Today- A Battle That Will Not be Forgotten

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DRACP- Our Government

Matre: I agree with most of the post, except for the Judiciary branch, what would it do anyway?

Hello ACP,

Just like how “Trickster” listed what communism is and how UMA will react to it I will be doing the same except for our government style; Democratic Republic.

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Senate Elections Results/Rules/First Meeting

Well, the elections for Senate ended on Monday. I would like to let you all know that out of 236 comments on that post, less than 30 of them had the votes correctly. That’s really a shame. I thought you people were smarter than that. Almost all of those comments are you people campaigning or advertising for your vote, which I strictly stated was against the rules. You are all lucky I was kind enough to not disqualify you from the voting. I’m really disappointed that a lot of you did this, and next time, I will not be tolerating any of it whatsoever. No matter though, here are the results and your Senators to the Senate of the ACP!

Field Marshal: Jcapp64 and Monsterfully

General: Noseycjr and Speeder109

Field General: Slider568 and Drigo2

Lt. General: Littleguy and MrMrMr

Major General: Lucario9046 and Totojess

Brigadier General: Nathancool and Purpleh

Colonel: Cafilo and Emmaccoux

Lt. Colonel: Asdfghjkll888 and Adamsapple4

Major: Smart Alec4 and Saddle24660

Captain: Lucario12321 and Ronaldy3

1st Lieutenant: Zach 11 and Drath1

2nd Lieutenant: Xcheeto and Purple Slime4

Warrant Officer: MJGREICO

Staff Sergeant: Awesome3 and Mattg0784

Sergeant: Speedee9 and Penguin 3992

Corporal: Agent 223 and Hayden70389

Congratulations to all of those who won Senate! And for those of you who lost, don’t worry. Many of the ranks were decided by only one or two votes, and it’s hard to just choose a few people, but I have to listen to the votes of the people. And the people have voted! Thanks for voting everyone. This means, with all of the Senators (31 of them) plus me and Senate VP Jack, plus the leaders and a few retired legends I may or may not allow in to some meetings, we can have up to a bit over 40 people at meetings if everyone shows up.  Now, before I announce the date of the first meeting, I need to lay down a few rules and suggestions for all Senators to follow.

  1. I expect all Senators to follow the rules of ACP chat when they are on it to the best of their ability. If any Senator continually breaks the rules on chat, I will consider having him/her removed from Senate. Senator is a privilege, not a right. If you break the rules, this privilege will be taken away from you.
  2. Please come to Senate meetings with some ideas for bills handy, with a written explanation on a site that you can link us all to so we can read, debate, and vote on it. If you need an idea for a bill, ask some of the soldiers of the ranks that you represent if they have any bill ideas. Soldiers, I encourage you to approach one of your ranks’ Senators with an idea for a bill if you have one.
  3. Senators of the same rank- work together on bill ideas if you like. Actually, any amount of Senators can work together on bill ideas. Just make sure they make sense and have good reasoning behind them!
  4. Once you come up with a bill, please email it to me at with the bill and its’ explanation so I can make sure it makes sense before we vote on it in Senate. I’m not going to not let anyone’s vote get presented, I just want to make sure we don’t get any bills to vote on with litterally no explanation with them.


First Meeting

Saturday, March 5 (I’m giving you time to make bills), 2011

2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 noon MST

11:00 AM PST


I hope these times work for most of everyone, and I really hope I got all those times right. Please, if someone on the site notices that they are wrong, fix them.

How meetings work

  • Once we hit the start time of the meeting, the President (me) will start off the meeting. If the President is not at the meeting, either the Senate VP (Jack) or the ACP leader (Mchappy) will conduct meetings.
  • I will have the list of bills that people e-mailed to me prior to the meeting ready, and I will choose one to begin with based off who is there. If the Senator or Senators that presented said bill are not present at the meeting, I will leave the bill and wait for the Senators to be on for the next meeting before presenting theirs.
  • While somebody is presenting and explaining a bill, DO NOT TALK. I will let people talk one or two at a time to prevent all out arguments from ensuing. If debates get too heated, I will ask them to stop talking. If they cannot do that, I will kindly have them muted for a little while.
  • The only people that should be present at a Senate meeting that are not Senators are me, Jack ( Senate VP), and the owner ranks are people that I invite in to the meetings.
  • Everyone’s vote carries the same amount of weight. This means, my vote equals one vote. Mchappy’s vote equals one vote. One of the Corporal’s senator votes’ equal one vote.

If you need a refresher further on how the Senate will work, please read my first post at If an editor on this site could please add the parts of this post and this current post to the Senate page (please un-password protect it and make it open to the public too, we won’t be needing it to be secret), that would be very appreciated.

Senate President


March of Destruction: First Wave

The invasion of the NW empire.
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Battle of Ice Palace! | Event starts NOW!

-The invasion of Ice Palace is the post under this.

-Remember the plans?  Click HERE if you don’t and read them throughly.

-Use snowballs, and a lot of them!  Press ‘T’ rapidly to fire snowballs very quickly.

-We will try to be moving quickly; try to keep up and keep viewing the scroller freqently on chat.  The scroller will say the server than the room we are in.

-Please, please, please wear our official uniform.  If you don’t know what it is than click HERE.

-We will continue to fight until they are off the server.

-Do your best and listen to orders.  😀

Why i got demoted

Mchappy:  Noka is only on probation.  He will get 3iC back when the current owner ranks feel as he is ready.  Also, on a side note, thanks for playing a few rounds of ‘Find Mchappy’ with me on CP! 😀  It was a lot of fun, and I congratulate the people who found me.  They were some tough spots.  People who found me were awarded with a promotion [chat wise.]  Maybe we’ll play again soon!

As many of  you know i have been taken down from 3ic to 4ic in ACP. If you want to know why it is because i told someone to hack NW. Now if you keep reading this post you will see i did not do anything. As many of you know me by now i always say random stuff just to be saying it. But i do agree i went over the line that time and to some people they take it more serious then other people do. Now if he was a real hacker he would not be on ACP chat saying im a hacker or what ever because it would have risked to much so he is NOT a hacker.

Even if i was to pay him something, Like i said he is not a hacker so it would have been a waste of what ever i paid him in anyways. Knowing NW they would probably do something to their site to make it look like i paid him. Later i talked to ven and if he had any brain he would have showen the whole pic and i would not be demoted most likley and ven knows what im talking about and so do i so it is no need to hide it and make a small pic making ACP look bad.

Again this was a small post but this is why i was demoted just to tell everyone why i am demoted so people can stop asking me on ACP chat.


Invasion Rules

Shab: Ven, these rules are a restatement of the rules that were made by the CP Army Council, like the 24 hour rule. There were precausions made so that you can’t say “We are invading every server, try to stop us and guess which one we are on or we are switching to.” because that’s not a battle, it’s just one army too scared to fight the other army face to face and instead has to run around to random servers just to win a battle. You claim NW are so strong, and that Acp cheats or whatnot, but here you are being a coward. Man up, play by the rules, and beat Acp fairly.

Lately we’ve seen a few flaws in the rules regarding server invasions. Some people invade one way, some people invade another way. So I’m going to list the invasion rules that the ACP follows (they are very reasonable, trust me).

  1. 24 Hour Rule: You must give obvious, posted, 24-hours notice before invading an enemy server. We can all agree on that.
  2. Two Server Rule: You can invade no more than two servers per day. This is so one lazy, power-hungry army can’t just casually enter a server, “claim” it, leave after 5 minutes, then “claim” another. With only two servers there will need to be at least a small degree of quality in the attack. I think it should be one server per day, but I’m making it two to keep you happy. 😉
  3. Name/Time Rule: The invading army must give the exact name of the server they intend to invade; they can’t simply say “we will invade one of these 20 servers, good luck guessing.” Similarly, they can’t say “we will invade sometime between 6am and midnight, good luck guessing.”
  4. Reinvasion Rule: After a server has been taken, the reinvading army must give 24 hours notice before trying to take it back; they can’t say “let them take Blizzard, we’ll just reinvade it after they leave.” This will prevent any cheap re-takes.
  5. Five Room Rule: The invading army must successfully claim five rooms to take an entire. We can all agree on that.
  6. Presence Rule: If the defending army has a powerful presence on the server, the invading army can’t claim servers without attempting to face them in combat. If the NW are in the town, and a tiny band of six DCP soldiers claims rooms without the NW noticing, this doesn’t count. The invading army must try to fight the defending army. If rooms are too full for full-contact and ensuing combat, then this rule can be ignored.
  7. Defeat Rule: If the defending army admits defeat or is clearly beaten, then the invading army doesn’t need to waste time claiming five rooms. Surrendering a battle is surrendering a server.
  8. Relocation Rule: The invading army can’t say they will invade one server, then invade a different server, then say they won the original server. Basically, if the battle is moved then the original server is safe. However, both army leaders have the option to agree that “a win on Klondike counts as a win on Brumby,” or something like that.

See? I told you these rules were reasonable. I feel like everyone in CP armies need to be updated on the updates rules.

Like I said, we will only wage war in accordance with these rules. If any enemy tries to attack us by going around these rules, we will ignore that invasion.

Until later,
March on!

❗ Comment with your opinions on the rules! ❗

Oh. How I beg to differ.

*Big question.  Why not just make Mammoth neutral now?  We are in a state of war.  We need all the servers we can get, for now.  After the war is over and if we still have control over Mammoth we’ll gladly make it neutral after much consideration.

Mchappy: Nice eye, Flipper.  After reading this post I went to go check the sites and everything said in this post is true.  I have big pride; I will not fight on a “Klondike” for “Mammoth.”  I find it weird that how that even got started.  It’s not like USA can invade Mexico but said they were invading Russia.  Mammoth will be kept on our server page, until we and if decide to neutralize it.

Hey ACP,

Now. I, for one, wouldn’t mind Mammoth becoming Neutral, it is a historic server with an awesome history, but blinded by feuds and arguments. It would of been great to finally fight the rogues,have raids, unscheduled PB’s on the treasured server, and that still might happen. But not yet. Call me whatever, a stubborn little female dog, a noob, a turd? I’m just standing up for what I believe in, and that is one special, treasured saying. So let me introduce it to you, five words with a powerful meaning.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

It’s true. I recognise every army that went to invade Mammoth, DW, IW and Nachos. But the thing is, where is their proof? Let’s dive into this a bit more. Firstly, I talk to Gill, IW [Temp] leader. He was saying that they know IW/DW hadn’t neutralised Mammoth yet, because they had only 4 Pictures, showing that they had only claimed two: Snow Forts and Plaza. Gill agreed with me, that I couldn’t accept this defeat until Nachos posted their pictures of claiming rooms, then I would step down like a gentleman.

But then I woke up this morning, logged onto m computer, and went on Nacho site to see how big they were, how many rooms they claimed, and how much of a threat they were to number one spot. Oh, and how I was surprised. I clicked the “Read More” on the first post of their site, and got ready to accept defeat. But then, as I looked, I noticed there were only 3 pictures, of the same room, meaning you only claimed one of those rooms: Ice Rink.

Now call me thick, but when you add up two.. to one, you only get 3? And I don’t think 3 is even close to 5, amirite? Now, disappointed with this failed victory, I scrolled through the comments. There was indeed, another picture from a Nacho Soldier, but it was entitled “Klondike”, they had probably claimed Town in that picture, but it still only comes to four. But another thing that throws the debate around, they were invading Klondike instead? They could of been invading Mammoth on Klondike, but then there COULD of been resistance at Mammoth, and not at klondike. You see?

This is the problem. Nachos, you need to try and take more pictures, and provide evidence to back up your point. If your going to switch servers, notify the enemy, yeah? This has been fairly short, and your probably bored from reading this text, so now I sign off.

-I still recognise ACP the true owner of Mammoth until I am proved otherwise, with more evidence. We may decide to neutralise it still, but with our control, thanks.


ICE PALACE Here We Come!

*After consideration ACP has made Mammoth neutral but under the DRACP nation.  Anyone is allowed on it, but we’ll have it on our nation’s page.

(Read about the ACP’s Invasion Rules HERE, also Nachos and NW are again invading us, at the same time, so we need everyone to stay on chat after the invasion of Ice Palace!)

I'm not going to flame. I'll just show the maturity of NW to everyone.

I'm sorry for all Canadian ACP soldiers for posting this. I just felt like it needed to be.


Check Again

Hello ACP,

Thank Jcapp64 for the title!

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