The Formation of an Alliance: Nachos

As you may know, the Nachos have dropped out of the war. ACP recognizes this, and has since begun resolving the conflict by establishing the terms of the truce. The following is the agreement reached by myself (Boomer 20) and Nacho Leader Tanman626:

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I am lost for words.

Hey ACP!

I type here, before you, in a state of.. whatever? I am truly amazed. We battled on Breeze.. we defended on Fog – All in about 40 minutes. And we won, you can’t imagine how good it feels to say that… We Won. Was this WWV? Who knows, it was built upon changing sides, trickery and battles. Hell, lots of battles, but, it didn’t even last a month. This, February 2011, has got to be the most exciting month ever, in the history of ACP.

We conquered against NW, we beat every arm y against the odds, we created a new brother alliance with one of the new amazing armies coming through the ranks.. NW was proved wrong, when they had criticised, flamed, and even attacked us with harsh words. The meaning of this, why you just read the previous 139 words, is that NW have finally realised the massive hill, they now have to climb, and have done something about it.

NW surrendered the battle of Fog, with intentions of surrendering the entire war, to ACP.

ACP are an army, for justice. We supported DCP because they promised to change their [Maybe not even existent] “Hacking” ways, and when they promised to stop all the flaming, we thought it was right to give them a second chance. Only, because they meant it. The post can be seen HERE, but, when reading this post, I could see an intense amount of Sarcasm. We, believe in justice, when the army actually means it. Sarcasm, is not taken lightly at ACP, and until you apologise properly, we will continue the march on your servers and take back the ones that are truly ours.

I lead the battle of Breeze today (Not to forget the rest of the owners that were there, shout out to Bobcatboy and Kenneth!). We marched with no opposition, and we maxed numbers of about 50, with a good average of 40. If you want to attack me with “Pics or it didn’t happen” I came prepared, taking pictures of successful claiming of 5 separate rooms, all main rooms, if you want to know:

  • Town
  • Snow Forts
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Cove

And here they are, fresh of the desktop of my computer:

The Invasion of Breeze


We claim town, with a brilliant size: No enemy to thwart us, I have plenty of pictures of tactics, also.

Snow Forts:

After attempting a pretty successful circle, we do a horizontal line to claim the Forts.


After performing tactics like the death dot, and many emotes, we do an “ACP CLAIMS PLAZA” bomb.


We claim Forest, with an impressive size! Lol if you can see the sole Nacho in the ballpit!


ACP CLAIMS COVE! That saying was duplicated a thousand times in the cove, as we do, actually, claim it.


NW have surrendered.. That fact is cleared up by a picture, courtesy of former ACP leader: Boomer 20.


So, there we have it! Breeze is back to its rightful owner.. and this war will still carry  on for at least another day. NW, all we ask is a little bit of courtesy when apologising, and now cheap jokes/tricks. Comment if you made it! I promise, promotions will be out soon.. so every comment counts! Uniform!