Next Big Thing

Icey Cold27: Yup!

Oagal: Fine by me. Are you gonna be hosting the winning event?

Icey Cold27: Keep this stickied, please?

NOTE: All ACP leaders must read the latest PRIVATE POST.

As WW5 slows down a bit, we here at the ACP have some time to kill. Before some army makes the next move, we might as well spend our time doing something fun! 😀

I have two big ideas that could be really fun and greatly increase our number of recruits. Who knows. Anyway, read below.

Ah, good ol’ Red versus Blue; the ACP no longer has Divisions, but we have some fun ways of dividing you guys up for a big fat Practice Battle. Whoever wins gets major bragging rights. With our current size, this could be the biggest single-army battle ever. We could potentially have 50-60 Reds fighting 50-60 Blues. Just imagine that.

We’ve attempted to read 10,000 hits on one day before. On March 28, 2010, we made it to 8,393 hits, just barely missing our goal. Well, I think we can achieve that goal with a little bit of preparation. We’d truly be making history, and that’s always fun :D. This day would include contests, prizes, mini-battles, recruiting, etc. Basically a day-long party on the ACP site.

Yeah, these are teh big two. Let’s hear what you think!

Yes, this is a short post. Enjoy.

Until later,
March on!

Comment with any suggestions or ideas! We’d love to hear from you. 😉

65 Responses

  1. Cool.

  2. Good ideas, Mch.

  3. go red vs. blue

  4. If it was Leaders + mods vs members (for Red Vs Blue), I CALL LEADING MEMBERS!!! (BLUE)!!!!!

    ~Asdfghjkl888 {Asd}, ACP Brigadier General, Senate of Lt. Colonels

  5. Great Ideas!

  6. We could have member vs mods and owners

    Tagt would be fair because of the amount of corprals we have

  7. Nice post
    We should have a chat party. My chat is open

  8. Wait if its red vs blue will we still have the day long party on the acp website? Cause tht seems so cool but so does r vs b. Maybe one day we could do tenthousand hit day and another day we could do red vs blue.

  9. Owners and Mods VS Members.. Awesome..


  10. That’s what she said @ the title.

  11. Nice ideas. I’d rather do the red vs blue fun battle

  12. 10,000 Hits Day would be cool but I dunno, I’m in the mood for some fun. 😛

  13. Red vs Blue/Fastest time to claim a server!

  14. We should do 10,000 hits day, AND Red vs. Blue.


  16. i like the soound of both of them

  17. Cool, I voted 1000 hits day

  18. Awsome ideas ogal hope all the rest of acp agree

  19. Iam so sorry icey I want to be in ACP but I dont want to go cp.Its a been really nice time with acp I really liked it id like to say bye .

  20. Dibs on leading blue team if possible

  21. I’m on the red team! I call being Sarge! :mrgreen:

  22. Why not both?

  23. I just had a brilliantt idea(or at least I think it is), a March Maddness Torunament. The CPAC ranks the top sixteen or thirty-two armies in CP and sets up a bracket. Then, we set dates, times, and servers for each battle, and see who really is the best army in CP, which probably will be us, the Army of Club Penguin.

  24. Guys, I gotta quit ACP, many of your recent events are at 9.00 PM on my country’s time, and tommorow I start school and mom told me I could use the PC until 7:00 PM becuase I am going to have to study a lot.

    • In the near future we will be having many more UK-friendly events. 😉

      • We could always have it like we did with the First wave, with the UK and the US having there events at different times of the day. That way, we are all happy. 🙂

  25. R team is members and B team is nonmembers

  26. i like the red vs blue

    btw i was spying on swat this morning and they said they will invade hockey at 12:00 pst on saturday march 12

  27. Cool but what if all of the armies in cp faced off FREE FOR ALL! Imagine! IT WoULD BE AWESOME!

  28. Your computer wasn’t working on March 6th because of the Michelangelo’s virus that awakes on March 6th.

  29. Red vs. Blue first! Then I say we should do a 10,000 hits day. 🙂


    P.S. Sorry about current inactiveness. I try to be active. I will be more active!

  30. ahhh Mch… you should of told me on chat so i didn’t freak out D; i rarely check the site now… i’m busy with other things no time for checking sites S:

  31. I have some advice for Mchappy-
    If you have got important stuff at school, make your life into a timetable. I do it at British SATS. It makes life a whole load easier.

  32. Note- I am still active in the ACP, and will try to attend as many events as possible, but as you can see, my inactivness might want me to consider retiring.

    General Of The ACP~Happyman444

  33. RED VS BLUE! I call leading the staff sergeants!

  34. The reset couldve been a warning from hackera because of the bill

  35. the person who reset chat was a boy idk who he was but i saw him do it ask Flipper for proof

  36. Who am I? I am a simple peace of art. A peace maker. I want to make friends with you. Find out who I am then go find me. Match IP address’s. Do all that crap. If you find me I have a strategy that can end all wars in CP and defeat NW for good. If you cannot find me within 5 days I will offer the NW empire my strategy.

  37. With Oagle as a new leader the Ice Vikings are coming back! Join the revolution.

  38. Red: Troops and leaders
    Blue: Noobs
    This would be the most crazy battle in CP army history!
    Noobs Battleplan: J BOMB J BOMB J BOMB
    Troops Battleplan: Regular Tactics

    BTW is WW5 really ending? (Click the words private post and look at the URL. It must say: WW5-over. )

  39. If this is a tourney for fun can Tacos be in it 😮

  40. there should be the top 10 dedicated soilders of the year

  41. how are we going to do the 10 000 thing?
    i mean,it’s not like CP people are gonna say to themselves”let’s go on the ACP site and post a comment” is it?

    ps:don’t take this as an offence,i’m just triying to figure how it’s gonna be done.

  42. Looks very good. 😀

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