Distraught and Lost

Hello ACP,

You might be thinking if entering this war was worth losing our number one spot.  I think it is.  We are capable of anything we do.  I could not live with myself knowing that I let ACP fall.  It’s time to pick up our act.  Our rein of attack starts today.

We got in this war to protect an ally.  Yes, not the greatest ally.  But they have proven themselves to be a loyal ally; this ally is DCP.  I remember in January ACP was doing very well and a war had spurred in motion.  This war was DCP vs. NW.  Me being a somewhat NW dis-liker I started rooting for DCP at the beginning.  Both armies were doing very well, yet day by day DCP lost it’s grasp and was losing.  After a quick meeting the DCP leaders decided to surrender.  In which they had promised to pick up their act from being the “most hated army.”  It was a clear lost, yet the war seemed not to be over.  NW continued an attack after being obvious that they won the war.  Their reason was; a picture.

A picture, not even from a DCP owner rank, started this whole conflict.  Now, I am not blaming the soldier who used a racist remark against NW, nor will I blame NW.  Yet I believe we all over reacted.  You can’t let one thing get to you.  I have over twenty people a day come bash talk me but I do not want war than.  I will admit, I’ve let the better of my thoughts get to me along with the judgment of others.  Yet I stand tall here today.  The war could have been started as two things.

  • DCP wanting their old capital back.
  • A soldier using a racist remark.

Now day by day in this war you see both DCP and NW fighting each other.  Both armies run to ACP yet remained neutral.  Until I got word that NW had been raiding ACP after not accepting to help them.  I ordered everyone on Fog and this is where ACP got in a twisted knot.  Everything was distraught as we tried to get out of the situation or fight back.  The war keeps going, other armies become interested.  A battle of Fog on one fine Sunday started to stir even more drama up.  Many armies including AR and DW decided to raid the battle.  I knew that I had history in both armies [DCP and NW] so why not have fun?  ACP had raided the battle as well to make a one fun battle.  We started at the iceberg and worked our way around the server.  After AR logged off we did the same; of course we had a target on our backs.  NW started to threaten people at this time, especially with their pictures.  One picture that surprised me was Brandon telling Thumbee to get more people online.  The caption under the picture was:

So this is a collaborative effort?


I found this picture useless, along with the others.  You are allowed to bring friends or others to help battle with you.  That is almost like saying rogues finding us on CP are not allowed to join.  Nothing is wrong with bringing a couple of friends to watch.  I am positive I’ve seen many, many others armies use that same phrase, “please go get some people.”  Also there was a picture of someone saying they are willing to join DCP if they get moderator.  They were granted their wish.  What is wrong with that?  I know that person very well and I must say he has a ton of experience.  I felt things were getting out of hand.  I had seen no wrong in DCP’s ways besides the racist comment that was left by someone who isn’t even in that army.  Again they fight and fight.  Then the new is released.

Up setting it was.  ACP and NW were tied at first.  From reading that post I was scared.  What would happen next?  I congratulated NW in a comment, and than went back to ACP chat.  I found out that everyone was lost.  And like me, scared.  No one wanted to share first place with NW.  They were big time rivals.  After a popular demanded we wanted war with NW.  That is what armies are about, right?  War.  War to be bigger and better.  Which was our reason.  Who would come out on top? Yet, after the word “war” on ACP chat rumors spread and came to Vendetta.  After that he made a post calling me out, big time.  After all I never made a post and we were doing exactly why armies were made for.  To see who can be victorious over a wise opponent.  This war lasts barley three days and we decided to have a battle to determine the victor.  Of course ACP shows up without a trace of NW.  Instead NW changed plans and invaded DCP.  I will be honest here, I felt a sigh of relief.

Brandon freaks out.  We all know after Brandon retires he wanted to join a hacking group.  Vendetta caused so much pain to Brandon that Brandon flipped.  He threatened to hack Vendetta after all the things Vendetta has done.  I’m not saying this is right; but I am saying he was pushed.  I’m sure if Vendetta wasn’t going to try and be scary by going to DCP chat to confront Brandon that they lost, which I’m sure he already knew, I’m positive Brandon would have never threatened him.  And I’m sure Brandon could have kept his mouth shut and tried to calm himself down.  Either way, both of them had a role in making Brandon freak out.  By this time I just wanted to make sure ACP was out of this.  Of course I had DCP begging and I had Vendetta bribing.  It was like the devil and angel on my shoulders.  I knew I was to remain silent and let them battle it out.  It was their battle, not mine.

After more flame by NW the war continues.  They claim to “humiliate” and “crumble” the DCP nation.  They wanted an end to DCP’s “horrible” leadership.  After I made a post saying how ACP won against NW, which they [as in NW] knew that was going to happen, we get yet another flame/threat from the NW.  Accusing us of getting on six hours early and implying that they are bigger than us.  I made an edit saying how we did not get on six hours; I thought no big deal of it seeing as I knew we had pulled off a great size.  Nonetheless after making my edit I see a “recruiting everyday” post by NW.  I made an edit implying that I would not like them to bash us if they are basically doing what they have accused us of.  Vendetta and I decided to leave it like that.  By now it was certain that ACP would get caught up in this mess one way or another.  Than an invasion of DCP’s nation had started.

Another flame post, to my surprise.  DCP claimed to be the victor of some of the battles and NW threaten them with destruction.  I found nothing wrong in thinking you have won a battle.  It’s an opinion, it’s ridiculous that you’d threaten destruction to someone because of this.  I believe we all have the freedom of speech.  With out a doubt DCP post a reply.  They were as upset as I was and declaring that they have the freedom of speech.  It was not a clear victory in some of the battles; of course they thought they won some.  They had pride left.  What does NW do?  Another flame post.  This one with horrible phrases.

you’re a ‘low-life club penguin player loser’ and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Your stupidity is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. I will watch DCP burn to the ground. I will find satisfaction in your desperate attempts to smear my name and my army. You are pitiful and I find it amusing.


DCP didn’t post after Vendetta’s reply was posted.  Instead, they get hacked.  I wonder how or who hacked them.  Still a mystery.  Than again Vendetta decides not to stop there.  IW betrays a DCP alliance, of course Brandon got mad.  He said something, not one really noticed except Vendetta.  Of course Vendetta was spying, which was against the rules, and he took pictures of more useless junk.  Benji912 had said “bots are back online.”  How is that bad?  For all we know he could be implying that there were bots on the server attacking DCP.  Than a picture making Xero saying “should I bring my clones!” and someone saying “yuss.”  Now how do we know that someone was saying “yes” to Xero?  I personally was just getting mad at both armies.  I kept my mouth shut and lead ACP into great heights.  DCP surrenders.

NW doesn’t accept it.  They have decided to keep going after the servers.  What has DCP done to NW?

  1. A racist comment not even by someone in DCP.
  2. Brandon freaking out after Vendetta kept threatening him.  Brandon over reacted.

As ACP leader I’m probably the most hated guy out there.  Of course I get hacking threats, is that okay?  No.  But I don’t think much; they probably can’t hack.  I do get racist comments to be.  Big time.  I just walk them off.  It shows jealously.  DCP is jealous of NW.  End of.  NW claims that DCP was disrespectful to them.  Weird.  I never knew we had to bow down to one another.  I could care less if someone had to be “respectful” to ACP.  They have the freedom of speech and choice to do as they please.  It seems that NW are asking DCP to do as they plead.  And DCP keep throwing words around that makes them a prime target.  And I have had enough.  ACP was in this war, I didn’t care if we sided with DCP or NW.  Both armies have done a huge amount of damage to the other; making this war not fun.

We side with DCP.  An ally.  I talked with other leaders and they agreed that siding with ACP is the best thing to do.  Here we are right now.  I am posting this as ACP has only four servers left.  This is distraught and we have all lost in my eyes.  ACP did nothing but try to stick up for the army community.  We want wars to be fun; not hopeless.  They are meant to show strength and size, not words or emotions.  We have gained enemies for trying to restore peace.  I know DCP and NW will always be rivals, but so are ACP and Nachos.  We survive each other without flaming.  This war isn’t about who is greater anymore.  It’s about restoring hope.  History.  If ACP falls than history might fall as well.  Both armies, DCP and NW, did bad things.  No one here is the “good guy” nor the “bad guy.”

Why continue an attack when all is won?  Why continue an attack when you’ve done wrong?  Why continue an attack by stooping to their level?

This war to me isn’t about being the “world police” or finding “peace” anymore.  It’s about trying to get back what is right.  I believe ACP is trying to stick up for the community.  I will admit, I’d like to see mammoth neutral.  I want to see it neutral I most likely will, but armies are moving way to face.  Enjoy the servers you have.  I was going to make mammoth neutral, after consulting other leaders, on Valentines Day.  We are fighting a war that does not need to be fought.

I do not support terrorists nor do I support a world police.  I support wars.  The fun ones.  The ones where you fight to see who is the better one, not the ones where you fight to gain all the land.  I love war.  I know I have acted as a warlord before.  I know that I have done wrong.  But I have not been givin’ a chance.  I became leader right in the middle of a war.  I have not proved myself.  I want to.

We got in this war to for a war.  Rivals learn from each other.  Allies are thankful for each other.  We are all distraught and lost.  ACP is now in, all the way.  We will not flame.  We will not screech at you or at each other.  We are here for us now.  We got in this war for reasons.  Reasons to still be explained to all of us.  Maybe those reasons will never be released, who knows.

I am sorry.  Sorry for all my wrong.  I went down the wrong trail and now it’s time to find the other trail in the forest.  I am sorry for the new ranking of ACP.  I am sorry for what I’ve done to other armies and the promises I have failed to keep.  I just want to make sure I get another chance.  And being in this war may be the only way.  I am here to stay.

We fight to win.

19 Responses

  1. Hopefully this will make sense.

  2. My God what happened! When I retired I was a Major General and this army had at least 10 servers! Now it only has four!

  3. I hope this come to the senses of NW

  4. Just give up. Who cares about DCP?

  5. This post is… beautiful. Great poetic and figurative themes. 😉

  6. Fight to win!

  7. ?

  8. I don’t see how…

    Forget it. You never seem to comprehend your faults.

  9. this isnt DCP’s war anymore, this is ACP’s, this is what it has sadly come to

    • Ya DCP is concentrating more on IW anyway. IW and their allies have stolen mammoth from you guys! Here are some options:
      reclaim it
      do nothing
      find some way that they cheated
      Note: if you do nothing, I will claim it from IW and give it to you just to be helpful (:

  10. allies are very inportant to us anyway

  11. we WILL fight until the end we are the ACP. The army that has became the most hated most invaded and biggest army in CP but do we care? No we dont we dont care if we get flamed we dont care if we are biggest we are the ACP we are strong. I knew when I joined in 2008 I had started a great time and i had. So ACP lets hold on to our last 4 servers and try to win.I know we probaly wont but its good to try hard.

    Now For Some Quotes To Inspire The Soldiers

    “Belive you can and you’re halfway there”
    Theodore Roosevelt

    “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on”
    John F. Kennedy

    “Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.”


    24Keyser ACP Lt. Gen.

  12. Icey, have I good news for you if you are willing. I have 20 new tactics that can help us. Pc me when im on chat

  13. Nice speech, took me forever to read, but atleast I didnt skim.

  14. NW can suck it, they panic about logging off because they can’t hold ACP off XD

  15. ACP will survive

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