Practice Battle Against Nachos

ACP versus Nachos

When? Tuesday, March 15

Where? GriΖΖly, Town

Time? ➡ 3:30 Penguin Standard Time

6:30 Eastern

5:30 Central

4:30 Mountain

3:30 Pacific

Be at ACP chat!

Hello ACP,

If you have read my post The Recurring War than you should mostly know what this post is about.  Basically taking back our dignity from Nachos.  Now, if Nachos chose not to participate in this event then it will be an automatic victory from ACP, also it should be counted towards the top ten.  If they really think they can make fun of us and get away with it, they are mistaken.  If they continue; than we will continue to challenge them.  I just want everyone to know that this event should be counted, even if they decide to back out.  If they do, fine by me.  I’m not going to judge them.  I’m positive though that ACP wants to clear ourselves up as the largest Club Penguin army.

Now soldiers, this is very important.  Think of it as a jump start.  We need a victory to show the army community that we survived our last war.  This basically goes for all wars.  I know we can win this, so I am suspecting lots of people there!  Today we had so many on chat so I expecting a ton on Tuesday.  Don’t do it just for another victory; do it for yourself.  Your pride.

~Icey Cold27


77 Responses

  1. prob come and 1st

  2. i can come

  3. I think i can come and isn’t march 14 on monday not tuesday

  4. I’m coming iceycold
    Your staff sergeant,

  5. I think I can make it.

  6. sorry i cant make it cuz its on a weekday im not allowed on mah computer on weekdays 😦 and 7th!

  7. 75% no 24% yes

  8. I can probably make it. Also, sorry I have been inactive this week 😦 .

  9. I can come.

  10. Cant come, bad UK time.

  11. Sorry, can’t come. The UK time is bad, and I’ve been banned from the computer during the week (rubbish parents).

  12. Sorry I can’t come cause two prob. 1. The cp log in page won’t show up.2 I’m not allowed to play on a week day(unless it’s a day of from school)
    P.Sim not allowed to go on the computer at 6:00
    Because that’s when I have homework on weekdays

  13. I forgot

    Your staff sergeant

  14. I’ll be there unless I forget

  15. most likely yes

  16. i can come =D

  17. I can make it! 😀

  18. Sorrry I can’t come due to THE TIME


  19. wow, Icey really wants you to come!

  20. Cool. Click my name plz plz plz plz plz plz im begging u good things will come to u if u do if u dont the llamas will find u bwa hah ah a

  21. I mean now click my name XD

  22. The name of this comment and the one above it not the first one thank you.

  23. Sorry, I can’t come I’m from the UK.

  24. I might be able to come. If I don’t sorry.

  25. ill be there

  26. I think i can come.

  27. I can’t come if there isn’t an earthquake which moves Europe 5000 km. west.

  28. I’ll try to be there! Immaturity like this should definately be dealt with, and what better way than war! xD

    ~Adamsapple4 :3 -=Brig. General=- [ACP]
    {Not Logged In}

  29. illl be there awesome!!!

  30. cant make sorry

  31. Mabye

  32. I’ll make most of it.

  33. I’ll be there

  34. ill try

  35. Sorry can’t go 😦 I have a big swim meet this weekend(I swim year round) and my Tuesday practice is during that time, sorry Mch 😦

  36. I’ll be there. Icey Cold27. When can we have a Revolutionary War?

  37. I’ll be there!

    ~ Darkrai44779
    ACP sergeant

  38. I wont be able to make it I have to go to my friends house because I dont have a ride home until 5:00 pm and it starts at 4:30 my time. I might be able to go late if it is still going on.

  39. The Nachos are sad. We lost our leader tanman. Hes gone. This will be his last battle. Nachos are now in a dark day.

  40. Ugh,don’t worry mchappy,I’m uk, I’ll make it up.

  41. i can make it for a few secs 😐

  42. i can make for shure 🙂

  43. I should be able to make it. (YEA)

  44. I do not think I will be able to make it since I may have practice, and the beginning of my school’s testing begins that day.

  45. coming

  46. sorry i can not make it now because i have soccer practice

  47. Can’t Come, Sorry.

  48. I’m Wenny123abc I can make it I’m Major General NOW GIMME MAH PROMO

    + im 2nd LT im expecting a promo if not all is forgiven XD

  50. Hello ACP. I am the president of the Silver Soldiers of Club Penguin. I said on chat that I could help you guys fight the Nachos. Is that ok?

  51. I’ll be there.

  52. You can count on me

  53. I can’t come because of the late GMT time.

  54. I can make it but I might be 5-to-10 minutes late.

  55. live in france so that would make it 12:30.
    maybe if i keep my eyes open?
    possibly i might have to see.hope i can.

  56. I might be able to make it but most likely no, because I’ll be at my friends house so most likely no but I’ll try.

    General Of The ACP~Happyman444

    P.S.- Good luck ACP!!

  57. I will be there, though possibly late. Either way, I will do awesome in the battle. I know I will.(Thats what she said! 🙂 )

  58. I can come if I finish homework early.

  59. i cant come because i have either baseball practice or karate,i dont know cause it might rain then again it might not.ACP forever!

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