1 Invasion | 2 Defenses

War Update: All invasions from all armies have been called off until Sunday. Instead, we will be having a massive free-for-all battle this Saturday (post coming soon).

Shab: Vendetta I gotta talk to you. Its important.

Flipper: Leaders, check out the promotion post [Private] – I did it myself in the absence of Mchappy, feel free to edit in any other promotions you feel people to deserve, any major problems, contact me on chat, I tried my  best.. thanks.

WW5 rages on . . .

Our Dark Warrior allies have requested assistance, and we will answer that call.

A lot has happened since the Nachos and Night Warriors surrendered to us. They’ve both attempted to avoid war with the ACP yet still attack our brother ally, the Dark Warriors. News flash: we accepted the Nacho surrender, but we never accepted the NW surrender (sound like karma? :)). So we will help the DW as the Nachos invade their servers. The Nachos have called this a one-on-one battle, but the DW won’t be present, so we will be that other “one.” 😉

Sorry for the confusion of that first paragraph. Lots of army names . . . anyway, the week-long invasion/defense schedule will be easier to understand:


The ACP will be invading the last server of our stolen servers: Snow Globe. Once we steamroll the NW and retake our beloved land, we will be able to focus on other aspects of this war. The Nachos also scheduled an invasion of Jack Frost, but they failed to give 24 hours notice (they gave less than 19), so we will just consider that a raid.

Invasion of SNOW GLOBE


  • Time: 2:00pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:5:00pm Eastern
    :arrow:4:00pm Central
    :arrow:3:00pm Mountain
    :arrow:2:00pm Pacific
    :arrow:10:00pm UK

  • ACP vs NW



The ACP will defend the DW server, Frosty, from the Nachos.

Defense of FROSTY


  • Time: 4:00pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:7:00pm Eastern
    :arrow:6:00pm Central
    :arrow:5:00pm Mountain
    :arrow:4:00pm Pacific
    :arrow:12:00am UK
  • Who: ACP (for DW) vs Nachos


No invasions or defenses are scheduled for Thursday YET.


The Nachos want to invade White Out, but they want to do it at Oyster (an ACP server)? 😕 They must have screwed that up when they bailed on defending NW to pursue their own selfish interests. They just be crazy. We need a LOT of soldiers at this battle.

Defense of White Out *important!*


  • Time: 3:30pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:6:30pm Eastern
    :arrow:5:30pm Central
    :arrow:4:30pm Mountain
    :arrow:3:30pm Pacific
    :arrow:11:30pm UK
  • Who: ACP vs Nachos (and possibly NW)


And that about covers it. I hope you can attend these battles! We’re on a winning streak, and that will not end anytime soon.

Until later,
March on!

:!:Comment which battles you can attend!

50 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. I can make Tuesday, but I will be late (still have school and I might have to leave early… 😦 )
    If there is one on Thursday, I could make that,
    I can maybe make Friday, just maybe…
    PS: I am REALLY sorry that I haven’t been very active for all of the invasions… I have been really busy! Sorry!

  3. I guess my comment didn’t show up…
    I can make part of Tuesday (in school)
    If there is one on Thursday, I could make that, and I can make part of the Friday one.
    PS: I’m sorry that I can’t attend most of the defence/ invasions 😦 I have been really busy lately!

  4. 2nd! I can make it

  5. 3rd. i can make most of them 😀

  6. I thought it said on the nachos allaiance page that if one army finds one of your allies we have to stay neutral. Anyway, I can’t make any of these. I’ve been banned from the computer until Friday

  7. i think i can noy come to only one

  8. Im confused, are we allies with nachos or not? ❓

  9. hey dudes, hows it hanging

  10. ACP and Nachos are to only stay neutral if one attacks Grizzly I think. The alliance is only for one server.

  11. I can’t attend any 😦 I need to study for my exams….

  12. i can come to all and if you want an owner active then reowner for me till mc comes back…

  13. DW will come to the Frosty one.

  14. Good news, school will be a short day on Monday so I can come to the invasion of Snow Globe! I can also make it to the rest of these.

  15. I can attend all of them

  16. Terms of Agreement

    I. The ACP recognizes the Nachos’ withdrawal from the war, and accepts their offer for a truce

    II. The Nachos return the ACP the servers of Snow Fort and Tea

    III. The server of Grizzly shall be shared equally between the ACP and the Nachos

    IV. Should either the ACP or the Nachos be invaded, the other will help to defend them

    V. If the invading army is an ally of the army who would help to defend the other, the allied army shall be permitted to remain neutral

    VI. The ACP and the Nachos agree to an alliance, and agree that they shall not invade or engage in any military conflicts with the other

    y’know just sayin

    • According to Tan,

      Note: ACP and Nachos are NOT allies we are and will remain neutral.

      As this once raging war has dwindled to nothing many of you are confused of the agreements of servers.. I was talking with Boomer 20 and old ACP leader back in 08-09 I believe. Anyway me and him came to a server agreement that since we took a few ACP servers that we will now share Grizzly 50/50 with the ACP. We will be giving Snowfort and Tea back to them. Me and Boomer also decided to make an alliance just for the server Grizzly(We are not allies just for the server). This server alliance will be called the…


      There is no war anymore so no tense feelings with ACP anymore.
      Grizzly will be shared 50/50.
      If Grizzly is invaded Nachos will help ACP and ACP will help Nachos.
      If an ally of ACP or an ally of Nachos invades Grizzly than ACP/Nachos has the choice to remain neutral.
      ACP and Nachos are NOT allies this is just a server alliance.

  17. I’m not sure if I can be there today, cuz I’m home sick, so idk if I’ll feel well enough to be there, and tomorrow really depends, I might have skating and then I won’t be there, but I might not and then I will probably be there, and Friday I can’t plan on anything for now.

  18. Sorry it is no allies you cannot defend for DW.

  19. I’m sorry but I can’t come to any of the battles as I am from the UK.

  20. I can’t make any of them, because I live in the UK. 😦

  21. The Dark Warriors will be trying to invade as much as possibly during this war. However, we’ll come to as many defenses as possible. 🙂

  22. none since im GMT

  23. I can make:
    The invasion of Snow Globe!
    The defense of White Out!

    I might not be able to make the defense of Frosty due to the fact that 7PM is late here in EST.

  24. Im pretty sure I can make them all.

  25. I will be able to make every battle.

  26. I can make tuesday, I can not make Wednesday, and I might be able to make Friday.

  27. I can make it today (Tuesday) but probably not Wednesday and most likely not Friday.

  28. I can probably go and maybe not on Friday.


  30. I’m going to all!

  31. I cant make anything that is before 4:30. I cannot make today’s event, but I should be able to make the rest of them

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  32. i can attend 🙂

  33. Can make dem 😛

  34. I can make it the the last battle.

  35. sorry i couldn’t make snow globe,i had school

  36. I can make them all i think…

  37. sorry i cannot make it all cuz ye know school time

  38. probably wenesday and friday

  39. I can come wednesday and friday.

  40. Lets do this.

  41. I should be able to make the Wednesday and Friday battles. Also, are we still going to be allies with Nachos even though we’re fighting them for DW?

  42. I can make all for sure.

  43. i can make 2

  44. Good days. Good ol’ days. I love you good ol’ days.

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