Where ACP Gets Its Recruits From

Oagal: This is some of the most important research ever done to benefit this army! Everyone owes Iasgae one cookie.


This may be a question that has kept you up at night. If it has, get a life.

Anyway, I have wondered this for quite some time, so I decided when I was leader to add the question to the join page:

5.) How did you find our site? If it was through Google, what made you search it?

The reason for this being I wanted an answer to the question:

Where does ACP get its recruits from?

So now, 11 months later, I bothered to find out.

I looked at the current join page when it had 400 or so comments, and looked at each response to the aforementioned question. Here is what I found:

  1. Saw on CP: This basically means that they saw ACP recruiting, during a battle, whatever, when they were on CP. This is what their primary reason was for joining us. As you can see, it is the  most frequent reason by far.
  2. Friend: This basically means that a friend/family member/someone they know told them about this army, and this was their main motivation for looking us up.
  3. Google: In the question I asked them to say “If it was through google, what made you look it up”, but google in this context means that they were searching “Club penguin Army”  and they just wanted to join an army so googled it, and came here. One answer was “I looked up Best Club Penguin army on google” 😆
  4. Youtube: A surprisingly popular choice. This is similar to the Google answer, as mostly they looked up “Club Penguin Army” on youtube, and got one of our videos. This shows that those videos really do help.
  5. Other Armies: This means that they saw an ad for ACP, or someone from another army talk about it on another army site, and it made them look at our site. One very popular answer was that they saw our ad on CPA Central. Kudos to whoever put that up!

❗ Notes: ❗ I couldn’t count every answer for this, as several people just said “Google, despite the fact I SPECIFICALLY ASKED THEM IN THE QUESTION NOT TO. Some other people answered things like “I wanted to keep Club Penguin safe”. Which is cute and all, but doesn’t really help for the purpose of this research. Also, our recent battles with NW and SWAT drew in a lot of recruits, as a LOT specifically mentioned that they looked us up after seeing us fight SWAT/NW, so it does pay off to have wars.
Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you will say this isnt very important, but this is very important research, which was only carried out on a small scale here, but is very important for the leaders, and the soldiers, to see how their efforts are paying off, and where they should concentrate their resources, in order to get more troops.

As you can see, the work of recruiting and frequent wars has significantly helped our join rate. So well done! It would be interesting to carry this out on a larger scale, over several different join pages, but for now this provides a brief look over where the people are coming from.


Might not be on. mini Post

If you been watching the news or weather for the chicago area or around it you don’t have to read this post. About  2 feet of snow coming + Blizard + 18 foot waves coming from the great lakes and that is super high. Now i might lose powering knowing these 30+ mph winds coming so i might lose power.

On a side note if you will have no school USE THIS TIME TO CATCH UP ON SCHOOL WORK OR STUDY. Take advantage of this time to do something don’t race to the chat room and be like OMG SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya we know it is a snow day were not stupid now go off and study!

That is all for now.