Hello ACP,

Just some things I want to talk about.

ACP Loss

Okay, we had a practice battle against Nachos on Tuesday and lost.  Yet, that doesn’t mean the whole world is crashing down.  Not one single army in the world can win everything.  No one.  We just had a bad day and I was very cocky about it.  So now that it has been proven that we can lose it’s try to pick up our act.  No one is doubting that we aren’t the best army still, because we are.  Things in life just happen and sometimes something just doesn’t go our way.  It’s fine though.  We are in a Tournament now and ready to kick some butt!


I’ve been getting many complaints that ACPTR is slipping, etc.  Well I’m here to advertise!  Yes, if you are a new soldier or just want a quick promotion than please join the ACPTR- Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment.  It is the only “boot camp” known to Club Penguin that is still successful.  Now to join you just simply go to their site and join.  You have to attend their events to get the promotion in ACP.  The ACPTR has been around for a very, very long time so It’d be very cool if you joined it.


The prediction for the CPAC tournament is for us to win.  So, let’s prove it.  I know we have so much potential so we need to get out there and do our best.  Everyone is looking forward for us to win, so let’s not just give them a win but… an EPIC WIN!

Un-Modding Week Results

I got a lot of emails for people to be un-modded.  I then held ‘Un-Modding Week’ and I got many, many people being nominated.  I counted up the votes and these people have been nominated.  I will let all of ACP decide, not just around ten soldiers.  Here we go!

-9000 has been nominated to be MODDED.

-Smartuin has been nominated to be UN-MODDED.

-Noseycjr has been nominated to be UN-MODDED.

-Ganger0 has been nominated to be UN-MODDED.

-Rkjcbo has been nominated to be UN-MODDED.

-Kingfunks4 has been nominated to be MODDED.

-Noka has been nominated to be UN-MODDED.

-Bfan has been nominated to be UN-MODDED.

-Mazachster has been nominated to be UN-MODDED.

That is all the nominations I got.  Now, if you happen to do get un-modded it will only last the rest of the month.  So rest assure you’ll get it back some time!  And if 9000 and Kingfunks4 happen to win modship then they must take a test so they can finally get it.  I hope there are no hard feelings.  I myself was very shocked at all the nominations.


~Icey Cold27

46 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. 1st

    • no offense Drigo but I thought you wud be up there to be un-modded, I like you are you are a cool person to be around, I just know that a lot of ppl dislike you for whatever strange reason!
      It’s cool that that you weren’t nominated for that though so that’s cool!

  3. 2nd

  4. 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999th

    😀 lulz.. anyway 5th

  5. Maz is up to be unmodded but not me?

    You guys really SUCK at nominations, Im just as bad as him and Im on more xD

    ACP Bob: This is true lol.

  6. thank you for putting me up to be unmodded, seeing as though all the times I PC’d an owner and asked to be unmodded failed, swearing worked

    • You never pc’ed me to be unmodded 😮 I would have lol

      • I think I PC’d everyone, I feel really bad that I had to do it that way, but I can’t handle that responsibility.. even though it’s a small one, Im a person that thinks he should be punished for his wrongs and Im not a person that enjoys swearing by any means, but I think i should be punished, I can’t be a mod yet, it’s been 3 years and I just can’t seem to handle it, I want to be carefree but I want to set a good example for everyone else

  7. What about mah? Why can’t I be modded?

  8. im surpirzed i wasnt nominated. lololol

  9. What did Noka do wrong!? He doesn’t deserve to be un-modded.

  10. WTF, I never even heard about unmodding nomination week!
    Therefore, I get to nominate people now.
    I nominate whoever nominated me, and I also nominate Kieran, Mike/Monsterfully, and Dryvit. (Especially those last 3)

  11. funks we are mod buddies 🙂

  12. Who nominated me? (Just wondaring)

  13. How about cas? There is no day on world when he doesn’t break at least 1 rule.

  14. 9000 Is always MEAN to me thats why i voted no NO NO NO NO NO

  15. noka should be an OWNER now ur trying to make a member XD maz SHOULDNT be a mod all he does is abuse and after he sees this comment hes gonna abuse me XD

  16. Cool, I get to stay Mod.

  17. Ah gosh.

  18. maz for un-mod. he always breaks rules when no owners are on.

  19. I agree with Speeder. Also, I think you should unmod Noka………….and make him owner again.:)

  20. As you un mod noka,Hit the owner button 😀

  21. Woop never been nominated

  22. If 9ooo gets I willnever be banned ever again 😀

  23. O;< drama

  24. Why un-mod noka? He’s just got 3ic back, it’s hardly fair to make him member for another week.


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