Pre-Battle Poll


If anyone makes a "that's what she said" joke I'm gonna break you. ūüôā

As you all know, we are taking a break from fighting until Saturday. So in this little bit of down time, we’re gonna do some guestimating: who will win the Battle of Fog?

This doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a little sumpin sumpin (oh god thats lame :P) to do. Yep, this is a short one [Can I “that’s what she said” that? :lol:]. Oh, and be sure to check my next Fog-related post! It’ll include some incentive for attending the battle. ūüėČ

Until later,
March on!

Feel free to do some pre-game flaming! :mrgreen:

PS. Comment if you can make the invasion HERE

Senate Elections

Elections will close at approximately 3:00 PM EST, on February 21, 2011. All votes submitted after that time and date will not be counted.

Well, now that the applications have closed, I’d like to announce the people who will be moving on to the election round of the elections! I’m going to start with the Field Marshal rank, and go down from there. Note: The ranks used for this term of Senate are going to be equivalent to the ACP’s ranks as of January 30, 2011. This means, if you were a Captain but got promoted to whatever rank on Promotion Day last week, you will still be under the “Captain” category for Senate, and so on.¬† And, those in the elections are…

(Listen to dramatic music of your choice here)

Field Marshal:

  • Jcapp64
  • Monsterfully

– There will be no elections held for this rank, as only two Field Marshal’s applied. These two automatically qualify and are Senators.

General Elections:


  • Noseycjr
  • Speeder109

Field General:

  • Slider568
  • LadTom2
  • Drigo2

Lt. General:

  • Littleguy04
  • ¬†Stew20
  • ¬†Thebester5
  • ¬†Fiasco 121
  • ¬†Leoblue33
  • ¬†MrMrMr8
  • Skyfish
  • Doodygirl1
  • ¬†Meggis1234

Major General:

  • BunkerBumble
  • Great Alex 12
  • Totojess1
  • Rapid867
  • Rkjcbo
  • Fallingtail
  • Lucario9046
  • Shimmy22

Brigadier General:

  • Purpleh
  • Caitlynann4
  • ¬†Antant98
  • ¬†Blupichu
  • ¬†Kieranfb
  • ¬†Nathancool1
  • ¬†Phipy
  • Adioboard


  • Emaccoux
  • ¬†Swimmerboy01
  • ¬†King John
  • ¬†Rainy
  • ¬†Cafilo
  • ¬†Superfroggyd
  • ¬†Scythmaster9

Lt. Colonel:

  • Asdfghjkl888
  • ¬†Hemto
  • ¬†Adamsapple4


  • Smart Alec4
  • ¬†Mr Machado
  • ¬†Saddle24660


  • Lucario12321¬†
  • Blacky24782¬†
  • Dykgraaf
  • Robert1998
  • Ronaldy3
  • ¬†Kamino56

1st Lieutenant:

  • ¬†Zach 11
  • Red998
  • ¬†Tes7
  • ¬†Bearsandcubs
  • ¬†Flappy112
  • GH Daniel
  • ¬†Drath1

 2nd Lieutenant:

  • ¬†Alex Mac3
  • ¬†Therad
  • ¬†Xcheeto
  • ¬†Agentrds
  • ¬†Pet penguin5/Purple slime4

Warrant Officer:

  • MRGREICO-Seeing as no other warrant officer but MRGREICO¬†decided to apply for Senate, there will be no elections held for this rank and MRGREICO will be the only warrant officer for Senate. The other Senate spot may or may not be filled. That will be decided at the first Senate meeting.

Staff Sergeant:

  • ¬†Oscar237¬†Cpt
  • ¬†Awesome3
  • Mattg0874
  • ¬†Brawler101
  • ¬†Gary19513


  • Minzy127
  • Penguin 3992
  • Blueboy1067
  • yellowie 25
  • ¬†speedee9


  • Agent233
  • ¬†Cheese 679¬†
  • Isaiah550
  • ¬†Hayden70389
  • ¬†Louie76533
  • ¬†King Kinn
  • ¬†Spacedude 90

Fortunately, there were no instances where I had to decide who to not move on to the election round. Not enough people applied! No matter though, it has no effect on the elections.

How To Vote:

I know this seems stupid, but I also know that there is always going to be that one kid who doesn’t know how to vote. So, basically, to vote, you just leave a comment and chose¬†one person from each rank (besides Warrant Officer and Field Marshal) to vote for. You cannot vote more than once. Anyone that votes more than once will not have any of their votes count.

Election Rules:

  1. No Senate candidate is allowed to campaign for himself or herself. The voting is up to the people, not those who get asked by someone to vote for him. Anyone that does ask others to vote for him/her-whether on main chat or in private chat will be removed from voting. It will not be tolerated. I am not looking for people who make the most people vote for him or her, I am looking for smart people who know what they are talking about. Anyone that witnesses a candidate violate this rule is encouraged to report it to a leader, me, or Jack (Senate VP). Any candidate that is caught campaigning will be disqualified, no matter the amount of votes they have.
  2. The top two vote getting candidates for each rank (in the case of Division General and Warrant Officer, there will be no voting held) will be elected to Senate. Voters are to leave a comment listing the person they are voting for each rank. No person that is not in ACP is allowed to vote. Leader ranks are allowed to vote.

Other than that…do whatever the hell you want.

Leave a comment with your votes below! And good luck to the candidates!