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The Capitulation of Snow Globe

Update: DW successfully invaded Ice Breaker from NW today, and has given it back to us. Between Ice Breaker and Snow Globe, we have successfully claimed 2 servers for the allies! In other war news, all participating armies met and agreed to cancel and postpone all invasions until this Sunday. Instead, we will be having a massive free-for-all battle this Saturday. More information to come. Stay tuned.

Hello ACP,

Today we have triumphantly restored Snow Globe back to the previous owners which was us! We had a very little number on chat the at time which was about 25 people on. We did okay considering that we only had 25 or so people on chat altogether. Probably because some of you were still at school or doing homework. I quickly ordered the troops on exactly 10 minutes before the battle, at 4:50 Eastern Standard Time. We had about only 14  troops on at the Town in the beginning of the invasion but eventually 3/4 of the people on chat were on at Snow Globe. We received absolutely no resistance from the Night Warriors, and the total population of the server was only 1 bar at the time we logged on, so capturing the server was relatively easy for us to do. The pictures of the invasion are below.


We had little in the beginning but more came later on.

We started with some clovers.

We captured the Snow Forts.

We moved to the Snow Forts next.

ACP at the Plaza.

ACP captures the Cove.

ACP Claims the Forest!

E+6 in line at the Cove.

We joked bombed the Forest as we entered.

As you can see in the photos, ACP captured 5 rooms with no resistance in the room whatsoever. Thank you and  good job to the ACP soldiers and officers who came today to help re-take Snow Globe.  :mrgreen:


Comment if you made it! The leaders and I are doing the promotions!

~Kenneth1000 ACP Head General