Anti-Hacking Bill

Everyone Should Read Bob’s Spectacular Post HERE

Since there seems to be an increasing number of hacking going on, I decided that Person’s “Anti-Bot Bill” needs to be clarified and updated. Therefore I have created an Anti-Hacking Bill, credit goes to Person for allowing me to take parts from his bill.

Obviously this bill can’t be put into effect unless either I get enough signatures from the main armys thru comments OR the army council agrees to it, comments would be easier. The reason that it is posted on the Acp site is because it is the most widely viewed site that I am able to post on, if someone would like to put it on the CPAC site, be my guest. Or if someone would like to add me to the CPAC site, that would be even better 😉 *wink wink*. If you do put this post on the CPAC site please put a link here so people can comment here with their signature.

I believe there should be a no-tolerance policy when it comes to hacking and the other things listed below. This means that the punishment will be the same for both large offenses and small offenses.

————————-ANTI-HACKING BILL V1.0——————————-

The Following Post Is The Banishment of ALL Hacking in Club Penguin Warfare/Xat Chats/WordPress Sites.

Hacking, under Federal Law is illegal, and the maximum punishments are a $100,000 fine, up to 30 years in jail, and loss of electronic privileges. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall ANY hacker in the Club Penguin Warfare community be an exception to Federal Law. If you do any of what is below, you are subject to any punishment. Hacking, to make it easier, will be identified as the following:

  • Using a script/anything, to create any form of Bots in Club Penguin. (Formation Bot, Copy Bot, etc.)
  • Hack into another person’s Club Penguin account and ban them.
  • Hacking xats/days on Xat’s chats.
  • SCAMMING PEOPLE on Xat chats
  • Hacking the password for an Xat chat, and resetting it to take over
  • Hacking into somebody’s Xat account
  • Hacking someone’s WordPress password, and getting into their account
  • Threatening to hack someone in order to get them to bend to your will
  • Deleting a wordpress you do not own
  • Deleting posts/pages on a wordpress, when you were not authorized to do so. (Ex. You betray your army and delete every post/page on the site, or you hack a wordpress and delete the pages/posts)
  • Actually hacking into the person’s computer, and doing anything harming them.
  • Making any info gained from doxing public or using it as blackmail.

Any person with morals, knows what hacking is. Hacking under a form that is not listed above, and claiming you did not know it was hacking, is unacceptable. If you have any questions about if something falls under the definition of hacking either look online for the definition of hacking and make your own judgment, or ask myself and I’ll help you decide.

Punishments for hacking in Club Penguin Warfare/Xat chats/ WordPress sites:

  • Permanent expulsion from ALL armies you are ranked in. If an army refuses to fire the individual OR that individual refuses to step down from their leadership rank, should they be leader of an army, all armies who have signed this bill agree to immediately declare war on that army.
  • No other army may accept that person into their army. This means that the person is banned permanently from the Club Penguin Army Community.

Remember that hacking is the worst thing you can do in Club Penguin Warfare, and you will most likely be banned forever on Club Penguin should they catch you. Also hacking is a federal crime so should the Federal Government get involved, you’re basically done for aka screwed.

ALL army leaders that agree to this document, please comment on the post like this.

X_______Shaboomboom, VLA & DCP Leader

If you have any suggestions, then they may be added if it is agreed upon. Major, Large, Medium, and Small army leaders, your army matters. Approve this document and make Club Penguin warfare a safer place!


X_______Mchappy, ACP Leader and experienced soldier

X______Shaboomboom, VLA & DCP Leader, Retired Leader of ACP, SSACP

X_______Boomer 20, DCP Leader, Retired Leader of ACP, RPF, WW, SSACP

X_______________Ads354, Nacho Advisor, Retired Leader of the Nachos, UMA

X____Oagalthorp, ACP Advisor, ACP Creator, Retired Leader of ACP, RPF 3ic

X____________ Slider ACP 3ic, Former ACP 2ic, Experienced Soldier

X__________Talyor455 Uma Leader

X_______ Karakoran, RPF Premier

X______Sercan, GT Leader

X________ Mount Rainy. Leader of Tacos and Uma

X_______Drath1, AW leader, ACP Senator, ACP Captain

X_________Wicked Team, CP Water Army Leader

X_______Change, CPA Leader, Tacos Head Colonel

X_______Jack, DW Leader

X_______Ek, Club Penguin Flyers Leader

X____Greenblah904, Lava Fighters Leader

X_______Aninjaboy, DCP Leader, Icy Fighters Leader

X____Tylund1, Blue Warriors Lead and Ice Republic Leader

X___Vendetta, NW Leader

X__________Ganger90, GT Leader & Representative

X_________X Eagleeye5600, Ice Vikings leader

X___________X 57to, Ice Vikings Leader

X______ Mr Deedledoo, Head of the Club Penguin United Nations

X____SaW, Dark Warriors Leader

X___________TanMan626, Nacho Army Leader

X____________Orangdude95, EV & Shadow Infantry Main Leader

X______ 1a3t, Flame paladins of CP Leader

X________________ Wohoo123, Wizard Creator

X____________Jerry2cool, GT Supreme Commander

X___________Trickster, Advisor of all Armies

X______purpledoo123, Junk Warriors leader

X______ Tj Crooks45, Team Gold Supreme Commander

X_________ Sledderboy, Scouts of CP Founder & Leader

X_______ Galaxie3 , IFA Leader

X____________ Kingfunks4, PW Leader and CPAC Head Reporter

X________ Sklooperis, Head of CPA Central

X_________josh1093, Eraser Warriors Leader

X________Zach610, Water Vikings Founder and Leader

X_______Joezapy, Leader of Pencil Warriors and Eraser Warriors

X_____________7car, CPAT leader, Creater of NCP/NAT

X___________Mario12357, Leader Of Mysterious Raiders

X_______ Peep128, Leader of Elite Guards

X______ Stew20, Leader of the Earth Warriors

X_____ Red Destoyz, CPR Leader

X_____Shorty0329, Blue Spartans Leader

X______ Mew2red, Leader of CPAR

X_________Coolto5, CPE leader

X_____bigguy28, Ar Leader

207 Responses

  1. X_______Boomer 20, DCP Leader, Retired Leader of ACP, RPF, WW, SSACP

    This bill is definitely necessary given the current situation going on.

    Shab: Love ya Boomer

  2. i agree with shab. I am an anti hack agent defeating hackers. It puts more pressure on me to fight all these hackers. so yes let there be a anti hacking bill.UNFORUNTELY! if the reveulation starts…AGAIN! it could lead to destroying cp armies. anti hacking bill can’t defeat that.

    Shab: It can however help to discourage the people who would commit the lesser crimes and hopefuly discourage some of the people before they think of deleting a site or deleting pages or posts.

  3. 3rd. best bill ever.

  4. X________Ads354, Nacho Advisor, Retired Leader of the Nachos, UMA

  5. X_______ Karakoran, RPF Premier

    Although I reserve the right to drop out if there’s some massive loophole I overlooked.

  6. Based on weekly statistics, about 70% more people view the ACP site than the CPAC site anyway. 😉

  7. Yeah, cut the cheese- OAGAL, DO YOU SIGN???? *points pistol at head*

  8. I dont remeber my rank!

  9. Great Bill. I hope this will solve most/all of the hacking problems.

  10. X__________Catcatjacob Staff Sargent.

  11. X_______a noob

  12. well this is good but if someone threatens to hack it can still be counted? i think not lots of people just threaten to hack but they cant do anything at least once or twice a week we get some random noob doing that so its not serious but depending on who says it can be serious. But all armies should understand if someone threatens to hac ingore it. Only care if you actually get hacked because if you panic and freak out it makes these fake guys stronger. sorry i made this comment so big but it wont let me edit on posts or anything. Also 1 last thing theres a difference for someone deleting a site and hacking it.
    Hacking it means your not on the site and then got onto the site to do what ever.
    Deleting it is when your on the site and where you can do what ever so that is 2 different things.

  13. Funny. In no way do I find this bill stupid, quite the contrary.

    However- By making this bill hackers are more likely to become enraged and more likely to target armies who sign the bill.

    Just sayin’


  14. Even though im NW i think this anti-hacking bill is great. Hacking has gone way to far and this will put an end to hacking. This anti-hacking bill is amazing. I hope NW leaders sign it!

  15. X_________pop3468 NW lieutenant i know im not a leader or anything but yeah. Oh and by the way is the $100,000 bill and 30 days in jail actually true in real life?

  16. X______ Clintos VLA 3rd in Command.

    Do we lonely 3IC’s count?

  17. X______ Xcheeto ACP Captain ACPA creatorUCCPA 2ic

    I know im not a high rank rank or anything, I agree with the anti hacking bill

  18. X________ Mount Rainy. Leader of Tacos and Uma

  19. X__________ Fido Nacho 4ic

    (If I can sign this)

  20. hi there my army agrees with this anti hacking thing. we are right behind you.

    from leader of the cp water army

  21. X_______Drath1, AW leader, ACP Senator, ACP Captain,
    [100000 pages of writing taken out] and GFX maker.

  22. If lets say a nacho leader hacks an acp account or whatever , we automatically get 2 or more of their servers.
    but that is quite a noobish idea right?

  23. Good hopefully this will put an end to hacking in CP armies. The only problem is that many people who hack CP armies aren’t even in them like #iamthewalrus.

    • iamthewalrus died along time ago… if i were u id be worried about syndicate and blood family 🙂

  24. X_______Change, CPA Leader, Tacos Head Colonel
    CPA’s advertiser was completely ruined by a Worpress user tr0ll4lulz and CPAE was comepletly ruined (got fixed in the end)

  25. X_______Jack, DW Leader

  26. I am from Pandanda, and my army on that game is Pandanda Brown Warriors. Can we sign this bill? If so, here it goes my signature.
    X_______Rizrat, Pandanda Brown Warriors leader.

  27. X_______Ek, Club Penguin Flyers Leader

  28. X____Greenblah904, Lava Fighters Leader

  29. X____SaW, Dark Warriors Leader

  30. X_______Aninjaboy, DCP Leader, Icy Fighters Leader

  31. X____Tylund1, Blue Warriors Lead and Ice Republic Leader

  32. X____Hurricanex1, Arctic Warriors Leader

  33. Wait wait wait if I use CP blizzard to make a bot will it count as hacking? Because the CP Blizard ppl like Crisdog and whoever said it was not hacking. Also if it is can I atleast use it out of war and on someone who wants it like my sister? Because I believe it’s unfair if we don’t get to atleast on people who want and out of war because it wastes having cp blzzard. But I will not complain if I can’t ever use bots.
    –Joesocool1 P.S. thx for adding me to Staff sergeant on ranks!

  34. X___Teadan, ACP Colonel, GT Warrant Officer, WW Field Marshall

    I’m not Mr. High Rank or anything, but I like this bill. K bye.

  35. X___ Benji912, Former Internet Security Agency Leader.

  36. X___ private first class guy
    Peeps if ur retarded and not a leader don’t say I sign it plz it’s for leader only!

  37. I’m glad that this issue can be resurfaced again 😀

    Mr Krabs is unfair.

  38. “you’re basically done for aka screwed.”
    – Favorite Part –

  39. X___Vendetta, you know what.

  40. x_____ Hollowween, High ranknig officer in every army ive been in mostly 2ic or 1ic

  41. x______carter157 Ranger Troops 2ic,ACP Major and Water warriors leader

  42. x______ Mr Deedledoo Head of the Club Penguin United Nations and ACP Major General

    I and the CPUN as a whole alliance support this. We;ve been trying to get major armies to get bills like this ever since December. We’ll try making anti-hacking banners. 😉

  43. Finally finally finally! 😀

  44. x______________Ganger90, GT Leader & Representative

  45. X_________ Albert417, IW Temp Leader.

  46. X_____________Gadunka345 IW3IC well more of us will sign prob

  47. X_________X Eagleeye5600 The Ice Vikings leader.
    X___________X 57to Ice Vikings Leader.

    • wow you signed for me? .-. Sooo what happens if something gets hacked, how are you suppose to find the corrrect culperate, and the federal law would take months to process a report about hacking it isn’t neccesarily on the top of their list. Honestly what would this post do to stop hackers from hacking. Just sayin.

  48. X________ 122344a, AR Advisor, Retired AR leader

  49. X________ 122344a, AR Advisor, Retired AR leader, 4 year army veteran, very experienced soldier.

  50. X__________Talyor455 Uma Leader, Retired Uma Leader, RPF Leader, Acp 3ic, WW 3IC, GPR 2IC,TACOS 3IC,GT3IC,NACHOS3IC,LGT Creator and Former Main Leader, RT Leader

  51. X____ Smart Alec4, The guy who bought Alpine when No-one was looking, The guy who conquered Fjord when No-one was Looking, The Guy who Bought Iceberg when No-one was looking

  52. Agreed, Even though one of my fellow soldier(Former leader, and adivsor) did the signing thing, I agree alot on this post, HOORAH!

  53. taylor455 is not RPF leader.


  55. X___________ I, TanMan626 Nacho Army Leada hereby approve of this message 🙂

  56. X______ 1a3t Flame paladins of cp leader and creater

  57. X____________Orangdude95 EV & Shadow Infantry Main Leader

  58. X_____ Jcapp64, Tacos 3ic, ACP Field Marshall and Senator

    Good job shab reinforcing this!

  59. X________Lucario12321 Ninja pitted of club penguin creator and leader

  60. x____Jed Pen WV Advisor

  61. X______Charizard58 PW 2ic

  62. X____________Jerry2cool, GT Supreme Commander & Representative

  63. Um just for the record isnt that a little harsh?

  64. trololol

  65. X________________ Wohoo123 Legendary Wizard creator,Nacho conolel,Retired LW midnight spy,IW marshall,CPC warlord

  66. X______purpledoo123 Junk Warriors leader,ACP 1st liuetenent,Parkas 8ic,BW 2ic

  67. X______ Tj Crooks45 Team Gold Supreme Commander (1ic)

  68. X_____chubby45378, former swat general, cpr senate member, former 4ic of pepsi warriors

  69. Poop.


    Respect your elders with nice care and attention.



  70. X_____ Totojess1, Acp Senator & Acptr Teacher, High ranking Ar, Dw, Dcp, and more

  71. Why I wasn’t added?

  72. X_________ Sledderboy , ACP Corporal , Water Vikings 4ic , Scouts of cp Founder + 1 ic

  73. X_ CasiusBrutus, The Imperator, Self Proclaimed Emperor of the CP Britons.

  74. What’s an Imperator?

  75. I think this bill it pointless, cause it can’t stop hacking, but ill sign it 😀

    X_________Teh Pie UMA Supreme Commander/Premier

  76. X_______ Galaxie3 , IFA Leader
    Also sined by,
    X_______ 57Bengo , IFA 2nd 2 IC
    X_______ DarkStar262 ,IFA 3 IC
    X_______ Taz IFA 2nd 2 IC
    X_______ fistofiron14 , IFA 4 IC

  77. X____________ Kingfunks4, PW Leader and CPAC Head Reporter.

  78. Hey look, Armies actually agreeing on something. Bravo.

  79. X________ Sklooperis, Retired Leader of GT, CPST Creator, Retired 3ic of ACP, Head of CPA Central.

    Good idea. I’ll post the results of this bill and the elimination of the 5 Room Rule on CPA Central when I come back.

  80. X____________Iasgae 56, Leader of Pink Bunnies.

    I also did some other stuff.

  81. I wanna sign 🙂

    X____________Fido1625, Creator of the Cone Heads.

  82. X_________josh1093,leader of eraser warriors

  83. X______________Zach610, Puffle Warriors 3ic, Water Vikings Founder and Leader, Retired Purple Heads 3ic.

    I did a few other things.

  84. X_______________________Joezapy, Leader of Pencil Warriors and Eraser Warriors

  85. X____________31drake
    NMA 2ic (1st medium army)

  86. X_____________7car
    CPAT leader,Creater of NCP/NAT

  87. X___________Mario12357,Leader Of Mysterious Raiders

  88. x_______ Peep128 Leader of EG elite guards

  89. X______ Stew20, Leader of the Earth Warriors

  90. x_____ Red Destoyz, CPR Leader, Red Raider Legacy Guardian, Snipers of CP 2ic, Cowboys 2ic, Scouts 2ic, CPUN Editor, SMAC Server Manager, Former Nachos Owner, Former UMA Mod, Former RPF Mod, Former Elites Owner, Colour Wars Veteran, Order 67 Veteran.

  91. Can anyone “sign” it?

    ACP Bob: Go for it.

  92. X_____Shorty0329 Blue Spartans main leader,Noble Team EVA Aka 3ic, Spartans of cp general

  93. X______ Mew2red Leader of CPAR and 3ic of club penguin flyers,the one you said ek leads

    ps he only co-leads

  94. I heard something called “Ethical Hacking” is legal, what if people start using that instead?

  95. X____ Louie76533 ACP sergeant CPAR 2nd LT Scouts of cp fao.

  96. True..

    X_________Coolto5 CPE leader LW 2nd and ACP captain

  97. x_____bigguy28 Ar Leader

  98. freddy your leader in training in ar xP

  99. I don’t like this. If this happens then my soldiers can’t hack anymore. I shall not be signing.

  100. x______james30072 Water Vikings 3ic

  101. X________SWAT GENERAL 3IC

  102. X_____Robert1998 Non Member Army leader.

  103. Dude. You realize that this is going to ignored, right? People never keep their promises. And you guys aren’t the “Club Penguin Army Police”.

  104. you forgot Waddle72420 leader of Warrior Cats

  105. X______ Teadan, Red Knights Leader.

  106. X_____Tes, AW leader and Awt leader

  107. We need this. Spiderguy22 made clones today

  108. Yea I saw them they are so annoying he had a battle of clones with another guy who made clones that was in ACP at least the ACP clones won.

  109. x____Aznkid124
    Flame paladins of cp leader

  110. X________Jooeric, Elite penguin raiders leader and creator, Pencil warriors second in command, Noka clone army of club penguin second in command, MW third in command, Wind warriors army of club penguin advisor, Blue bandits second in command, Club penguin mascots leader, Fire blasters second in command, Golden spartans second in command, MCP second in command, MCP leader, Pretzels leader WWCP second in command, Champs of club penguin second in command

  111. I wont be on line for a while because I’m moving into my new house and I wont have any internet connection until about 2 or 3 weeks. Thx

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  112. sorry I haven’t been active lately… (I sort of semi-retired)

  113. I doubt that this will count, however I hope to help CP armies by doing this.

    x________Flipmoo Retired IMAF Founder____

  114. Spy Derek CPD Commander

  115. x_________Spy Derek, CPD (anti-hacking team) Commander

  116. X______Tanabob & Evan leader (and co. leader) of TSOCPA army.

  117. X_________ Explorer2, Leader of CP advanced army

  118. X________Icy739- Sergeant of the ACP and experienced warrior.

    I agree very much with this bill!

  119. X______ iWolf/Darrenkinz/Darren/Label, Gangster Ghost Leader

  120. X_______ Chatosush DCP 2ic

  121. x______Gobble5688 iw captain.
    I think this is propably one of the best posts by an army. Come on everyone keep commenting and we need this.

  122. Funny people are promising not to hack Team Gold was just hacked.

  123. X_______Camwoodstock, GC Creator, ACP troop

  124. X______RMStitanic94, Light Troops & Ranger Troops & Ice Republic Leader

  125. X___Talex/Hemto, Cold Warriors Leader, LF 2ic

  126. X____Patrick2143, RCPAF 1ic

  127. X___________Hamthy, RPF Warlord

  128. X_______Ashes1627, Retired RPF leader and RPF Guardian

  129. what about my army?

  130. The Emerald Warriors does not recognize the Anti-Hacking Bill and refuses to sign it.

  131. x_______Isit2001 Leader of Ruby Warriors

  132. You think a bill is going to stop hackers you inconsiderate noobs… you honestly think everyone in cp will sign this?… if all the main army do sign it then the medium armys and small armys might still use it you can’t declare war without hacking it won’t stop the other opposing force COMMON SENSE!

  133. I think that stop accepting signatures

  134. I think that stop accepting signatures

  135. X_________Ocean 46- Pepsi Warriors Leader

  136. X_____ Minifotty-Nitro Army Of CP Leader

  137. X____Weatherboy1 Blue sky warriors leader

  138. x____Smart Alec4, Fire Raiders Leader

  139. X_____Eddy,Popcorn Army Leader

  140. x_____Super Pal 1, CPFBI creator, Air Strikes Creator, Greek Empire leader, retired Snow Warrior leader

  141. x____Amichael1, Storm Warriors Leader/Co-Creator, Retired Navy Waves Leader/Creator, IFA Leader.

  142. X_________Snowbird9999, troop in Sledderboy’s Scouts of Club Penguin.

  143. x______Frostyy/ currently AR leader, Bigguy28 is not.

  144. I know this is way late but hey,

    X____Redsnapper39, Cheese Army leader and founder.

    I also think if someone is found using bots, and it’s less than 3, They should be put into investigation to assure that they ACTUALLY ARE bots. because me and my brother sometimes pretent were bots but were not. If you ask a bot to be your friend it says yes instantly, if it doesnt it’s a person pretending to be a bot.

    PS about the federal thing, does that include Action Replay and Gameshark (I’m talking about the wii and ds kind not the computer kind cause if there is one i dont know about it)

  145. x__________ Puggie4276, Pugs Army leader and creator.

  146. X____________ Pungy1234 Global Defeners Leader

  147. X_____________ – Josephp3 – A very experinced person. FW Highest Mod and Fire Miners Creator.

  148. X____________ Floppy50611 (Jake) Elite Knights Leader, Tornado Force Leader, Water Vikings Highest Member, Arctic Warriors 4ic

  149. X____ Momo941 3ic of NFF 2ic of alpha troops 2ic of spetsnaz 2ic OF S.O


  151. X_____Kimmo09 Leader and Creator of Club Penguin Team Yellow

  152. X____________ Pungy1234, GD Leader

  153. X__________Lincoln31543, AACP American Army of CP Leader/Creator, American Fighters General of the Army 3IC, ANN American Nation News CEO & Chairman/President__________

  154. x______________Weatherboy1,Blizzard warriors advisor

  155. x________Arch20045 UMCP(medium) leader, BW highest mod, ACP lt colonel.

  156. X_______Mini Man1876-CLTM, Leader of CPCM.

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