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Hey ACP!

As you know we had the TTT battle against Tacos, an army rising through the top 10. Only there was a huge problem.. We thought the battle was at 7 GMT, and as about 25% of ACP is from GMT, we relied on these soldiers to come to the battle. But when USA soldiers on chat started rallying soldiers onto CP an hour and a half before, I thought that there was some stupidity involved.

It turns out that 7 PM GMT was actually.. well, wrong. Apparently, after talking with some soldiers, EST are now in “Daylight” time (Correct me if I’m wrong) so they have moved forward an hour.. Making GMT not 5 hours ahead of EST, but infact 4. It was this major problem that played a huge role in the surrendering of the Tacos, as a lot of their troops are actually GMT, but we congratulate them on still having the courtesy to surrender.

We logged on at the correct time, and got about 25-30 on CP. A lot of our soldiers were experiencing loading problems, so there was a good 10 or so soldiers who couldn’t get on, me being one of them! We were stationed at the Town, where we did many tactics and lines in the 30 minutes beforehand. As it wasn’t actually the time of the battle, I don’t think we got any pictures, but the picture of Rainy, Tacos Leader, proves that they surrendered.

It was a good battle overall but it was ruined because of bad times from CPAC. GT, an army I created with several others, were to face NW in the TTT. I Warned them abou tthis time change, and it caused a major dilemma. I ask CPAC:

Either reschedule the battles so the times are correct, so that each army has a fair chance of winning, or continue with these battles that are unfair to GMT soldiers. I think I know which is the better choice.

Anyway, Good job ACP! Get ready for the next battle, or even a possible rematch.


33 Responses

  1. They surrendered 11 minutes into the battle when i came.

  2. Sorry. With this daylight savings I woke up to late! D:<


  3. 2nd comment!!!anywayz, im fine if we get a rematch cause i think it was kinda unfair
    ~ Empoleon7667

  4. oh and did u get any pics?

  5. 3rd I thoguht tacos just didn’t show. I wish it was at the right time because then we would’ve won P.S. I was there :).

  6. pathetic

  7. After I saw the post about EST is now 4 hours behind GMT on SMAC, I thought the earthquake on Japan moved Europe 50000 km. closer to America.

  8. waffles?

  9. i logged on for the whole battle, swat attacked us abit, but we defended 😀 as always and im always on chat so i just went on 😀

  10. No pictures here. Sorry

  11. When i logged on the battle was over… but ACP won so thats really good

  12. ACP kinda won but CPAC is probably gonna reschduale it.

  13. Actually its that there is NO day light saving time

  14. I made it! but I was surpised by the little amount of soldiers online, I hope times are rescheduled.

  15. i wasn’t there… SECOND TIME I GOT OUT OF A BATTLE! darn it!!!!!!!

  16. i could not make it because i had batting cages! sorry

  17. I got up for nothin! i was there but cmon! thats jacked up

  18. I made it XD

  19. yeah,the CPAC should try and get the times right next time.
    i think the tacos should get a second chance.

  20. Is there going 2 b a rematch then?

  21. I was going to it but i got confused with times -__-

  22. Dammit, I was looking foward to that battle.

  23. Since I’m Tacos Leader I have to stand up to them, most of our troops are GMT and with the times messed up it messed them up.

  24. I wanted to be there but couldnt since i wasnt a member of Acp yet… :/

  25. I was there I’d love to insult this guy BUT you know time changes

  26. It’s called daylight savings time.

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