Our Current Status

Raid of Fog [ACP] compared to invasion of Brumby [NW] :


Two NW moderators reaction to our raid :


Vendetta trying to get people online at Sub Zero dressed in green.  Making IW think we are raiding them :


Hello ACP,

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I am just posting on our current status in the war. So far I believe we are doing very well in the war! We have won most battles if we haven’t won them all. This is probably an incomplete list of all the battles we won. (Mchappy feel free to edit in the battles we won)

We have won the:

First Tounament Battle on Feb 12th 2011, aganist the Nacho Army
Battle of Grizzly on Feb 11th 2011, against the Nacho Army.
Battle of Snow Fort on Feb 10th 2011, against the Nacho Army.
Invasion of Mammoth on Feb 9th 2011.
Invasion of Breeze on Feb 9th 2011.

and apparently the NW gave us every server back except Mammoth but we invaded it not too long after anyways :D.  Soldiers and Officers of the Army of Club Penguin, you have been working very hard! Remember to keep up the good work and with every success comes a reward in the long run. We will be marching on to the NW capital in no time if you guys continue to keep this up. Our allies have also been working hard to defend our servers. Most noticeably the DCP and AR. Remember to thank them for helping us defend Breeze and Ice Breaker.

Keep in mind that you have to be on Club Penguin and on chat at the time of the battle or whenever the leader orders you on. In a war like this laziness will get you nowhere. The leaders of this army expect you to get on Club Penguin when ordered to. I have been lately noticing that the Mods have been getting a bit lazy. Not all the mods, just some of them. Even if you cannot get on Club Penguin you can still kick idle members, repeat orders and catch and ban spies on the chat. Today at the tournament, there were only three mods on and I believe three owners. Even though we won the tournament, I expect more mods to be on chat and Club Penguin. Try to have no side conversations when we are on CP. Or you might get muted 😳 Hopefully we will preform much better at the Invasion of Breeze in terms of Chat and Club Penguin size. By the way the Invasion of Breeze will be at 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time!

Mods, please don’t think I’m mad at you or directing this post at you.  If you were busy with something important like homework or something else important, I understand. That stuff happens to me a lot too. Just try a bit harder into attending battles especially when it is in wartime and when we are up against considerably large armies such as the Night Warriors and the Nachos. ACP,  just simply carry on with this fine performance and we will win this war aganist the NW and Nachos. :mrgreen:

ACP Head General

Marching Together

Hello ACP,

Yesterday we did quite well against the Nachos.  For about one hour and thirty minutes [about a regular battle] it was no doubt that we were winning.  After that we started to get lazy, wanting to log off, and we lose size.  I believe both armies were getting very tired.  After I did a quick speech we were back on our feet [this was at the forest/mine] and we were ready to battle once again!  I would call it a victory for us.  Nachos claim to win on tactics when really ACP’s tactics were just as good as theirs.  All I remember them doing are some mad faces, a bomb and trying to fool us to go to mammoth.  This was a very nice battle for us.  Yet, I must stress again. . .

❗ When ACP is in a war promotions will be handed out.  At the end of the war I’ll look back at all the battles and see who came to which and give them a promotion.  On a bad note, demotions will be handed out just as easily.  Be very active to not get one.  ❗

I would also like to thank DCP for defending Icebreaker for us.  From what I heard they did well against NW and they had zero notice on the battle.  Thank you so much; you are really a true ally!  NW still failed to claim five rooms; you cannot claim a room when your opposing army is still there wanting to fight.  Now, if their were less than five of your opposing army or they retreated you’d be allowed to claim.  But you must fight the before claiming.  It would be pointless to claim if both armies had the same amount online, yet the invaders get to claim?  Doesn’t make sense.

I have two pictures [again I know we can do better] and thankfully Dan Lorenzo took a video of the battle!


This was taken around five minutes before the battle.  As you see ACP did very decent in this battle.  I am proud of everyone who keeps coming to these battles; we barley get any notice and we’re still kicking butt.


Okay, that’s cool with me.  And you can easily tell under the chat bubble that this soldier is in Nacho uniform.  I’ll take it as a surrender! 😉

And that is the fantastic video.  As you can see very clearly we did very good against the Nachos.  Well done!  My final grading for this battle might be a little off.  I will admit it was very chaotic and almost every room was full.

  • Size : Thirty to forty-three [estimate.]  I would say our lowest point was around twenty-two and our highest had to be forty-three.
  • Chat : We had two groups on our chat.
  • Tactics : Good.
  • 7.75/10.

Now my grading is all messed up because of all the craziness that was going on.  We had battled for around three hours possibly 😯 .  It was very long and boring battle, I will admit.  This has been won by ACP.

ACP will declare victory over Grizzly, yet this was a very close battle at the end.  Yesterday the Nachos accused us of changing a comment when that was wrong.  Eddy is in ACP and Nachos; of course he’d be sad that we owned you.  You just can’t face the facts.