Why Invade Fog?

Comment HERE if you can make the invasion!

Yes, the Night Warriors have unjustly declared war on us. Yes, they have used underhanded and dishonorable methods of waging war. Yes, they have repeatedly invaded, harassed, and annoyed the citizens of our servers. Yes, they actually succeeded in take on of those servers. Yes, they are a nuisance to us all and need to be put back in their place.

We all know why we are fighting this war, and we all know why we will take their capital this Saturday. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to tell you exactly what you have to gain by attending this invasion.

  1. Promotions will be handed out left and right.
  2. ACP Chat modship and ownership will be awarded to a few lucky soldiers.
  3. A few famous ACP Legends will help lead the battle (Boomer, me, Ias, etc)
  4. This will be the biggest, most epic battle most of you have ever witnessed.

Let’s get into specifics. Promotions will be handed out to those who arrive on time, follow orders, and don’t leave until the battle is over. We will review battle pictures, and whoever was fighting the entire battle will get a promotion (minus the incredibly high-ranking officers; they will receive other awards).

Modship and Ownership will be handed out, depending on how the battle goes. Three random soldiers who attend the battle will receive Modship for one week if:

  • They go to the battle.
  • 3 more will if we win the battle.
  • 3 more will if we successfully take Fog.

One random soldier who attends the battle will receive Ownership for one week if:

  • He/she goes to the battle.
  • 1 more will if we get over 100 soldiers.

We’re still in the process of talking to the ACP Legends. :mrgreen: But I can guarantee that many will be there. Just you wait and see. 😉

And yes, this battle will be Biblical.

Until Later,
March on!

❗ Comment and vote if you can come! ❗

(Obviously not 100% of those who say “yes” will be able to attend)

(. . . and NW want this to be 1 v 1, so unless you join the ACP we encourage you not to come 😉 )