Tuesday: Re-Invasion of Snow Globe

In the absence of Mchappy, an agreement has not yet been reached in the war with NW, so in the mean time, rather than invading another NW server, we will be reclaiming one of our own.

Invasion of Snow Globe

When: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where: Snow Globe Town

Times: 2:00 pm Penguin Standard Time

:arrow:2:00 pm PST

:arrow:3:00 pm MST

:arrow:4:00 pm CST

:arrow:5:00 pm EST

:arrow:10:00 pm U.K.

Be there. Or be Square.

Other War News:

42 Responses

  1. 1ST, YES! I CAN COME TO THIS AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER GOT THE FIRST COMMENT. You have to give me a promo or make me an owner on chat or something like that right? XD

  2. i will probaly come i have school and im gmt i hope we get promoted when are rpomos

  3. Thanks for considering those of us in PST time zones…. JK… But I still do have school at 2….

  4. 4th! And I will be there ):-O

  5. ill try to make it. im sick but i think i can ( :

  6. remember i might not make it though. im going to TRY to make it.and 7th!

  7. Tuesday is March 1, not February 28.

  8. Idk if I’ll be there or not, cuz I’m sick so idk.

  9. I’m sorry, but I won’t be there. Too late on a school night for me.

  10. go to the nw website. they have a new thing about a last stand or something against the acp

  11. I am uk and i can not make it

  12. I am uk and i can not make it.

  13. I’ll try.. i usually eat dinner around that time :3

  14. i might make it, because this doesn’t have australian time. but i might make it in the morning ONLY, (because of school)

  15. CPUN are holding a tourney and as you a part of the CPUN We wish for you to Join the tourney you can find all the details and sign up here:
    CPUN Head reporter
    P.S We hope to have more major armies into the tourney and hopefully have mixture of small and Major.

  16. ….*Incoming Transmission*…. Good to hear, sir! I’ll be ready! I will inform my team captain!Can’t chat. Inspecting a few servers for any enemies! Private Flipper88874, OUT! ….*End of Transmission*….

  17. Nope, can’t make it. Unless it’s a longer battle. I will be an hour late if that’s possible.


  18. So lazy you turn back against NW?

  19. I can make it, though I might have to log off a little early, if this is a 2 hour battle 5PM is too late.

  20. ill be there because i have nothing better to do while schools out for conferences 🙂

  21. There is a problem. Monday is the 28th. Tuesday is the 1st. YOU SAID TUESDAY THE 28TH!!! WHICH DAY?!?!

  22. Sorry I can’t come because I and going somewhere.

  23. Cool. But i wont make it. Srry Boomer

  24. Sorry! I’m still at school when it’s happining!

  25. Terrible time for PST, we’ve got school! Please change these times(make it an hour later) or a large fraction of your soilders won’t make it and this will be the first event I will miss…

  26. Yikes what an early invasion.

  27. IM PST!!!! AT 2 IM STILL IN SCHOOL >.<


  29. Can’t come. Got school.

  30. Will do every battle.

  31. I’ll try to come to Wednesdays event. I might make it.

  32. i wount make it to the tuesday one but i will make it to all the other one


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