ACP’s guide to Tactics!

Hey ACP!

With the current war going on, today I’m going to be explaining the different tactics that ACP use, I will be giving you the shortcuts to help for using the different emotes.. As well as explaining some of the basic information! As you know ACP uses a wide variety of tactics, bombs and charges, including our signature move: Tactics evolved around the clover sign. This won’t be very long in words length, but will include quite a lot of pictures, read on to discover ACP’s guide to tactics!

First of, lets start with Emotes:

  • Emotes are generally used in lines, to some times convey emotion, but to also to show who we are. Some Tactics are just used to look good, however: There are over 20 different emotes to use, so make sure to not choose the wrong one..
  • Most Army has a signature emote: For example, we, ACP, have the Clover emote. NW – Moon, Nachos – Mad Face, IW – Puffles, the list is endless! Just because that emote is special to us, doesn’t mean other armies can’t use them, so tyry not to get confused if the enemy (Highly Unlikely) charges with clovers.
  • Emotes are also used to charge with, they can fill up the screen and are quite effective. They get you noticed more, as words are more of black blobs, whereas emotes are colourful and are distinctive.


Name of Emote: Happy

Shortcut: E+1

Name of Emote: Smile

Shortcut: E+2

Name of Emote: Coffee

Shortcut: E+C

Name of Emote: Unsure

Shortcut: E+3

Name of Emote: Sad

Shortcut: E+4

Name of Emote: Video Games

Shortcut: E+G

Name of Emote: Shocked

Shortcut: E+5

Name of Emote: Spit/Tongue

Shortcut: E+6

Name of Emote: Popcorn

Shortcut: E+O

Name of Emote: Wink

Shortcut: E+7

Name of Emote: Puke/Sick

Shortcut: E+8

Name of Emote: Pizza

Shortcut: E+Z

Name of Emote: Mad/War Faces

Shortcut: E+9

Name of Emote: Upset

Shortcut: E+0

Name of Emote: Pink Ice Cream

Shortcut: E+Q

Name of Emote: Nervous

Shortcut: E+U

Name of Emote: Cake

Shortcut: E+K

Name of Emote: Clover

Shortcut: E+L

Name of Emote: Hearts/Love

Shortcut: E+H

Name of Emote: Lightbulb

Shortcut: E+B

Name of Emote: Flower

Shortcut: E+F

Name of Emote: Chocolate Ice Cream

Shortcut: E+W

Name of Emote: Farts/Toots

Shortcut: E+T

Name of Emote: Igloo

Shortcut: E+I

Name of Emote: Puffles

Shortcut: E+P

Name of Emote: Suns

Shortcut: E+D

Name of Emote: Moon & Stars

Shortcut: E+N

Name of Emote: Coins

Shortcut: E+M

Name of Emote: Exclamation Mark

Shortcut: 1

Name of Emote: Question Mark

Shortcut: ?


So there you have it! Every emote created by Club Penguin, rolled into one special guide. Next in the guide are: Lines.

  • When doing a line, try not to overcrowd areas, and don’t just jump straight to the top of the line. A line is when the soldiers are next to each other, creating either a horizontal or vertical wall, to show size, block exits, the list is endless!
  • When getting in the line, try to click the persons name that your going to go under. Say if I, Flipper, was going under someone called “Bob77” then I would click his name, and line under him. ***Remember, not his penguin, the name underneath the penguin so you don’t hit the playercard***
  • Courtesy of ACP soldier (Nathancool1) here are some pretty sweet pictures of what I mean.. ***On the pictures it says that the line should be in a special position, with owners on top etc, don’t worry too much about that***


The chatbar line is, as it said in it’s description, a line across the chatbox you type in, just click above the blue box! Fairly simple.

The horizontal line is when you form a line across. If your not sure about Horizontal or Vertical (Don’t worry, I’m not that good either) remember that horizontal is across, because of the horizon.

Again, you just form a straight line with the soldiers, fairly easy!


That was a fairly small chapter, but now we move onto: Bombs

  • Bombs are used quite a lot of the time, especially one tactic that has been used plenty of times: The Joke Bomb.
  • Apart from the joke bomb, bombs are where you either say a particular phrase, and enter it and charge the enemy with it or it could be a small phrase repeated over and over again: Like “ACP, ACP, ACP” Etc.
  • ***Remember: Always copy and paste the speech that the leader has asked you to use, your mot likely going to need it more then once!***
  • Another bomb might be an “Ok”, “Hello” or “Goodbye” bomb. You just need to press a simple key on your keyboard, and roam around! Here are some examples:


Name of Bomb: Joke Bomb

Shortcut: Press “J” on your keyboard, and use your mouse to move around.

Name of Bomb: “OK” Bomb

Shortcut: Press “O” on your keyboard, and use your mouse to move around.

Name of Bomb: “Hello” Bomb

Shortcut: Press “H” on your keyboard, and use your mouse to move around.

Name of Bomb: “Goodbye” Bomb

Shortcut: Press “B” on your keyboard, and use your mouse to move around!

Name of Bomb: Repetitive Bomb

Shortcut: Type in the phrase that the leader wants you to repeat, copy and paste it (Mac: Apple + C for Copy, Apple + V for Paste) (Windows: Ctrl + C for Copy, Ctrl + V for Paste), so you can use it more then once.

Name of Bomb: Phrase Bomb

Shortcut: Type in the phrase the leader wants you to use, copy and paste it (Mac: Apple + C for Copy, Apple + V for Paste) (Windows: Ctrl + C for Copy, Ctrl + V for Paste), so you can use it more then once.


These are only some of the simplest of tactics, if you dived into the world of Tactics, you would discover they can be much more complex and can be so much harder to achieve. This guide is aimed at people new to CP armies, who don’t really know what to do in battles.. If you have anything to add to this, I’d love to add it in to help our soldiers! That’s all for now..