March of Destruction: First Wave

The invasion of the NW empire.

Flipper: NW, poor. I officially declare all these invasions NO ALLIES. EXCEPT for when OUR allies invade you, then your allies can defend. When ACP vs NW one on one, that’s when the no allies rule comes into place.

We will be bringing the hurt for a week straight.

Again, I’d like to congratulate the ACP on our incredible success in the Invasion of Fog. That battle will truly be remembered for as long as armies exist. Not only did we completely crush the futile NW resistance, we made Ven lose his cool. He’s desperately scrambling to make a NW recovery, but we will not let that happen. We will burn his empire to the ground.

Why did I title this post March of Destruction? Because hopefully we will be wreaking havoc on NW soil well into next month (March, 2011). In our first wave of assaults, we and our allies will be invading the NW servers: Alpine, Frozen, Hockey, Ice Age, Ice Bound, Ice Land, Ice Palace, Jack Frost, Oyster, Summit, Tundra, and Tuxedo. Basically their entire nation, minus the servers they claim to have stolen from us. And for the grand finale, we will take BREEZE this Saturday! Basically, this will be the most epic week of invasions ever.


Invasion of ALPINE

  • Success! Alpine is now an ACP server.

Invasion of FROZEN

  • Success! Frozen is now an ACP server.

Invasion of HOCKEY (allies)

  • The DCP and Parkas were unable to attend this invasion, so we will invade Hockey ourselves this Thursday.


Invasion of ICE AGE

  • Success! Ice Age is now an ACP server.

Invasion of ICE BOUND

  • Success! Ice Bound is now an ACP server.

Invasion of ICE LAND

  • The Parkas were defeated by the DW, and the DCP claimed victory based on a misinterpretation of the rules.


Invasion of JACK FROST

  • Success! Jack Frost is now an ACP server.

Defense of SNOW FORT

  • Success! Snow Fort is still an ACP server.

Invasion of HOCKEY

  • Success! Hockey is now an ACP server.

Invasion of OYSTER

  • Our allies did not invade Oyster today. We can add that to our to-do list. 😉


Invasion of SUMMIT (very important!)

  • Time: 3:00pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:6:00pm Eastern
    :arrow:5:00pm Central
    :arrow:4:00pm Mountain
    :arrow:3:00pm Pacific
  • Who: ACP vs NW

Invasion of TUNDRA (very important!)

  • Success! Tundra is now an ACP server.

Invasion of TUXEDO (very important)

  • Time: 3:00pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:6:00pm Eastern
    :arrow:5:00pm Central
    :arrow:4:00pm Mountain
    :arrow:3:00pm Pacific
  • Who: DCP and Parkas vs NW


Invasion of BREEZE (MOST important!)

  • Time: 1:30pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:4:30pm Eastern
    :arrow:3:30pm Central
    :arrow:2:30pm Mountain
    :arrow:1:30pm Pacific
    :arrow:9:30am Australia
    :arrow:9:30pm UK
  • Who: ACP vs NW

Defense of ALPINE:

  •  Time: 3:00pm Penguin Standard Time 
    6:00pm Eastern
    5:00pm Central
    4:00pm Mountain
    3:00pm Pacific
    :arrow:10:00am Australia
    :arrow:11:00pm UK
  • Who: ACP vs. IW

Defense of Ice Bound

  • ➡ 3:30pm Penguin Standard Time
    6:30pm Eastern
    5:30pm Central
    4:30pm Mountain
    3:30pm Pacific
    :arrow:10:30am Australia
    :arrow:11:30pm UK
  • Who: ACP vs. IW


(As you can see, we are following all of our invasion rules.)

This invasion will be epic. Those of you who make at least one invasion per day have a very high chance at promotion. I hope to see you on the battlefield.

Until later,
March on!

❗ Comment which invasions you can attend!

PS. According to Mchappy, all war promotions—including the promotions from the Invasion of Fog and the First Wave—will be given out at the end of the war. So sit tight; once this is all over, some of you might jump up three or four ranks. 😉

156 Responses

  1. This should be fun…

  2. I’m really sorry I didn’t attend todays battle. I was setting my computer up 15 minutes before the battle only to find my internet was down. I have only just this minute been able to get my internet back up and running.

    As for this weeks battle I will definatly be able to come to EVERY one of the UK freindly events as long as my internet doesn’t play up again. Which is quite likely since this is the 2nd time it has happened this week. I’m going to try contact Karoo (My internet company) to see what’s wrong so hopefully I will be able to get on for the wars.

  3. woo bringin the pain all week ya

  4. when did we loose breeze… well when did we loose alot of servers

  5. Holy sh*t, NW is going to die…

  6. ok so if we win the invasion do we get all nw servers or are they going to become free land and first come first serve

  7. I can make all!!

  8. Right now I am helping defend Grizzly from the Nachos. I am helping Matt and Austin lead.

  9. acp aka anti club penguin u say u figth for freedom does going on a path of destruction sound like u r good i do not think so u have brain wash more then 100 ppl everyone acp hacks and lies do not listern to them dint let them brian wash u


  11. i can make all of them…

    -Joee125 😛

  13. Sorry, but it’s illegal for you to invade, since you only own 1 server.

  14. I’m attending all the battles for GMT. possibly the other ones but they are all 11.00 PM (GMT)

  15. oh em gee i think this is the acp era and i also think NW is crumbling under us we are over powering nw i think we should just piss of vendetta and make him quit so that NW falls


  16. Im starting to think Ven is right. You ARE taking over Mchappy’s role as leader XD

  17. Forgot. Ill make it

  18. i wouldnt miss it

  19. I lost my cool? No, still cool. ^.^

  20. Bfan will try, and Oagal how many servers does ACP own at the moment? I was speaking to Tanman in PC on Nacho chat today and we agreed ACP has Fog and Ice Palace, however the Nachos, NW, and IW, never set foot in Snow Globe so if I’m correct ACP owns 3 servers, yes/no???

    • NW invaded Snow Globe today.

      • 2 servers. thanks for clearing that up

        • Yes, we have Fog and Ice Palace. But we don’t recognize the legitimacy of the Nacho’s claim that they won Snow Fort, along with several other of their invasions.

          Regardless of how many servers you don’t think we have, we will invade. That outdated “three servers to invade” rule is inadequate; we’re perfectly capable of waging war even with a very small number of servers.

          • It was two servers not three.

          • By that, you didn’t take Ice Palace. It’s a 15 min wait until you can leave. Or else, any army can claim a room within seconds and have the server taken within a minute. And you failed to do just that. And on top of that you haven’t posted any evidence.

          • And the fact ACP has to re-invade Ice Palace, means they’re not sure they own it.

          • No, it shows they are making sure that everyone knows its their server now.

            It also shows how they are going to whoop your butts 2 times for 1 server.

            I sense ACP is going to be a steamroller this week.

            NW is the asphalt.

          • Clint, truer things have never been said. 😛

          • But you guys claimed to have won it. If you’re so certain why reinvade it? If you guys truly believe you won Ice Palace, then why are you invading the server you claim to own. No excuses guys. ^.^ You’re good at it though.

          • This post was drafted before the invasion, genius. 🙄

            However, we knew you’d dispute our ownership of any servers we took (you are right now, so I guess we were right! :D), so why not host another invasion just to make sure we’re all on the same page?

          • No we captured Ice Palace while you guys were attacking Brumby. Even if we failed to invade the first time we still got Ice Palace. It was between 3:00 ESt and 3:30 EST. Bob has the pics.

          • That’s nice, and yet you see fit to invade a serevr you’re so convinced you own. Interesting.

          • You can quit wasting our comment space, Ven

          • I agree with Greenblah.

          • I am just a low ranking ACP soilder, but does that mean we can all argue about servers. Why are we even enemies? ACP thinks the NW is evil, but the NW think ACP is evil. I know posted on the NW site, Vendetta posted something saying”We are not the good guys.”,but does that mean the NW are bad guys? The ACP fights for peace and justince,but the NW think it’s a scheme to take over Club Penguin. There is evidence that we won Ice Palace on youtube(Like most battles and raids are posted on youtube). There is no proof that either side is evil, because beither of them really are. Like siblings arguing. None of them are bad guys, but they get annoyed of each other. We have to figure out a way where in the end, there are no bad guys. Every single army is an ally.

          • wow a little argument here 😆 oh and vendetta. look at our friggen motto: Defend Freedom Preserve Justice. like that means ACP fights for peace.

          • Well, you guys should start working on following your motto. 🙄

  21. I’ll probaly make it to all of them. I like promos!!!!!!!! 🙂

  22. I can try to make it to all of those, except the Europe battles.

  23. i should be able to go to everyone except friday (basketball 😦 )
    but get ready to jump me up a couple of ranks XD

  24. haha u say u dont hack didnt voka admit he hacked and u guys still r cheaters and cowards i have only seen one leader of acp not ran from a battle icey cool all the others ran and who said there was a war all i see r alot of ppl in green makeing a circle around their enemy and saying they won have u guys ever thougth about how retared that is and acp only wins war because of their size and if u guys do figth for freedom then how come u r in ever war and u guys started it

    • Noka was joking, you really are an idiot.

    • Who is Voka?

      you mean noka? Who is on probation for offering to pay Someone ELSE to hack? But was not actually going to do so?

      Also, maybe you dont realize war is needed for armies to survive? So whats so wrong about starting wars? It helps the recruitment of all armies involved, gives better data of the different armies strengths and weaknesses, wars are fun, and armies were MADE(Yes, made) to fight.

      I see no reason why an army Shouldn’t wage war.

      Go refresh your army history before storming the ramparts with lies 🙂

  25. and by brain wash i ment u told them lies like u tell everone who joins anti club penguin and havent everone just thougth how funny it is that acp can stand for army of club penguin or anti club penguin

    • NW could stand for Never Wins, or Noob Warriors, or Negative Wombats. The list goes on and on…

      Whereas all you have is a few bashes and the saying ‘anti club penguin is ACP’ when it clearly states ACParmyofclubpenguin in this website’s URL, nwarmy is NW’s, still leaving all our options fresh and awaiting implementation.

  26. can we make some aussie events?

  27. I can make most of the Central time events. not all, though. sorry.

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  28. I can probably make most of them, but can you change PST to like 4:00. I’m in 5th grade and I need it changed. But, I can do Breeze for sure. Please respond.

  29. Correct that, 4:30 please. Thanks!

  30. I have came to all the battles so far and will come to all these too, I better be jumping 2 ranks to Field Marshal 😆

  31. ◄◀яє∂∂aνιѕ1998▶►(wary)◄◀¢σℓσηєℓ▶► will be there for all of the battles


  32. if voka lied about that then why did he say he got deranked i dont know something like that and here is something u migth want to know all powerfull armies lost of their power thinking that they can do what ever they you migth want to think about that acp u really r too full of your selfs

    • it’s not Voka, learn to read, and if ACP is to full of themselves, then how come we dont go comment sh** on your site??????

  33. I can come to all except Thursday’s.

  34. I can make all Euro ones except Tundra D: as I have band. I will be attending the Breeze battle also.
    P.S. Sorry I didn’t make today’s battle.
    P.S.S I’m UK if you haven’t figured 😀
    P.S.S.S So promos are out in March and we miss February ones? I’m cool with that 😛

  35. Well I made alerts on my itouch so maybe just maybe I can attend unless my family goes out. So ya just wait I’ll tell on chat when the event happens.

  36. I can make the important ones, but some are at the same times?

    PS I made the fog battle. Ask monsterfully he saw me there

  37. No offense monsterfully^^^^^

  38. Simultaneous invasions? My tactic plays out well! Its in Icey’s Email.

  39. i think acp is the coward of this war

  40. I’m sorry, I have a skating competition this week and can’t make any of these.

  41. i may be able to make most of them :S

  42. I may could come to all of them. SO LETS KICK SOME BUTT!


  44. I should be able to make most of them. Also, who cares if we don’t have any servers? Cp armies are not about how much land you own, they are about having fun and keeping club penguin exciting

  45. I can go to Ice Palace, Summit, and Breeze!

  46. i can come to 1 everyday

  47. What days are the invasion of frozen and jack frost? are they the same time?
    If so, ok i’ll do Frozen
    ~Purple slime4

  48. My army NMA can help Oyster is our capital 😀

  49. well i will be busy taking pictures during battles
    I should be able to make europe ones and maybe 1 or 2 usa ones because i’m on half term break
    I so badly want to be prmoted or at least made a mod

  50. I can make all of the Euro ones! (Frozen, Ice Bound, Jack Frost, Tundra)

  51. I will be able to attend almost all of the wars except Wednesday. Otherwise, I would be happy to take part in these battles!

  52. WAIT WAIT, Nevermind! I can attend at least one invasion per day! Promotion, here I come!

  53. I ‘ll attended the battles today tomorrow and Thursday I have camp this week end and give me a rank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  54. i can make all of them!! and if i get 3 more promos i get mod rank 🙂 im so excited

  55. Can come to Tundra, Frozen, Icebound, Jack Frost and maybe Breeze. What time is it in GMT?

  56. Can defanitly make it to alll Europeon ones (:

  57. I was there at the invaision of Frozen and you will see me at the next 3 Euro invaisions!

  58. 100th

  59. Invasion of ALPINE (Yes)
    Invasion of HOCKEY (Yes)
    Invasion of ICE AGE (Mabye)
    Invasion of ICE LAND (Mabye)
    Invasion of ICE PALACE(Yes)
    Invasion of OYSTER (Yes)
    Invasion of SUMMIT (Yes)
    Invasion of TUXEDO (Yes)
    Invasion of BREEZE (Mabye)


  60. Invasion of ALPINE (Yes)
    Invasion of HOCKEY (Yes)
    Invasion of ICE AGE (Depends if I have alot oh HW)
    Invasion of ICE LAND (Depends if I have alot of HW)
    Invasion of ICE PALACE(Yes)
    Invasion of OYSTER (Yes)
    Invasion of SUMMIT (Yes)
    Invasion of TUXEDO (Yes)
    Invasion of BREEZE (Yes)

  61. sorry i have to cancel at the last minute for alpine really really really sorry my little brother has a project for school and i have to go and blah blah blah but all the others ill try

  62. holy crap epic battle mammoth acp thinks they out number nachos but the snow forts is full acp has only seen 3/4 of the army this is epic




  66. All the armies are un-army like =/. At least ACP is trying to get some action going by invading servers. This time, can you at least engage NW and not just claim and re-claim?

  67. i can make probably at least 3 of them

  68. Who said you made the rules ACP?

  69. i can make the friday and saturday ones. but not the europe ones. OK?!?!?!?!?!? 😕 and sorry i took a while to type this comment. i was arguing with vendetta more, and once once vendetta tried to r*pe me on chat and shaboomboom told me not to listen to him and i didn’t listen to ven,

  70. I don’t know much about hours on the global world. It is Central Standard Time meaning UK or something?

  71. Hey if acp has freedom to use allies then why not NW hav freedom to use allies? See this is why i hate your rules acp its so cheap.

  72. Forgot to comment. I can come to all.

  73. Why do you always get WW 1&2 photos and turn them into ACP ones xD

  74. i can come thursday, friday, and saterday.

  75. I can come to the Thursday and Saturday invasions for sure… I might be able to make the Friday one, but I might be late.

  76. I won’t be able to attend the battle on wednesday because I have a lot of homework. sorry 😦

  77. All of them

  78. I have attend alpine and ice age and will attend the jack frost but I’m gone on the weekend so cannot attend summit and breeze (but I wish i could of attend them really do)

  79. i can attend Breeze. Maybe the rest too!

  80. I’ll be at all the Europe events, and hopefully a lot of the others too


  82. can’t attend the Thursday too. Its my uncles B-Day and my family has to go out for dinner with him.

  83. Hey ive made it to all the battles so far and ill go to the defensive ones. I might go to the ivasion today but im not sure. There’s a 50-50 chance.

  84. I made the summit invasion and I will make the invasion of breeze and defense of Alpine and ice bound

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