Next Big Thing

Icey Cold27: Yup!

Oagal: Fine by me. Are you gonna be hosting the winning event?

Icey Cold27: Keep this stickied, please?

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As WW5 slows down a bit, we here at the ACP have some time to kill. Before some army makes the next move, we might as well spend our time doing something fun! 😀

I have two big ideas that could be really fun and greatly increase our number of recruits. Who knows. Anyway, read below.

Ah, good ol’ Red versus Blue; the ACP no longer has Divisions, but we have some fun ways of dividing you guys up for a big fat Practice Battle. Whoever wins gets major bragging rights. With our current size, this could be the biggest single-army battle ever. We could potentially have 50-60 Reds fighting 50-60 Blues. Just imagine that.

We’ve attempted to read 10,000 hits on one day before. On March 28, 2010, we made it to 8,393 hits, just barely missing our goal. Well, I think we can achieve that goal with a little bit of preparation. We’d truly be making history, and that’s always fun :D. This day would include contests, prizes, mini-battles, recruiting, etc. Basically a day-long party on the ACP site.

Yeah, these are teh big two. Let’s hear what you think!

Yes, this is a short post. Enjoy.

Until later,
March on!

Comment with any suggestions or ideas! We’d love to hear from you. 😉