March- The Great

Hello ACP,

Okay.  I am officially back!  I have caught up in school from my vacation and I’m ready to fully take bake my leadership role.  Luckily, I came back during March.  The month of ACP.  I have made a series of steps that ACP will be going by.  Before I get started I must announce that we will be un-modding some moderators due to high demand.  Email me at to nominate whom you want to see un-modded as well with whom you want to see modded.

Step 1: Win a few tournaments

To get us in the mood of victory I think winning a couple of tournaments will be good.  The Nachos are planning to have a huge event next Saturday, stay tuned on the site, so after we win that we will sign up for the CPAC tournament.  During these tournaments, if we win, I will be giving away prizes.  Seeing as it’s March, the month of ACP, we should be having fun!  These prizes will consist of being moderator on chat, or owner and being able to have a post published on ACP site.  During the tournaments I will be trying to make cool tactics so we can come back with a kick butt attitude.

Step 2: Recruit

Recruiting is a very important thing during March.  We just got out of a rough war so we need to take advantage of many recruiting opportunities as we can.  Now, it doesn’t have to be just recruiting but we could have Practice Battles [Green vs. Dark Green, Patrols, etc.]  I want us to have the most fun we can.  Also, on St. Patrick’s day I will be making a post for ACP to decide the best St. Patrick igloo. You better hop to it.

Step 3: Finish March with 10k day

March is the perfect time to finally hit our 10,000 hits, credit to Boomer, Iasgae and Oagalthorp.  I know after all the things we will be doing in March that we will totally dominate this goal.  More information will come about this later on in the month.

Step 4: A promotion war

A promotion war is basically a war where promotions will be dedicated to.  We will forget about the other events in March and the promotions will be based off the war.  Now, this war will be most likely to make our land bigger.  It may be avoided, may not.  I do know that SWAT keeps attacking us more often so maybe we will have a mini-war with them.  That would be a lot of fun!

Step 5: Chat rally

We all get together on chat and party it up!

As you can see I can tell that this March will be totally amazing.  If you have any ideas than please leave them in a comment below.  I want March 2011 to go down in ACP history.  Let’s work together and quickly; we already wasted ’bout a week due to me being on my leavings.  But before we get started…

I, Mchappy, would like to thank Oagalthorp for the tremendous help during MY OWN depression.  Before I went on vacation I was very depressed and sad that I was not up to lead ACP.  I felt horrible.  But after seeing the generosity from him and from the generosity from all of my family I have learned some very valuable things.  This is my third month being in my leadership and I am now ready to take ACP in full hand.  This will spark a new beginning for myself and hopefully a brighter future for ACP. Flipper: Hey, I helped too! xO Ken: We all did. 🙂

It’s time to have fun and do what we do best- win!

~Icey Cold27

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