The Formation of an Alliance: Nachos

As you may know, the Nachos have dropped out of the war. ACP recognizes this, and has since begun resolving the conflict by establishing the terms of the truce. The following is the agreement reached by myself (Boomer 20) and Nacho Leader Tanman626:

Note: This only applies to the Nachos, our conflict with NW is still ongoing until it has been resolved.

The Guacamole Alliance

(Credit to Tan for the name)

Terms of Agreement

I. The ACP recognizes the Nachos’ withdrawal from the war, and accepts their offer for a truce

II. The Nachos return the ACP the servers of Snow Fort and Tea

III. The server of Grizzly shall be shared equally between the ACP and the Nachos

IV. Should either the ACP or the Nachos be invaded, the other will help to defend them

V. If the invading army is an ally of the army who would help to defend the other, the allied army shall be permitted to remain neutral

VI. The ACP and the Nachos agree to an alliance, and agree that they shall not invade or engage in any military conflicts with the other


x__Boomer 20

x___________ [Mchappy]


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80 Responses

  1. 1st! I think…

  2. Yea

  3. Hmm…

  4. 4th! Cool..

  5. 6th

  6. I was eating Nachos with some guacamole while reading this.

    I was like WTF.

  7. Is Nachos with ACP?

  8. Finally I always wanted an alliance with the Nachos.

  9. Well, NW got B slapped. Hopefully that is not to much cussing for you…

  10. I wonder how long this will last.

  11. ok i guess i will not attack nathoes for now

  12. thats really cool that the nachos and acp are allies now!!

  13. huray nachos r with us great alliance name!

  14. You acp? Trying to steal our allies to dominate us? You don’t even have proof that tan agreed to form an alliance

  15. 15th! Awesome! Finally, one enemy now a friend. Nachos was a major threat to ACP, but now we’re an alliance!!!

  16. Yay nachos are our allies the acp and nacho picture made me laugh acp is broccoli? And nachos r nachos xD. Sent from iPhone

  17. I’m a Nacho and i think that a treaty will help our nations

  18. May we always be united 😛

  19. Its great that we are allies with nachos.

  20. We have so many servers now that we are practically an empire!

  21. Its all very great at what were doing, but who will we battle when we destroy NW?

  22. Awesome

  23. The Nachos look yummy :Lol: The guacamole looks not to tasty 😛

  24. Great Im happy to hear that we finally have a alliance with Nachos, and Im happy that we have Tea and Snow fort back, please answer my question (Boomer, Mchappy, Oagal, or Bob) are we taking the rest of our servers back from NW?

  25. Yay!
    I LOVE having the Nachos in an Allience with us. Nachos are one of the NICEST armys out there.
    I can now hang out with My friends Gares and Kton without being yelled at by other ACP

    • lol and i can b nice to nachos without some random acp member calling me a trader

      • IKR. That happens(or should I say, happened!) to us too. Here Is what it was like.
        Nacho1:*Turns to ACP dude* Hi!
        Acp1: Oh, Heyy
        Nachos1: 😦
        Acp1: WTH?

  26. I have got to say, when are to armies will be allies, we will be unstoppable! Cool picture B.T.W. P.S Yeah I am from the nachos!!!

  27. SWAT is attacking mammoth! Town right now!

  28. awsome Nachos and ACP cool

  29. OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Well… we could try it out. It looks so much better in the pic thanit seems in my head.

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  31. Sir its me, speedee. I am at war in half an hour. I need some ppl to get to server Ice Breaker at forts. SWAT are attacking and I have no idea if NW are. Please help us

  32. AWESOME! i might join the nachos then!

  33. 32 and im glad we have this alliance but in the picture it looks like teh nachos are bigger then teh acp but now that we r friends with nachos sorry nachos 4 everything i did or said to u in teh past

  34. Dear ACP, I have started a new army. We would like to know if we could be against you. Also, we want to know if we can have a war with you at this time:

    Date: March 10, 2011
    Server: Sleet
    Room: Snow Forts
    4:00 PM Pacific Time
    12:00 PM UK
    5:00 PM Mountain
    6:00 PM Central
    8:00 PM Eastern

    If you agree to have the battle and be enemies, please comment back and post the battle.


  35. wow nachos and acp pic was funny thts cool we formed a alliance

  36. Yum 😛

  37. Hopefully this won’t turn out to be the biggest fail of a alliance ever. 😆


    P.S. Sorry about my inactiveness the past weak.

  38. Week. Not weak. xD

  39. Cool, I was in Nachos so I still kinda like them.

  40. Guys there’s a new army that i’ve been making for a year and since everyone is starting to be extinct like CCP, so heres the website

  41. Sweet, this is great.

  42. we declare WAR!!!!

  43. im team golds leader!


  45. Good. The Nachos will prove to be a very valuable asset to have. Welcome Nachos. 😉

  46. ACP TO OYSTER! We are currently winning by claiming the town, about 15 ACP and 0 NW!

  47. Hurry up soldiers let’s go let’s go!

  48. Finally this long lasting rivalry between the ACP and the Nachos is resolved, i hope we can live in peace and help eachother for a long time

  49. Cool. With Nachos with us in an alliance we’re kinda unbeatable.

  50. Mchappy: SIGN IT!

  51. Haha acp looks like moldy green crap 🙂


  53. Wow, now you only have to wipe out NW and there is no one who will stop you from dominating CP. =O

    Now isn’t that wonderful? [sarcasm]

  54. This is so dumb! We should EAT them!

  55. Woah! THE NACHO’S WHERE RIGHT! THEY WERE ALLIES WITH US!!!!!!! 😆 because i seen them say: NACHOS AND ACP ATTACK SWAT!!!!!!!!! lol.

  56. Im so glad acp is finally with nachos because theyre really nice and whenever I try to talk to them they dont mind but then some random acp soldier will come and say STOP TALKING TO THAT NACHO, TRAITOR!! and he’ll try to tell acp that im a traitor. so annoying.

  57. wow ive always wanted an allience with nachos because i think they r both great aries and we are amazing together 😀


  59. hello fellow ACP friends. I am sorry that I have not been writing all of you like I Promoised. But you all remember I lost my eye sight back in December of 2009. I miss you all and I wish I could come back and be in the ACP like I use to, and be Leader of The American Army of Club Penguin like I was before I went Blind. But you all know that JAWS for Windows, Window Eyes, and NVDA will not make me any useful on Club Penguin. sence CP will not work well with Screen Readers. I Want to let all of you know that I am doing ok, and that as soon as I can figure out how to do my Email, I will start Emailing all of my FRs. By the way FRS meens Friends in Braille. LOL. well if Mr. Chips10 happens to read this, I want to say thanks for being a good Fr. As same to Boomer, XtremeDude 4, Bfan, Fox, and so many ppl I forgot. It makes me sad that I forgot alot of you. but atleast we had alot of fun together. well, you all have a good time. Maybe Medicle Science will get better so I can get on chat Like I use to. But before I go, I want to say thanks to Blaze boy( AKA GPH136- the man in Hawaii that Never stoped beleaving in me) God Blessyou man.

    ~Lincoln 31543

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