Operation: Get Pop


He is willing to change, give him that chance. No one can be a terrorist in a CLUB PENGUIN community! You have taken it out of proportion.

***So when any other army hacks, you don’t declare war, but when DCP does it’s the end of the world?  “NW have never made threats.”  Would you like me to quote something from one of your recent posts?  “We humbly ask the OA to drop DCP… or face destruction.”  If you haven’t noticed in the past if someone starts using bots we either declaring war or talk with them.  I have talked with DCP telling them the things I dislike about what they have done, and they are sorry for what they have done.  Now you’re thinking your taking our “job”?  What job?  This is for fun, not to “annihilate” armies.  Whatever job we did, I’m guessing you are referring to ‘Defend Freedom-Preserve Justice’, you’re doing the exact opposite of it.  And finally, would you like me to look up the term for ‘Defense’ and ‘Attack’.  I’d be glad to.

**I looked up the word “Terrorism” this morning.  It says:

the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

Now to me the only threat I saw from DCP was Wwe admitting he might hack Ven.  Yet, look at NW’s site.  It’s full of threats and loads of violence.  They are coercing/threatening the OA.  They are using violence on DCP.  They’ve called ACP terrorists which was an act of violence in words. They’ve called DCP names, threaten others, and have used violent actions and words on them and us.  Take a look everyone.  Are DCP the terrorists after doing one bad mistake; or are NW the terrorists after doing all of these actions and more? Think about it… also yesterday I was talking to Tan and he said a big reason for this war was because of what mean things DCP had said about Nachos and NW.  By calling them “Terrorists” you guys are stooping to their level.  How do you think it makes them feel?  Now another thing is why does everyone freak out when ACP joins a war?  We’ve been their allies for a long time.  It’s not like we just became allies overnight.  We should all put aside the flames and have a fun war for once in a while…

*Sadly NW has made accusations about us when not even reading the post correctly; obviously they did not read it thoroughly enough.  Also, the deal was for the rest of the month, the deal was if ACP attacked, yet this is simply defending.  You don’t scare ACP with your “cleverness.”  At least we have heart.

Hello ACP,

As a few of you may know, ACP will be helping DCP on Sunday.  You are probably wondering, why, when, etc.  Our reason for helping them is because they need hope.  “Operation: Get Pop” is re-named after “Operation: Restore Hope.”  If you don’t know what that is, it was when America and the United Nations tried to get food and goods to the Somalian’s.  Unfortunately there were warlords in their way of giving the food out.  Not to mention some of the civilians were trying to kill the Americans.  This is in a situation we are in now.  No, we do not agree with what DCP did to Nachos and NW. Yes, NW have tried to make deals with us making us get out of perspective of their war. As you can tell DCP acted like the civilians and NW acted like the warlords.  I feel as DCP need hope to keep living.  In real life, no one says “Lets go destroy this nation.”  To be honest, every army can help yours if you play your cards right.  I may be talking about bribery, whatever.  Every army can help you in some way with your sources.  DCP need hope to re-grow and ACP is here for peace.

Now I know all of you know that DCP and NW have been at war for quite a while now.  DCP surrendered to every army trying to attack them.  They asked for forgiveness, even made a post, and kept asking for forgiveness.  I quote:

I am now 14. Being 14, you should start being more mature in life. I Wwebestfan, DCP leader, Surrender to the Night Warriors. I would like to say i’m sorry for giving you threats. I over reacted, and I would like to give you guys back the respect you had before from me, and all of DCP. I will give up a CERTAIN server since we surrender if you want. I’m sorry I went to far into this battle, I just want to stop it. We will NOT bother the Night Warriors again, I can Promise you that. Sorry again, NW. Sorry armies for the past threats, I hope you can forgive me.

~Wwebestfan, DCP Leader

So usually in a real war the other person would call it a victory, basking in their new glory.  But no.  NW decide to keep a strong amount of soldier in DCP territory.  In this post I’ve been talking about how everything would be like in a real war, well ACP will do just that.  In a real war, if an “evil army” kept attacking, all of the defending army’s allies would come to the rescue.  ACP is answering the call.  To all DCP allies, stand up and fight.  It doesn’t matter what you think about DCP or NW.  You are their ally for a reason; help them in their time of need.

I can already tell most of you are expecting for me to say ACP has joined the OA.  Well… ACP isn’t orange 😯 We are not going to be DCP’s slaves and do whatever they say.  Like I said in the edit at the beginning of this post, I am in some way ashamed of DCP.  I’m not going to do their bidding.  ACP will be attending the events we can, and we will absolutely not attend any invasions.  We will only help DCP defend; if they want to go invade NW that is their issue.  I have made a list for all of you haters to read to see how we’ll be attending the battles.

  • When we go to a defense of their nation, we will start at the Beacon.  Once a DCP leaders asks for us to help we will attack the enemy.
    • We will be doing this because it benefits all armies at the battle.  It will help ACP grow because we will be recruiting.  It will help DCP know not to rely on us.  It will help NW because we won’t fight them right away.  See?  Happy faces, eh?
  • We will never attend any type of invasion.
    • I’m not getting ACP stuck into any situation.  That will be your problem DCP and yours only.  If you do invade I honestly will have to root for the opposing army.  I don’t think you should try to act like the big boys at this point in time.
  • We will help defend until DCP say they are going to stop attending.
    • Confused?  If DCP stop attending their defenses than ACP won’t attend either.  Another point to this is if DCP so happen to “forget” to come to a defense, ACP will stop helping and won’t help again.
  • “Yay, war!”
    • This is not a war, at least for the ACP.  We are acting as a second line for the DCP.  They will battle until they can’t battle anymore, that is where we step in.

I hope that all of DCP allies help their ally in need.  I’m not saying this just so I can brag that ACP won another war.  I’m saying this because it’s obvious DCP are in tough times.  They need a lot of support from people; you need to give it to them.  This is almost exactly like Somalia, from what I learned, we are offering help when we disagree with their government.  I think Wwebestfan is a great leader for DCP.  He just needs some help, we all do at one time.  I’m sure if it was your army DCP would be their at your side until the end.  I thank DCP for all the nice things they’ve helped ACP through.  I hope this makes up all the things you’ve done for us.  But…