Battle of Fog: The invasion of the NW capital

Yes, you read that right. This weekend the ACP and its allies have successfully defended our nation. Four servers invaded, and only one servers untaken. Troops, that is absolutely phenomenal. Who would have thought that we could protect two fronts at the same time with such tremendous vigor? Soldiers, it is your zeal and determination that has convinced me and Mchappy that we need to take this war to the next level. No longer shall we be playing defense; we’re taking this massacre straight to the heart of the Night Warrior empire. Fog will be their first server to fall.


Brave soldiers and allies of the Army of Club Penguin, this battle will be of Biblical proportions. Veterans talk about the Battle of Breeze in WWIII. Years from now, you will still be telling the next generation of ACP about the Battle of Fog in WWV. We will be firing on all cylinders. Those who love freedom and justice will be pouring into and throughout Fog like an unstoppable flood. And NW, you will finally know what it is to drown. Fast.

  • DAY: Saturday, February 19th
  • TIMES: 1:00pm PST
    4:00pm Eastern
    3:00pm Central
    2:00pm Mountain
    1:00pm Pacific
    9:00pm UK
  • SERVER: Fog (NW capital)

We in the ACP have decided that, for the success of this battle on both sides of the war, it would be best if all battles from now until after the Battle of Fog be postponed. This will give either side ample time to prepare. This is an act of charity—we’ve all seen how swiftly the ACP is able to rally an army of troops at the last minute. Our enemies, however, are less fortunate in that respect.

As for the Nachos, we want you to help your allies in their time of need. This will be an honorable battle, and I humbly ask you to accept the challenge as well.

~Oagalthorp and Mchappy,
Until later,
March on!

❗ Comment if you can make it! ❗