Retirement of Fallingtail/Taoh

Hayy. This is Fallingtail (Taoh). Most of you probably don’t know me, and tbh I’m not suprised. I’ve lost all interest in cp armies, and I’m growing up and I don’t need any of you anymore. Though it pains me to say it, it’s the sad truth. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in my 3 years here, it’d be to keep climbing. You don’t get anywhere unless you work.

Here’s some things I enjoyed about my time in ACP

  • I met many new friends
  • I learned how to not be a noob

Here’s some things I didn’t particularly like

  • I was never the most popular person ever.
  • Some people just don’t like me (and that’s fine, I don’t like myself either)

But there are some people I’d really like to mention:

Enn: One of my oldest friends. Thanks for putting up with me(:

Joey/Ditto: Go die in a hole and stop stalking me.

Noka: Another one of my oldest friends. ❤

Buck: My ex-wife(: I love you like a brother.

Mitch: Love you ❤

Ken: You’re so nice and a great person! ((:

Bob: My dood

Pie: (you have now been mentioned)

Little: You’re such an awesome friend ~~ I can still remember the time we found out we lived in the same area ! I hope we can meet in rl someday ~

Jet: Idk, you were the first name I saw on chat just now, so I just had to mention you.

Mchappy: Lighten up ❤

To the people who are stupid enough to look up to me: I’m not the best role model ever. Pick a new one.

To all my friends I didn’t mention: I love you all (:

And I guess that’s it. Maybe I’ll visit chat someday, but I doubt any of you will remember me. Just be healthy and happy ❤




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Location: GriΖΖly | Prime Target: Nachos | Starts NOW!

—-Battle is Over——-

Listen only to Icey Cold27.

Spread out, do not stand on top of each other.

Be green, get in ACP uniform.

Stop the side conversations and focus.

When charging the Nachos, yet they defend, cover up their emotes.