BREAKING NEWS: DW joins ACP | Nachos & IW drop out

Flipper: I have secured that us and IW have become allies. I am also working on an alliance with the Nachos!

Yes, that’s right: After three days of negotiation, the Dark Warriors have accepted an alliance! All for DW leaders (Circa, SaW, Jack) agreed to the alliance, citing that the Night Warriors have been terrible allies.

What does this mean for the war? Obviously it tipped the sides totally in the ACP and DW’s favor. The Nachos agreed that the NW cause was growing hopeless, and dropped out of the war.

In addition, two out of the three current IW leaders have opted to drop out as well.

The NW will now have to face the combined strength of the ACP, DCP, and DW in upcoming invasions. It’s only a matter of time before they completely accept defeat and surrender to our alliances.


(Here is the alliance document)

The Army of Club Penguin and Dark Warriors Alliance

On February 25, 2011, the ACP and DW have hereby created an alliance. The current goal of the alliance is to defeat the Night Warriors and win World War 5. After completion of that goal, the two armies will remain strong allies and assist one another when in need.

Here are the terms of the alliance:

  1. Neither army is to fight the other.
  2. Both armies aim towards the defeat of the NW and the return of any lost ally servers.
  3. From here on, the ACP and DW will split half of the servers taken from the NW.
  4. The ACP will aid the DW in the defense of their nation at all times, unless there is a previous conflict.

If any leaders wish to add terms to the alliance, feel free to suggest them.

ACP and DW leader (and advisor) signatures:

X      Oagalthorp (ACP Advisor)

X      Mchappy (ACP Leader)_______

X      Circa (DW Leader)




Anyway, all ACP vs DW, Nachos, or IW battles have been cancelled due to the alliance and drop-outs. All ACP vs NW battles, however, are still on! (ACP leaders please edit the invasion posts accordingly).

Until later,
March on!

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36 Responses

  1. Add me to the signatures.

  2. 3rd and Oagal you should probably censor the F word in one of the pics 😀

  3. 3rd. also new poll on sidebar. CHECK IT OUT!

  4. Yea. NW will fall.

  5. I’m 90% sure Saw will NOT agree to this.

  6. i agree. they should have a alliance.

  7. YES!!!!! we have all been waiting

  8. NW is gonna get one heck of a storm.

  9. I’m surprised we haven’t attacked Nachos, heck, they do this everytime, and drop out before we attack them.

  10. Elite and I wanted to make DW a ‘brother alliance.’ Yet, apparently SaW was in the way? Doesn’t matter; I am so glad DW has joined and that IW/Nachos have dropped out.
    @DW: We will treat you kind, I promise.

  11. Maybe DW should change their uniform EVER so slightly so that i dont confuse them with NW.

  12. ACP fail….. Nachos did not drop out.


    I am a secret field agent from IW and they do not know I am doing this but i promise you that the IW are planning a MASSIVE war on all of ACPs servers in a few days (I am not sure of the exact date). You are probably saying to yourself why you have to believe, well here is why: On Tuesday I was on one of the IWs chat and It was only me and a few of the IW top ranked soldiers, They said that they want to make sure that the ACP will go down hard!


    -Lazer Blue
    Former IW

  14. Hey, just citing, that it says ACP and NW leader(and Advisor) signatures.

    Being an ACP advisor, You need my signature, but I was not briefed on the situation, how poorly thought out ACP…

  15. World Conflict 69 dissolves down to NW vs All

  16. yay! we can still kick NW’s butt

  17. arent the nachos our MAIN enemy? or suppose to be?

  18. I’m pretty sure you’remore of a leader/dictator than you are “Advisor” Oagal 🙄

  19. 🙂 😆

  20. that was a while ago



  22. Im retireing. I have joined nachos. By

  23. Lol! NW are gonna get owned. Maybe this is the time to wipe them out once and for all…

  24. Anyway to Flipper Oagalthorp and Iceycold27,
    I need to quit because my computer is not working,
    When I click start it loads forever.
    It happened for 2 days.
    Now what can I do when there is and I can’t go on club penguin?
    I guess i need to leave

    ~Purple slime4 (call me loser)

  25. yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the combined of acp, DCP and DW will render NW utterly defenceless

    (unless they bring out bots like they did in the last battle)

  26. Add me to signatures. Jack (DW Leader)

  27. Woo-hoo!If any NW are reading this…
    p.s.ACP forever!

  28. Nice

  29. Yes! DW are on our side!

  30. I’ll bring the Ice Vikings and help Dw defeat the Nw. Rising to defeat the enemy at all costs. :D.

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