their XDD 😉
    well it was nice knowing ya

  4. Bye Little! Now that I think about it, I have known you for awhile. You were a great friend to all of us. You even made it to Acp 3rd in Command, which not many people can say. You are an Acp Legend and speaking for Acp as a whole, we miss you and salute you!


  6. Oh little, I told u not to do this to me, you know I have a 6 AM game.
    Few things.
    1-I lied I love this song I couldn’t thnk of my 3rd reason on chat.
    2-I said Puck, not rock.
    3- I had a long comment all ready and i hit ur stupid “Peace Out” thing.
    4- Just this
    Little, like a month ago I was just another “sweaty hockey player”. 1 month later im Freddy the sweaty hockey player. I know what you feel like, I know how you feel not for anything else, but for skating. Flying out of town like every weekend, so much you can barely keep up with stupid homework. Its hard, I know it is, and I totally get that. Going to the rink and skating for hours and hours just to perfect 1 simple thing. Not jumps and double axels or w/e for me. Stick handeling, etc. Totally get that, and thats fine. Nobody hates you for caring about skating or school. Nobody complains about that, and ur making me upset. See, hockey players arent just sweat and smell.
    Wow, 10 pm I should be nice and tired for the plane.
    Homework is stupid, and you have a lot I assume, 8th grade was a beyotch to me with homework. Oops, can I not say that? W/e I’m me. Right, I was typing this.
    So, your really packed with stuff, I get that, we all get that. Nobody minds you coming on when u can because we all know you come on when you can. Being on the computer is sort of hard when you have like 3 hours ice time a day, which I love, but really do you need to retire? Yes, people watch hockey, but even though i have no clue what your saying half the time about ur flips and 2 foot w/e. You get what im saying, you know that you can’t skate backwards without sharp skates, you know what crossovers are, you know what the hash marks are(which you all should know but not in hockey context) and you can draw a rink. You know my drills and pretend to care. Hockey is my life and going 10 mins without talking about it is liek a noob not talking about mammoth. Please, reconsider this, and let me go to bed… well your not keeping me up, but im up so w/e.

    Never forget
    real hockey players dont tie their laces in bows
    I have the coolest tie

    And to end it.
    Cuz baby tonight the ice got us skating all night again.
    So skate skate like its the last last skate of ur life.
    Fail I know but thaat song is stuck in my head, so I changed it.

  7. Little il miss you alot!(hug)farewell…take care and visit us on chat as I’ll miss u(cry2)

  8. Little can you please make my invisible ink visible please i cant see what you said about me

  9. Bye little i never knew you so ya but you sound like a acp legend so i look up to you and i will tray to forfill your dream of becomeing acp 1ic

    over and out

    SALUTES for little for the last time

  10. Ducky, it’s invisible…. That’s the point…..

  11. Little what a crappy idea

  12. I leave and everyone follows…. And it twas a 3ic and 2 div generals… MY LUCK 😀

    Anywayz. Retiring Is All For The Best. Bye Littleguy ; (

  13. goin to miss ya… =(

  14. Welcome to retirement paradise.

  15. I wish I could see through invisible ink….

  16. Thanks for being a great 3ic & my friend, and I’m sure if I could read the invisible ink it would say something nice.

  17. We’re gona miss you, Little. Bye 😦

  18. Mai 3ic D:

    I’ma miss you mai friend, please visit chat sometimes, I loved working with you in Echo and our chat convos.

    Good luck. When I’m old and decrepit, I want turn on my TV and see “Littleguy04, Retired ACP 3ic” winning the Olympic Gold Medal for skating, ok? 😉

    Your friend,
    – Sklooperis

  19. ACP will miss you! Hope you enjoy retirement.

  20. DONT GO LITTLE GUY!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bye little!


  23. 1st n00ish thing ever:A army that has 0 people in
    2nd n00ish thing eva: the walruses
    3rd nooish thing:a new 3ic retiring (no offence little)


  24. I dont think noobish is the word considering she made it to 3ic, and when I run in to her at the olympics getting ready for my gold medal hockey game il remember why she retired.

  25. Have fun having a life. xD I kid.

  26. bye little, you were a good leader, everyone will miss u dearly 😥


  27. Haha I saw it littleguy! Batin sees all 😉

  28. Immature of you to mention something from almost 6 months back. Basketball is harder by the way, go ask John Wall and LeBron if you don’t believe me.

  29. Z. O. M. G. Batin!

    Ohlie, you retired? When did that happen? :S

    Freddy, think you can make the Olympic hockey team for Sochi in 2014? I’ll cya then. 😉 Otherwise, wanna try for Olympics in 2018? I’d still have a chance then, peeps as old as 30 have gone to the olympics for the USA. 😉 And omg, you got a skating term correct- a double axel is the jump i learned just like 2 days ago! Except, hate to break it to ya after you wrote that huge comment, but I retired because skating is only a side in my life, school is only a side, friends are the whole life put together. I like my life a lot more this week because I spent it with friends.

  30. Oh wow, my comment is awaiting moderation…. Stupid mobile

  31. Lolz I am in invisible ink! Perfect for meh!

    LIttle, you are one of my – if not my closest- friend on ACP, and actually, all CP armies. You were always real and not some faker bleep, and i hope you know what i mean by bleep. (if not, think: Rachel on Glee). xDDD but I have to say, i cannot believe you are retiring. on my fail leaving post, where i tried to leave,i told you: get that 1ic!! Grrrrr….and i guess I should have known you were retiring when yesterday you tried to make me leader of CACP. Well, what will happen to Canada Army now?

    Anyway, we always had lots of fun together. When I joined, you were that powerful mod chick I was always to shy to talk to. Then I volunteered to help with Senate applications, but I was still scared of you. Then you actually heard my idea in a Senate meeting (even though i totally am not in senate) and i thought, “hey, that girl is nice. maybe she’ll talk to me” instead of being one of those mods who hate members and people who joined in 2010. then, within 3 months, we became really close. emailed each other lately, i lent you my member penguin, told you my secret. i hope i was a close friend to you, too.

    Yet again, I hate you for leaving. You were the only reason i came on chats lately: to talk to little. 😦 now you are leaving. so blehhhhh and you better still come on chats, or i will excersize (or however you spell it) power of free speech in emails full of swears.

    Just reading all the previous comments (this is taking me so long to write, Batin is currently the comment above me), you can see that Little, you were there for everyone. Everyone is thanking you and saying they will miss you because it is true. We will all miss you. Bye, mah buddeh.You can still have a life and email and come on chat…

    @Trumpyjosh, Little retiring isn’t noobish.

    Later little, not goodbye. Later.


  32. i will miss you little bye

  33. You were’nt here for a while….. to ba you can’t be a leader. Bye!

  34. typo…. too bad.

  35. See ya Little.

  36. Little. 😦

    I’m going to miss you a lot, especially our PC’s about who’s going to be the next 3ic or division general or whatever else 🙂 Visit please, it won’t be the same without you.

    Also, what you said about me in the invisible ink… it was beautiful. Why not show the world?

  37. Heck yes, Little 2014 it is, I only put 1 side in as I am not a stalker and don’t know your life on that hand, but hockey is harder end of story.
    Lala my comment was way longer i win, okay maybe not but still.
    After Canada wins the gold for hockey in OT due to Freddy’s amazing blue-liner maybe il give ACP a shout-out XD.
    Now I have to be tested on Canadian history and other boring things to make sure I remember everything D:.

  38. I wont forget when I kept beating you on a quiz game because I used google. xD good times

  39. Freddy, my comment was better. it didn’t mention hockey. ANd figure skating is harder. you also need to be flexible as well as strong, and you have to think in figure skating. hockey is just hitting people and some rock on glorified water.

    Little, when you are on the olympics it will be the first year i don’t walk around saying the olympics are stupid….so, email me so i’ll watch. sorry, i find them boring as h3ll. good luck! and friends are our lives. not hobbies or sports or -ugh- school.

  40. Ow, you had so much future in this army! Why so soon? Well, it is good to know that you will still be around! Good luck in your life Litte 😉

  41. Where is all the trolls…

  42. Bye Little BTW I love that song by fall out boy its ftw

  43. Bye Little!
    btw Shab was a bad leader. He was mean to Div

  44. Woah Lala way to far.
    Hockey involes skill, smarts, athletesism(or something), flexibility, hand-eye cordination, strength, power, muscles, fighting ability, good diet, energy, strong bones and more. U also need to skate in about 80 pounds of equipment and fances skates.
    You people cant even say PUCK P-U-C-K god its not hard, Ur sorta dissing F.S (figure skating) by slangging off ice to some stupid word.
    I give props to figure skaters, the skating is more hmm elegant. Hockey is harder, but f.s is harder than basketball. You just slap a ball with ur fingers and throw it at a ring twice its size :S not that hard.

  45. C ya later little,
    Have fun.
    Hope u have an awesome safe life,

  46. Omgosh bye little from a best bud Soda~

  47. i cant beileve u r retiring good bye i will nver see u on the acp again but i will see u in real life good bye forever (CRY)

  48. good bye little

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