Retirement of Vetsd

Mchappy: It saddens my heart to see you go, Vetsd.  I remember as a member I looked up to you, and you gave me the spark of taking notes.  You deserve to great things in life.  I hope you keep visiting often.  And finally, thank you for the kind words.

ACP it has been a great ride, some of you may have noticed I have retired before. This is a definate retirement. I have been in ACP 4+ years and had a blast in this great army. I wish ACP the best of luck in the future and I hope ACP will live for a LONG time. I would like to thank Noka for posting my retirement. Now my thank-you’s.


Oagalthorp: You were my 1st leader and I had lots of fun when I was a noob under your command.

Fort: You were pretty cool as a leader and a person.

Dryvit: You were one of my old friends on ACP chat and you were always exciting.

Shaboomboom: You are a good person and a good friend.

Saint: You were the best girl leader ACP has had (d), You could’ve given me more promotions though.

SEANHAWK: You were a great friend to me and a rollmodel (before you turned owner) I hope you stay well.

Mchappy: You are a great leader and may you lead ACP to the best point of it’s livelihood.

Boomer: My 1st REAL LEADER when I found the site you led ACP to the greatest points in cp armies history.


Johny4: My good friend, may you get 3ic very soon.

Slider: You have been nice to me for the time you have been in ACP.

Smartuin: You are really Smart (xd) and will be a great soilder in ACP.

Dividoo: Good times.

Ironhide: You are still a low rank, but if you stick with it you will be a legend.

Mini Buffalo: You have been in so many armies try to cut down though, you are a great friend.

Carter157: Very bold, good friend who makes good decisions, in the future I would suggest an advsior role.

Purpledoo123: A good friend, you are very nice may your JW rise and I would suggest an ambassador role for you.

That was my speech, I hope ACP will rise to the top I will miss this army- Vetsd.

19 Responses

  1. Thats my post,

  2. I’ve been thinking of advisor when I retire xD

  3. i am running out of friends running out of everything maybe i should go…… lost to many friends these past 3 years on here never came back…………

  4. Good luck in life Vetsd

  5. Bye Vetsd, cya on retirement island soon.

  6. See ya vetsd! I hope you enjoy your time on retirement island! 😀 You are like a role model to me becasue you have been very successful in Cp armies! 😛

  7. Happy retirement vestd!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock! have fun on the retirement island!!!!!!! P.S You ROCK!!!! 😀

  8. Vetsd, you were one of my first friends in Club Penguin and Club Penguin Armies. I wish you the best of luck, goodbye old friend. 😦

  9. Cya Vetsd, I remember when i was about a Captain or so, you would always ask me to join the Parkas, lol. Have a good time.. and I hope someone else will too!!! =D

    ~General Of The ACP~Happyman444

  10. Nut me =(

  11. Gonna do Parkas full time sir?
    Have a good life

  12. you’ll still have a ACP soldiers heart.

  13. vetsd good luck! so bad you retired 😦 by the way thanks a LOT for adding me to the post =D

  14. Verse I’m gonna miss you forever and thanks for asking to be an abassitor for JW I hope you will like that I will make you one and also,I have somethingnto say.I will actually be retiring soon vetsd and I think you will be a legend in JW,parkas,and ACP forever.

    Ps.JW got hacked……We didn’t save anyof our pages so I will be working on the site and I was wondering if you could help

  15. lol i did a typo on vetsd

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