Retirement of Doodygirl1

Hi and Bye, I’m retiring from cp armies.
I might come on sometimes now and again so ya now…
Thank you :)
Chase: Awww, I don’t wanna leave you. Bye tiger, raowr *hello*
Funks: thanks for everything. you gave me a high pw rank about a year ago
BunkerBumble: Cya Girl, good luck in secondary school
Flipper: Hi, Bye :o good luck raising merp and remember I have been abducted *dizzy*
Blossom: Hi, Bye :)
Floppy, ashley and the rest in pw: Same as bloss :P
Acp: Can I stay as mod on chat for when I’m bored and decide to go on? pretty please?
And that is it. All I can say is…… Bye? :P


19 Responses

  1. happy retirement!!! 😀 i hope you have a great day 😆

  2. Bye

  3. Bye Doody *hug* I will miss you!

  4. Bye Doody, we’ll miss you.


  6. Goodluck u were the 2nd best female soldier i ever knew in cp. goodluck with everything else in ur life

  7. Didn’t I know you about 6 months ago in an army called VCP…

  8. 😦

  9. Bye Olivia (dhat)

  10. BYE o.0

  11. Bye

  12. Bye *sniff* *sniff*

  13. We’ll miss ya doody. Be sure to check back once in a while :]

  14. hey doody!! haven’t seen you in forever, but hope you enjoy yourself!! bye, you will be missed.

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