Hello Everyone: The 2 New 3.14 ics

Hello everyone, I am here to introduce to you the newly appointed 3.14ics. Welcome to the Acp owner ranks…….


About Sheldon: My name is Sheldon and I just joined ACP. After finishing the fifth grade I went straight to college (at the age of 11) and received my PHD at the age of 16. I am currently a theoretical physicist at Caltech.



Second: Dr. Gregory House M.D.

About Greg: I am the Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I play the guitar and piano. I have a leg injury which has made me a bitter jerk to everyone .

About Me Video:

Welcome your new 3.14ic’s ACP!!!!!!



PS: If you don’t get it, watch this clip:

The purpose of this video was to be a random video that was unrelated to anything going on currently and for a laugh. Hope you enjoyed it.

44 Responses

  1. pwned…

  2. wth is this

  3. Lawl Big Bang Theory (show) = win.

  4. Luv it!

  5. is all of this true?

  6. o3o

  7. Hey!
    I wanted that rank!
    To be AOIT
    Acp Owner In Training

  8. Its a funny joke.

  9. is he messing with us?

  10. Pi. :3

  11. Well chosen, these two will lead Acp to new heights!

  12. i agree

  13. Ok???

  14. This is equivalent to a rick-roll on Youtube

  15. Your sixteen? Blimey mate!

  16. fail

  17. thats a pokemon name?????????????????????
    weird why new ppl why (and testing gravatar)

  18. shab you are a good joker but a weird post person

  19. Congradulations.

    General Of The ACP~Happyman444

  20. Welcome new leaders! 😀 ~ ACP sergeant Louie76533.

  21. Welcome new leaders! 😀 ~ ACP sergeant Louie76533. P.S Don’t forget to be active!

  22. so many people believed this lol

  23. I Invented 3.14ic

    not cool D=

  24. Ha…haha

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  25. i dont get paid enough for this

  26. If your messing with us, I’ll mess with YOU! HAPPY ARBOR DAY! Ha ha! You soooooo fell for it, you really thought it was actually Arbor Day!XD Did you?

  27. Out of all these comments one made me laugh….Noka’s one!

  28. Big Bang Theory FTW!!!

    And Lady Gaga =D

  30. Still LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL i cant stop saying it LMFAO!! dude the bazinga thing is so funny.

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