The ACPTR is an ACP Brigade devoted to the teaching Club Penguin Warfare to new recruits of the ACP, ACPTR stands for ACP Training Regiment. It was created in June 2008 by Omega39 and was originally called ABC (ACP Boot Camp).In the ACPTR, you must attend events and classes to achieve medals. At the end of each month, your medals were added up and you get a grade (A+ being the highest) and a promotion in the ACP. The ACPTR has staff that work hard for the ACPTR, and most importantly active cadets. Cadets are the heart and sole of ACPTR and the most important thing to ACPTR.

If your new…….

If your new to ACP or just have a low rank please join ACPTR, train and work hard, earn a good grade when graduating and get a promotion in ACP!

Click here to be linked to the ACPTR join page

Click here to be linked to the ACPTR home page

The ACPTR home page is where you will find posts about classes and other posts. Classes will be held HERE on the ACPTR chat and if you are a cadet of the ACPTR you will earn a medal each class you attend. You need to earn alot of them to be given a A+ but if you work hard and come to classes it will be no problem! Graduating in the ACPTR wont just give you a higher rank rank in ACP, if you get a A+ you will be remembered forever on the A+ graduated page.

So the choice is yours, make the right one, join the ACPTR today!

Recently ACPTR has been in a bit of trouble with cadets, they have not been active and have not come to any of the classes so far, but fear not! First of all I ask that the cadets of ACPTR become active and come to classes. I realize that the home page ont he ACPTR site seems hidden, its not, theres a link that will bring you back to the home page after leaving it. Here is a picture that can help

To cadets and new joining cadets.

You have your whole future in ACP ahead of you and it all starts here in ACPTR. To become a higher rank you have to be more than active you have to be trained, ACPTR is the easy way to be trained, just attend classes on the ACPTR chat and once you graduate you will get a outstanding promotion and be able to move on in your journey in the ACP. You need to be active and check the ACPTR home page offten. So the choice is yours, become active in the ACPTR!

If you have or are joining the ACPTR please check the home page often and attend classes.

So the choice is yours cadets, make the right desision and become active in the ACPTR, your future in ACP could depend on it, your first challegenge in ACP is to graduate from ACPTR, can you complete it? I bet you can, prove me right and start earning those medals!




13 Responses

  1. Well, I agree. ACPTR is a great way to gain experience in CP armies and I suggest it to anyone who is willing to devote only a few weeks to be educated by some pros! 😀 Good luck to whoever joins it; you’ll have fun!

    ~Adamsapple4 :3 -=Brig. General=- [ACP]

  2. If you join, you will not regret it. It will teach you all that you should know to become a responsible and great ACP Soldier.

    Thankyou, Totojess1

  3. Nice Post Jack! I hope applications for job openings are up soon I would love to teach a history class! 😀

    Kenneth1000 is our 2ic and he went here! You better go to ACPTR and you might turn out like Ken!


  5. ACPTR is going to help you get the rank you always wanted, Guaranteed!
    Alec, ACPTR A+ Graduate

  6. Awww, I remember back when I was in BootCamp. It’s fun and a great way to gain experience.

  7. Yeah! I remember ACPTR. I was a D+ graduate. Eh, better than nothin’.

  8. I remember being in ACPTR. That’s where I met Totojess1. For all new members, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU GO THERE. This could be your best decision in ACP! Sign up whenever you can!

    ~Asdfghjkl888 {Asd}, ACP Brigadier General and Senate (Representing Lt. Colonels)

    P.S. Yes, if you join, it means BIG promotions.

  9. Good way 🙂

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