My 3rd year in ACP.

First off I know my 3rd year of ACP was on February 23rd of 2011 but we had a lot of stuff going on so I wanted to wait so everyone could read this. I don’t know where to start and what to say really about my 3rd year of ACP. I guess I will start from the start of my career. I joined Club Penguin in February of 2007 and just went around doing nothing with my friends in real on Club Penguin. After a while one morning on May 26th, 2007 I went on to Breeze where I saw the biggest and longest battle in Club Penguin between UMA and ACP. I joined on ACP unofficial and kind of just stayed with them to the end.

Next I ended up on Mammoth where I would always see ACP at. I fought with them when I could, and if I knew of the ACP site back then I could have joined ACP in 2007. One day Iceyfeet1234 asked me to join Ice Warriors. My penguin at the time was Saintnicksc. I said no glad, I did or who knows what would have happened.

By January of 2008, I found the ACP back up site. The Jungle N worked on the site so I then began following on the site. Then about 1 month later on February 23rd 2008 I found the official ACP site and went on chat. Only 3 people+ me were on the chat at the time and it was after school ended. ( back then all armies were small). I asked if I could join and they all said yes and I could have the rank of Sergeant. I then began working my way up through the ranks and now I am a leader rank after 3 years now. After 3 years of being in ACP I don’t feel like I have done a lot it feels like I only joined a year ago. Time has been going fast for me since I first joined ACP. Now I am almost done with 8th grade! I am ready for another year in ACP. After that when it will be my 4th year I don’t know how much longer I will be here. Right now I am at the height of my ACP career. Now let’s take a look at some stuff.

My first ever kick in ACP was because I had Noka 7 ACP commander in my name.

My first video I ever watched on chat was a video called Ghost Car.

My first ban was from Nacho leader zippy.

Fort57 was the 1st leader that gave me my promotion in ACP.

I have been serving under the command of every ACP Leader.

Now if you want to know more about my ACP career or how ACP was like back then don’t be afraid to talk to me on ACP chat. I could spend hours in pc with you just talking about it!

ACP was way different back then. We used to go on Club Penguin and have lots of fun now we never do. We used to use the Snow Ball in every battle which was super fun. Chat only had 8 mods and 2 owners which kept everyone in line and kept people from abusing their powers.

As you can see This is how it was when I joined ACP now it has changed A LOT!

That is it for now ACP!