1 Invasion | 2 Defenses

War Update: All invasions from all armies have been called off until Sunday. Instead, we will be having a massive free-for-all battle this Saturday (post coming soon).

Shab: Vendetta I gotta talk to you. Its important.

Flipper: Leaders, check out the promotion post [Private] РI did it myself in the absence of Mchappy, feel free to edit in any other promotions you feel people to deserve, any major problems, contact me on chat, I tried my  best.. thanks.

WW5 rages on . . .

Tuesday: Re-Invasion of Snow Globe

In the absence of Mchappy, an agreement has not yet been reached in the war with NW, so in the mean time, rather than invading another NW server, we will be reclaiming one of our own.

Invasion of Snow Globe

When: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where: Snow Globe Town

Times: 2:00 pm Penguin Standard Time

:arrow:2:00 pm PST

:arrow:3:00 pm MST

:arrow:4:00 pm CST

:arrow:5:00 pm EST

:arrow:10:00 pm U.K.

Be there. Or be Square.

Other War News: