The Meeting That Never Happened/Next Week?

As you all know, or should know, the first meeting of this term of Senate was supposed to take place today. Unfortunately, Oagal-or whoever scheduled it- decided to schedule an invasion of Outback during the same time that I had made the Senate meeting at a few days previously. Once time came for the battle and the meeting, Flipper decided that the ACP would need every troop it could get for today’s battle and canceled it. No matter, though. It seems many of you may not have been able to make the meeting anyway. If next week at the same time would work better for you guys, I think we can make it then, but please tell me if there is a time that would work better for you. If there are enough people that can’t do Saturdays at 2 EST, I’ll make sure to find a different time that suits more people.

Thank you,


 Oagal: I didn’t scedule it, that would be Boomer, Tan, Person, and a few others. 🙄

19 Responses

  1. Sorry it wasn’t Oagal, all the armies in the war decided to make it at that time, I don’t think any of us knew about the Senate meeting.

  2. Oh yeah the battle I guess was so important though I would have liked more to attend the meeting 😀 I will make next weeks though so yeah!

  3. im not in the senate, i wonder why i read it, and why im commenting right now ❓ oh well

  4. Someone plz link me to the people who won the Senate elections?

  5. I scheduled a meeting? o.O

  6. That time will never work for me until the summer, so please, find another time.

  7. I think i can go at that time 😀

  8. 6pm gmt on saturday will do for me

  9. I should be there. That’s 7pm GMT right?

  10. I need to login..

  11. 1 hour difference between PST and MST, 1 hour difference between MST and CST, 1 hour difference between CST and EST, 5 hour difference between EST and GMT. Hopefully, you could get all the times right, Klug. My weekends are usually busy or not busy.

  12. those were not blue miners that was a new army called rebles

  13. Hi everyone,
    I havent been fighting scence last year, sorry. I will be here tomorrow(tuesday 15 march)

  14. I cant wait till were in again, I WILL START FIGHTING AGAIN!

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