Invasion Prep: What you need to know.

Fog will be ruined.

Yes, this Saturday history will be made as we sack Fog. You all know that; unfortunately, for some of you, that may be all you know. So today I will talk about the basic things you need to know about the invasion: battle strategies, locations, opposition, etc. Please read this entire post, ok?


Table of Contents:

  1. When and where is the battle?
  2. Who and why will we be fighting?
  3. Will we be rewarded for being there?
  4. What is our battle plan?
  5. What are some general tips?


The battle will be on the server FOG, and the starting rooms haven’t been disclosed yet. I’ll tell you our starting rooms in Friday’s post. Even if the server is full, we will still fight on Fog.

The times, however, are more definite. The battle begins at 1:00pm Penguin Standard Time. That means . . .

  • 4:00pm Eastern Time
  •  3:00pm Central Time
  • 2:00pm Mountain Time
  • 1:00pm Pacific Time
  • 9:00pm UK Time

If you don’t know your time zone, check out this picture . . .

Time Zones

The battle has no set ending time; it will last until we have a clear and decisive advantage over the NW.


Who? It will be the Army of Club Penguin vs the Night Warriors. The NW ignored our mercy and want this to be a no allies battle. That means the DCP, Nachos, IW, etc aren’t allowed to help either side.

Why? You all know the story. You can read about it HERE. We defended our allies, the NW broke our treaty and declared war on us, yadda yadda yadda. But even more importantly, the NW are getting cocky. They have underhandedly invaded our nation, attacked our soldiers, and disrespected our leaders and allies. They won a few minor battles, and now they believe they can take on the ACP one-on-one. Let’s not forget that this is the A. OF FLIPPIN’ C.P.! We won WWII, we won WWIII, we won WWIV, and we will win this WWV. No matter what the situation, the ACP always rises to the top. No army has ever or will ever successfully destroy us—no one’s even come close!

We will put the arrogant, foolish Night Warriors back in their place. We are the ACP, and damnit we win.


Yes, there will be rewards. You can read about them HERE, but I will give you a brief summary of the below.

If you attend the battle from start to finish, while following exact orders given on the chat, you will receive a promotion. This will be one of the biggest battles in CP history, and I believe that helping us win it is deserving of a raise in rank. Also, every ACP soldier that fights the entire battle will be eligible to receive one week of Modship or Ownership on the ACP chat—the biggest, baddest army chat there is. 😉

In addition to those obvious rewards, you will get to meet several ACP Legends as they help Mhappy lead the invasion: Boomer, Oagal (me! :mrgreen:), and Ias included.


Not a lot of armies enter a battle with a specific plan. But with veterans like Boomer and I leading, we thought it would be fun to test it out again.

Back in the day we used to make a post the day before every battle with a specific course of action: what room to meet it, what formations to fight in, what to do while fighting, etc. So we’re gonna test it out . . . Friday. So be sure to check out the ACP site Friday after school for the epic Battle Plan post! 😀

This post will include the starting room, commands, last-minute tips, and more. Speaking of tips . . .


This will be a big battle. An enormous battle. An epicly humongous battle. Therefore there will be a lot of confusion before and during the battle. These tips will help make sense of the chaos . . .

  • Before the battle: Comment HERE to let the leaders know you will be there.
  • Before: Make sure all of your ACP friends know the exact time of the invasion.
  • Before: Read all of the posts below concerning the invasion.
  • Before: Watch the ACP website Friday afternoon for the Battle Plan post and the starting rooms.
  • During the battle: Watch the ACP website Saturday morning for any last-minute alerts.
  • During: It would be smart to log into CP an hour or two early—Fog might fill up quick, and we aren’t changing servers.
  • During: Meet up at one of the two designated ACP starting rooms.
  • During: Follow orders on the ACP chat (main chat room), and carry out those orders on CP.
  • During: Be in uniform.
  • During: Stand shoulder-to-shoulder to appear as large as possible; don’t overlap!
  • During: Don’t log off when the leader logs off; we have several back-ups incase Mchappy needs to go.
  • During: and above all, have fun! You will want to enjoy a battle as huge as this.

None of these tips are necessarily mandatory, but I highly recommend you follow them. They help. A lot.


Well, that’s all I got. I hope everyone is pumped!

Until later,
March on!

Comment HERE if you can make it!

Recent FAQ’s

Hello ACP,

Today I will be explaining why I have done what I’ve been doing over the past week or so.  Please read this thoroughly.

  • Why did you decide to help DCP?
    • Don’t look at it like an alliance, look at it as a favor.  I know DCP has helped us in the past, even though I may like a different army more than them I keep a promise and return the favor.  I personally like to keep my promises and that’s what I did; I guess this time we got hurt from it.  If I forgot to return the favor to an army of yours just talk to me!
  • Why aren’t you getting loads of allies?
    • Alliances show weakness, in my eyes.  In the past I always make a post about allies.  I try to gather as much as possible.  But in the end, we never get to battle.  I personally feel that using alliances too quickly will hurt you.  We have been blessed for DCP help us [we’ll again return the favor] and for DW fighting basically everyone.  😆
  • I heard you are retiring.  Is this true?
    • I thought about it.  I felt like all hope was lost in the Club Penguin armies.  I than remembered that ACP is not here to win [that would be very epic] but we are here to have fun.  I just want everyone to give it their best.
  • Do you think ACP is falling?
    • ACP is not falling.  I believe it was my fault why we were getting low numbers.  My organization of all of our events was horrible.  I promise we’ll start picking up the speed and kick some major buttage soon.
  • Do you think ACP is losing?
    • I personally do not, others will disagree.  Right now we are in a dead zone; all armies are getting quite bored.  I enjoy other armies joining in.  I just hope we can continue this war just because we are enemies.  No need for a reason really.
  • Do you have any attack plans?
    • That is top secret information, eh?
  • Why can’t you admit defeat?
    • I can.  I know ACP lost on Icebreaker [against NW] and on Breeze [against Nachos.]  If you don’t know here is a look on our current nation.  We lost two servers, altogether we have seven, so right now we have five servers.  We will get our servers back!  😉

*Picture coming soon.*

  • Will ACP make an attack soon?
    • Yes, of course.

I know a lot of you have been worried about ACP.  I am too at times but if we just keep working hard we will be able to take an advantage in this war.  I have a feeling the loser(s) of this war will have a very bad affect.  We cannot let that happen to us.  Just please keep visiting ACP chat and make sure to patrol Mammoth.  Have a question for me?  Leave it in a comment and I’ll update the post answering the question.

Thank you for reading!