So What Happens Now? [CPAC’s Tournament!]

It’s not time to worry at all. Yes, we did lose to the Nachos in the practice battle on Grizzly. The town was resulted in a tie, but Acp failed to win the Dojo. Congratulations to the Nachos.

Now on Acp’s hand make sure you learn from this lost. Improve on it and set this as a non-example. Armies will lose battles because there is no such thing as the perfect army. It is also good to see we have competitiors not afriad to take a shot and beat us. We just came out of what some people call World War 5 so we are a little tired of battles. But playing transformice and other stuff on xat isn’t going to win us battles. I, and this goes for any club penguin army, joined Acp to become more of a soldier and fight. Most of us did.

Just know Acp we can fix the small problems and be able to fight hard again.


CPAC Tournament!

Club Penguin Army Central is having a Tournament and it kicks off this Saturday! CPAC does a great job on these tournaments and I know everyone has there minds set to win this! Usually if you win a major army tournament you become the number 1 army. That sounds nice doesn’t it? We still have a few days to train for it, but we must be prepared! Here is ACP’s battle:


ACP vs. Tacos

Date: Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Server: Klondike


  • 11:00 AM PST

  • 12:00 PM MST

  • 1:00 PM CST

  • 2:00 PM EST

  • 7:00 PM UK

Remember to be on ACP Chat!


Here are the details to this tournament:

There are 2 rounds of battles and if you win both then you go to the Championship which is a 3-way battle. There are 12 armies in this tournament, I’m guessing it is whoever the CPAC says is in the top 12 armies. ACP is in the left bracket and if you can see, Nachos is in the bottom bracket and the Night Warriors are in the right bracket (The top 3). So this will be a fair tournament.

Rules are:

  1. Take at least 5 pictures so we can properly judge.
  2. You must make each battle. If not, it’s a forfeit.
  3. Have fun!

Here is what the Brackets look like:

Another post with just the CPAC battle will be up soon!

Comment if you can make it!

Over & Out