Retirement of LittleGuy04


40 Responses

  1. Mchappy, leave it like this. No edits please. Its shorter.

    My past retirements:

    Also, email me at if you want to stay in contact with me, I won’t be coming on chat very often after today.


  2. The polar opposite of Freddy’s post.

    HA I didn’t think of that.


  4. Uh, yeah.
    Reconsider this please? I think you’re thinking too far ahead…
    i dont want you to go. 😦

  5. Lots of leader retirements lately.
    Klug in September/October, Motor got fired, not retired… Not really.

  6. little you will be missed dearly


  8. Whoa shocker!

    Bye Little, we will all miss you in Acp. You were a great brave soldier and Acp was lucky to have someone like you. You even made it to 3rd in command of the bigegst army in club penguin.

  9. 😥 You can’t go! :O No!!!!!! You will be missed. -Salutes-

  10. Explanation since everyone is asking why I retired:

    1.) I’m nearly 14 years old, too old..
    2.) Tons of homework
    3.) Skating is more important to me
    4.) Holiday season is a time for family…
    5.) I like my friends.
    6.) My grades are bad-ish…
    7.) ummm thats it.
    8.) hi
    9.) bye
    10.) RAWR FREDDY

  11. Little you were a great soldier and friend[salutes}

  12. Holy crap i hit post comment and little you commented a second before me!

  13. Bye Little, say hi to Finick for me when you see him, and PLEASE!! TELL ME THE END OF MOCKINGJAY!!! You were one of my favorite leaders, along with Mchappy. In-fact, I kinda thought you and McHappy looked cute together. I see why you are retiring. Well, I must say my final goodbyes. I hope I can see you on chat, and, GOOD LUCK WITH SKATING WITH RUE!!!!

  14. Took you long enough, 14 should be the retirement age

    ? I’m not even 14…. My birthday is in 13 days….

  15. Little no! This is truly a surprise. Don’t worry I will try and live up to you legacy I’m only a few ranks away…

  16. aaaawwww dont you think you could have said a little more then just bye 😦

  17. why does everyone have to retire?!
    Smart Alec

  18. This is the longest retirement post EVER! My eyes are sore after reading it…

  19. …..

  20. bye

  21. little you wore won of the best acp soilders good luck with your life salutes!!!!!!!

  22. I think you should really reconsider….. Well, if you don’t, then you will be deeply missed by all of us. Thanks for your amazing service in the ACP!

    ~Adamsapple4 :3

    I have reconsidered, thats why it has been less than a month since I retired the second time.

  23. I couldn’t colmprehend all the text in the post.

  24. * comprehend

  25. this is horible just horror y little y …….salutes……..

  26. Hurray for 4 letter posts!

  27. Mchappy how dare you…. It takes up 1/2 an inch…..

  28. I will miss you Little.

  29. LOL.

  30. I fell asleep half way through. How long did this take you 4 years?

  31. Look who’s talkin, Freddy…..

  32. Fail….. :3

  33. Bye Little. 😦

  34. Aww you retired AGAIN! Well, I’m too lazy too copy/paste my previous comment or write a new one. Grrrr. Little I was expecting another huge- urm, nvm, post, but I like this better. Freddy’s took me forever to read. Anyway, holy crap this is getting long. Well, here is what my actual goodbye comment is:


  35. Retirement Island, lala 😀

  36. Gah, ive tried lie 20 different long comments but WP hates me. Anyways, I dont think u should throw away ur 3icshipnessishism 3ic-ship-ness-ish-ism for the slow kids. Ik it took me likke 3 days, but I didnt know u were leaving chats, so i waited there.
    Btw, my project failed so hard, I totally missed the thing and my stupid friend left the cap on the camera :S idiot. But i fell and hit my grass so It didnt hurt. Long story short, I fail at jumping on things.
    Short story long, well w/e I cant think of anything.
    Plz, rethink it or I will jump off of a higher roof 😀

  37. Freddy- rethought- nah retirement island is nice.

  38. omg little actually made a shorter retirement post than me

    Yah, I win! I beat Capn too. (:

  39. bai little

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